My New Year’s wish to you…

We search for wealth and we search within… We’re advocates of environment or destroy it with bare hands… We write, we sing, we build, we dance; we swim, we cook, we sew, we work the land… We help and watch pain passing by behind our eyes; we give freely and we expect reward. We judge and we accept..

This one goes out to all of you, to each and every one of you out there, no matter how strong our relationship is or not… No matter how far or close you are… No matter how wealthy or poor you are. No matter your religion, skin color or number of pounds!

We’re all here for a reason, we all have lessons to learn and we all need love, care, self-awareness and trust. We’re all beautiful; we just need to see that!

Another 12 months have passed… Another 365 days… Another 4 seasons. But we’re still here…

We wake up every day and go to bed each evening; we breathe, we love, we hate, we forget and we remember. We cherish and we let go with the wind; we make money and we make memories; we follow and we decide for ourselves. We’re black, white, Asian, African, Catholic and orthodox, Muslim and Jewish, Hindu and non-believers. We speak all kinds of languages, yet we can feel the same vibe. We’re analytical, creative, angry and zen. Our hair is blonde, brown, red, grey… And straight… And curly… We’re slim and fluffy, we keep a diet and eat without concern. We over-plan and go with the flow… We search for wealth and we search within… We’re advocates of environment or destroy it with bare hands… We write, we sing, we build, we dance; we swim, we cook, we sew, we work the land… We help and watch pain passing by behind our eyes; we give freely and we expect reward. We judge and we accept..

But who cares about all these? Who makes the rules? Who compels us to follow anything else but our hearts? Do we have to agree so that we can accept? Do we have to fight over lands and who’s first in line? Do we love competition beyond compassion?

We have kids or hope to have. We teach them the best we can and hope we bring up their character according to the society. What society? A robotic society?!

But is this really what we wish for the New Year to bring?

Or would we rather aim for the higher consciousness, for a life with no fear and for a land with no borders?

Just gaze at the stars for a moment. Just stop right there and take the time… Don’t think! Just breathe and watch. Don’t analyze, just accept their shine! Don’t wish upon a falling one, just see it going down!

Do they fight? Do they struggle? Or is there enough room for each of them, just enough to sprinkle their dust and draw their halo? Is there a path aligned in front of them? Or do they just freely swim in the infinity of the Universe?

Now think about the sun and the moon. What’s their purpose? What were they created for? To bring their light to all of us or to fight over the reign of day over night? Or night over day? Do they collaborate, shining in tandem, or do they try to extinguish each other’s power?

Now think about the human race… Do we like where we’re at right now? Does hatred, misunderstood power and ruling bring us any hope? Does our robotic way of being help any of us and the ones around? Do labels scream their doctrine from an old page that loud? And does the new frighten us so much? And what about the NOW? Is it really worth overlooking? Why do we love the misery of worrying and living in what’s already history that much?

One thing is certainwe can rise above these all and start working to knowing ourselves better, one individual at a time; one step at a time; one day at a time; one whispered wish at a time…

Waiting for someone else to do it before us and bring the magic of self discovery on a silver plate at our feet will not solve anything. Will bring no resolution. Start with yourself and the world will change. It needs to change!

What we’re doing now only brings destruction to humanity! Bitterness is what’s beyond the walls of glass perception. The thin ice of false expectations will break one day. And we will all sink into the waters of deceit. The sky is crying because of us! Let us bring back its smile!

That’s my New Year’s wish to you! All of you! Each of you!

We are all in this together. And only together will we make it through. But starting with an individual exercise!

Just slow down for a bit and give it a thought: is it worth it or is it not? Can we do this or are we too complacent for such a task?


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    Dreams are so damn hard to handle sometimes… You just watch and see nothing at all… You walk and don’t feel the steps you take… You breathe, but there’s no air… Everything is just heavy… Damn, is heavy! All you think about is that dream…

And you can’t (or won’t) wake up. Everything surrounding you is trying to send you signals you need to open your eyes and get anchored in reality. But you choose to go even deeper into your own little world. It’s warm in there. You could spend your entire life there. Why bother facing hurt, when you can surrender to your passion? That passion makes you happy, after all. In what way? For how long? Could be eternally, if that’s your choice. I know, it’s all a matter of choice. Said it before and I stand up for it. But I also support chasing your dreams you’re pointed to by your passion.

Chasing… Burdensome process… But you build as you chase. You place a stone with each step. Is a creation process, yes. And, if you remember, “The creation process is incredible”. Keeps the distance you need away from people, provides you that space you so eagerly aim for.

So, dream big and chase till the end. Till you have it all built up. Or completely crashed. If one dream crashes and can’t be restored,   rise up and find another. NEVER give up! Be friends with your desires, passionately create a dream around them, chase and feel free! Find out how much truth is there in the saying: “If you can dream it, you can DO it!”… Choose you’re most comfortable shoes, add a pinch of COURAGE and GO!



Elpis, Salina and Tykhe

   Why did you, Pandora, ever open the jar? Why would you let evil escape but kept hope a prisoner? Why did you hold on to it so badly? But lastly unleashed it as well? Why would hatred quickly take over humanity, but hope had to wander in finding a vessel? And what about wishes? Are they born out of hope? And luck?

We oftenly call for hope’s name… We hang on to the thinest thread… We enjoy every little spark that could point to hope. We aim for the sky with our eyes wide open… Looking for Elpis. Looking for that ray of light that would finally help us have it. It? The wish… Granted by an evil geenie… But no, you’re not an evil geenie, you’re a fairy, as wishes get granted…

There’s a saying: “Watch out what you wish for, as it may come true.” Can’t wait for Salina to greet me and wrap me in a bit of violet mist… I’m the “Grant my wish and see what’s next; I’m ready to take any chances” type. So I let Salina take over my mind and soul… And make aquintances: Elpis, meet Salina! May you both join forces and work on our behalf… Our? Yes. For us. Us people.

Wishes keep us searching for the puzzle pieces, one way or another, hope keeps us moving through the maze. The final piece is in our hands, with a bit of luck.

Tykhe, meet Salina and Elpis. Toss the dice and and keep things moving. Till we all become willow trees…