The newborn will [Poem]

Beauty of hearts
Lies in the parts
That make us laugh
And bring us March.

Season of blooming,
Season of choosing
What side to feed,
New plants to seed.

All trees turn green,
Green grass uplifts,
All leaves embrace
A nature’s dance,

Animals awake.
Humans should take
All these examples
And turn to samples

For new endeavors
To planet’s favors,
For new, kind trends
Where One reflects…

The One is you,
The One is me,
The One is us,
The One is FREE!

One is compassion,
Who allows passion
Be found in all
And take a turn

To seek new vibe,
And build one tribe
With the same blood,
With no compound!

Colors won’t fade,
Rather retake
What needs to be
A newborn will.

Let us all nurture,
The will not torture,
Let’s chase intention
And raise attention!

Let us hold hands
And change the trends,
Let’s come as ONE
And bring the sun!

© Andrada Anitei, Mar 2nd, 2019
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Kindred souls [Poem]

Instant connections,
Powerful visions,
Deep conversations
And open observations…

That’s what happens
When heaven calls
Old souls together
To break the walls

Of old beliefs.
A higher purpose
To be instilled
And old wounds healed.

These souls desire
They all aspire
To build One Nation

That will bring change
And love all kind
Of human shape
With open mind!

When they unite
The world rejoices,
When they take action
Blessing is pouring

Upon new souls,
That need to learn
To open hearts
When fire burns.

Fire of passion,
Fire of light,
Which brings compassion
And walls collide.

The walls of hatred
Which destroy worlds,
The walls of envy
Which people hurt.

Why should we kill
When we can love
And climb the hill
To worlds above?

To worlds that carry
Magic and hope,
To worlds that bury
History’s glove.

A glove that’s dirty
Of so much blood…
Rather be steady
And raise the flag

Of just One Nation
That only cares
About redemption
And true love shares!

Let us unite!
And have one voice,
All of the countries
And bring the choice

Of what these souls
Dreamed for so long
And let the kindness
Become so strong.

We will see then
Beauty prevailing,
We will build then
A world that’s healing.

Wouldn’t you rather
Embrace the impact
And scale the world,
Leaving it intact?

Intact of murder,
Intact of chaos,
But rather clean,
With rising ethos?

© Andrada Anitei, Feb 23rd, 2019
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