It’s finally here !

You know how it is… When you go through less pleasant moments of your life, you need a shoulder…

Since I started writing (and learning other stuff – e.g. video editing), I had years of hiding behind this website. I would solely write my thoughts, in hopes my posts would help the people coming across it.

You know how it is… When you go through less pleasant moments of your life, you need a shoulder. And this website has been (and still is) my virtual shoulder, best friend and confidant. But, as things happened, I realized that others might benefit from my experiences. And that kept me going.

But today it’s more than that.

My self-confidence grew exponentially, my writing improved, people from a professional platform like my style and I came to the conclusion that I can help others get where I am today. Hoping that they will be able to avoid some of the mistakes I made, while getting to know their own selves better.

That is why I chose to gather up all the services I can offer and publish this list for the people who may need my assistance.

Today, it’s finally here!

I invite you to visit to my services page and get in touch with me, as you find something you need assistance with!

#FlavoredWriting is your next best thing!

An author’s state of trance

Any successful/ published author would state that, in order to achieve a certain degree of expertise, a robust routine would be the best recipe. I’m sure they have a valid point. But…

Unlike 99,9% of the feather users, I do not follow a pattern (if you read my blog so far, you already know this; I do things my way…). My routine is about getting in the state of trance that writing needs for my words to freely align, in the manner I like.

An author's state of trance

For this, I have a few “secrets”:

1. Music. I am so lucky that I clearly remember what my feelings were while listening to a specific song; I can even recall the road or area of the city I was in at that very moment. (As an example, as I was taking my driver’s licence classes, there was a playlist I used to listen to before meeting the instructor. The reference tracks for the playlist were “Sex shooter” and Christina Aguilera’s “Candyman“.)

This way, I bring back that state, whenever I need to approach a topic similar to that very feeling. Music has this effect over me: I transcend moods and states almost instantly, if there’s a perfect timing between lyrics and feelings. If you can do what I do, but don’t believe in calling it on purpose, just try it.

As an exercise, start writing what you feel in that very instant, but have a song in the background (I usually look for songs to perfectly express what I feel…). It can be your favorite song, if you’re happy. Then, the next day, do it again. See if you can recall the same feeling.

At this point in time, I want to be transported to the necessary state for finishing my first book (find some excerpts here). And I have one song on repeat. But this song prevents my attention from losing track.

2. A relaxing activity is my perfect environment for writing. For instance, walking. (No, I don’t encourage anyone doing the same, but I’ve got some serious exercise in this regard. Half of the book was written while walking… Even this article took shape during my evening stroll…)

3. Whenever something catches my eye (my mind actually), I write down a few words.

For instance, I see an old lady’s look, driving my mind to a mild soul within an overwhelmed body. So I write this, as if it was the title of a new article: “Mild eyes”. This way, when I come across these words, I will surely know what was the thing drawing my attention in a certain moment. Bettermore, I might very well remember that specific look. (Attention to details, remember?)

4. An overcrowded mind might be the best ally of an extraordinary post/ article/ story. Not to mention the merge of this state and a soul full of love and/ or mixed feelings. That’s even better. (If you ever felt so drained that you would leave everything behind, just to go for a new beginning, think again. Whatever one writes from the bottom of the heart (be it of deceit, hope, happiness or accomplishment) makes a great read! That’s a perception you should give a try to, at least once. It will turn tables like you never thought!)

As clearly pictured, I have no routine, but ways to enter the necessary state for writing. Will this lead to my lack of success or will it encourage others to do it their way? To be seen…

So, what’s your way of entering the state of trance for writing? In other words, what’s your secret for a well-written piece?


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