7 Padlocks (Part 2)

“You’re looking at me as if I were the most terrible enemy you’ll ever meet. But let me tell you that I am just that less dangerous thought you recently had.”

Her disgrace and frighten suddenly changed into curiosity, although she considered herself a lunatic:

“How would you know?” she barely spoke.

But then she immediately said to herself:

“My Goodness, I must be losing my mind, as I’m hearing voices and I’m talking to… yuck! A spider!”

But then the little crawling thing replied:

“I might be black and sort of undesirable to your sight, but trust me that I’m the most inoffensive one. You should rather be afraid of the 5000-feet tall dinosaurs that are still trapped within your mind. I managed to escape and took this ugly shape for you to get a sense of the danger in your brain. But the army of stompers that still inhabit that territory is way more terrifying than the way I look or compared to what I could ever do. If they could escape into this world, you would lock yourself into a dungeon to make sure you’re safe. The gate would be bind in by seven padlocks and seven latches and all the windows would have black curtains. You would be surrounded by empty, cold cement with no hope.”


Part 3 next week

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7 padlocks

#ProseTime #AWSeries

Monday morning brings you a short piece of a new #creativewriting (prose) I’m working on, called #7padlocks.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, she was lost. Her eyes were looking outside of the window, while her thoughts were freely wandering up into the skies and beyond.

If someone would have seen her from afar, they would say she was the calmest woman on earth. Yet, if a dive into her brain occured, the toughest of storms would have be unleashed.

As the sun set, after long hours of gazing at the moving clouds so did her sight. She turned her sad eyes to the floor. But when she did, she froze! Everything going on in her mind took a different turn, on an exponentially scaled dimension. She was petrified! She couldn’t believe her eyes at witnessing what was happening within the walls of her crystal-clear home. That was one of the most unacceptable things to notice ! In HER home!

Delusion was shortly replaced by that disgrace accompanied by fear. She couldn’t decide which of the two was greater. For a moment, she couldn’t move a muscle and she just watched IT moving around, so grotesquely close to her foot.

As she was gathering her strength to make a move, the *thing* voiced:

(to be continued)