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Who is the host?

As the host of this website, it will be my pleasure to introduce you to my world and provide you with a few backstage details.

I started interviewing people out of curiosity. Out of passion for the human soul and because I wanted to discover the real person behind a status/ position. With a lot of boldness and without having any communication or journalism degree (just passion and the eagerness to understand, instead of falling prey to prejudgement), I asked people to be my guests. And, since continuous improvement is one of my greatest goals, I am getting better and better, with each series. All the questions you will find within an interview are my own, as I don’t believe in copy-paste.

What I do believe in is integrity and the power of filtering information, while not recording a call. Along the way, I came across amazing individuals and that gave me the courage to create more and more series.

By the time this website was made public, I ran 6 series of interviews. In the meantime, I combined writing with the microphone of a podcaster. So, I established my own podcast show (find it in the menu). Because I simply love the people I get connected to, have an off-line call with and get the chance to share the stories of.

My purpose in this life is to learn as much as possible. About YOU, the reader and possible guest of my interview series, as well as about myself. By sharing stories of people from all over the world, I get the real chance of meeting new beautiful people, as well as being their apprentice, when it comes to overcoming struggles.

Allow me to wholeheartedly WELCOME you TO MY ON-LINE HOME and wish you a joyful life, with GRATITUDE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

Before introducing you to the amazing guests that I had the pleasure to interview, I would like to – first and foremost – share with you the way I go for more than 90% of my interviews.

This structure I created was initially shared on the LinkedIn social platform, for the #10tips10days challenge, initiated by Lila Smith, Bobby Umar, Kira Day and Jake Jordan. These brilliant individuals gave people on the platform a real chance to expose what they do best and position themselves as experts. In this manner, they helped me understand that, subconsciously, I already had a structure in place for my interviews, but I wasn’t aware of it. And this challenge gave me the chance to write down all my steps.

However, as I don’t want to spoil the excitement of discovering my tips, I warmly suggest you to subscribe to this website. This way, you reserve your place among the first ones to learn the releasing date!

Until I can bring you news about the interviews book, feel free to check Chapter 1 from “7 Padlocks” (my second fictional self-development book, soon to be published)


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