The man, the moon and the casquette – Chapter 1 (full)

A simple man

During daytime, he’s a hero for the others. Yet, when the night-time comes, he walks dragging his feet towards what seems to be a lifetime in disbelief.

People adore him. People praise him. And people say that all the words in the world are not enough to thank him for his deeds.

But he finds it hard to believe. He can barely speak without blushing. He exudes confidence, but in his heart self-belief is terribly shaking. He’s been through a lot in the past, which prevents him to see his true value. He believes in everyone else but himself. When he talks to someone, the only words he can spread are of goodness. He has a blare around him to which people cannot resist. But he can’t see it…

When he gets home at night, he feels alone. He has no family around, no kids to brighten his life and his parents can’t accept him for being different than all the others.

His mother told him once, in a mocking voice:

“You’re just a man who can’t see beyond his selfish existence. You don’t get married, you’re already old to have kids. What’s going on with you? What will people say about the way you live your life in? You’re a shame to this family! All you do is stay on the streets all day long. But you can’t support your existence. You’re almost 40, for the mercy of God!”

This made him leave his parents’ house, for the second time. Because his parents don’t actually know what he dedicates his life to. They don’t care. And even if they did, they wouldn’t understand… Their vision on life is too old. They only see what “it always have been this way”.

But who is he, in fact?

Arian has small hazel eyes, light blonde hair, thin rebel eyebrows and his stature is the one of a 15 years old skinny boy, although his real age is 38. His mouth does not match the rest of his figure, as his lips are voluptuous and strongly colored in red. But when he smiles, his teeth shine like a diamond. Pure white and they are so straight that his mouth seems to be the most beautiful part of his body. His ears help us envision a man who is not handsome, his neck is long and his shoulders are curved ahead. His body is covered in some kind of shady-blue robe and his feet are outlined by a pair of black leather sandals.

At first sight, he may easily be labeled as a beggar to people who know nothing about him or his life. Regardless, he never goes unnoticed, due to his way of smiling to everyone. As an antithesis to his figure, his smile is so warm that it attracts people like magnets. Whenever he passes by, he leaves a trait of blessing behind him, which people cannot explain. Nonetheless, they let themselves wrapped in his blare…

You see… He’s so humble because he often thinks about the shallow image that people see. They see an ugly yet charismatic superhero. But he thinks to himself:

“I don’t deserve all this. I am just an apprentice of life, who never ceases an attempt to learn a difficult spell. What makes me so special in the eyes of all these people?”

He questions everything and he can never rest on the laurels people would build him a palace from. He can’t walk on the path of life by just doing what society wants him to. He’s been hurt for not fitting in with the cool kids, when he was younger. But now… Now he clearly understands the blessing of being different. But that’s exactly why he can’t understand why people like him so much. That’s exactly why, when complimented, his skin turns as red as a boiled lobster’s.


A few years back…

In his early 20s, he tried hard to find his way, as per society’s rules. He took on a random job, he never graduated from university (though he forced himself to like chemistry and to see himself as a successful “lab rat”), he was never being invited to parties and he never managed to ask a woman out. He was shy. Some people may have called him arrogant because of this, but he would lose his words when talking to others. And society only agrees with shallow chatter and loud voices that say nothing.

Probably this is the reason why he never went on a date. Most certainly, this is why he would spend most of his afternoons, evenings and nights crying in his fists for not fitting in. And that’s exactly why his parents would deny him as their child. They were very jovial, always surrounded by a lot of people, having their house full of fake admirers who never questioned life or what their real purpose on earth was.

Arian disliked those meetups, as the house sounded like a never-empty club. He could barely rest his head on his pillow, as drunk people would invade his small room, looking for a place to puke in. But he didn’t have the courage to stand up for his privacy. He was afraid to voice his mind to his parents, because most of the times they wouldn’t even notice that he was there. His parents were too distracted with living “a rich social life” and they actually hated their kid for not obeying the rules of glamour.

Consequently, his life on the streets looked more appealing to him. He would leave the house first thing in the morning, while his parents were still sleeping after a night of deprivation. And he wouldn’t come back within the 4 walls of his room until he felt drained by the people walking in crowds. Or if he was cold. Or disappointed by the trends people would leave themselves prey to. There were days when he just wanted to embrace his pillow, stretch his legs comfortably in his bed and have a loooooooong restful sleep. Silence was his only wish and he soon realized the improbability of getting it if he continued to be hosted by his parents’ house.

This existence of his went on for 15 years in a row, without the slightest change, as he was too scared to do something about it. He would bite his tongue and cover his ears, but he felt miserable.

Until then… Until the year he turned 35. He couldn’t carry that burden on his shoulders any longer. He couldn’t Iive in a continuous state of ill mind. He was too tired of it. So, with his heart in his throat, he decided…

On a freezing cold 3rd of December day, he packed everything he had, carefully wrapped all his books in a piece of cloth, stole something from the fridge (which was too empty anyway), threw everything in a partially torn backpack and off he went. He never looked back. He had no idea where he was going or what he would be doing the next day. The only thing he knew was that he’s had enough and that he needed to look for himself. The REAL self!

The moment he set foot outside of his parents’ house, he felt relieved. He felt like all the burden of living in the dim light of grey skies fell off his shoulders. He knew that a new beginning was to be unfolded in front of him and, in that very moment, he looked up to the sky, closed his eyes, opened his arms as if he was about to receive someone for a hug in his arms and clearly spoke:

“I will accept whatever comes to me. Challenges, lessons, happiness or sorrow. I am now open to draw my own path and I surrender my entire being to the will of the higher power. I now know that everything happens for a reason and I am seeking for the most valuable asset of my life. People think that peace of mind is a myth, but I know it’s not. I know that there must be more than what people want to see. I FEEL that all my questions will be answered, at some point. And I want to pass along what I will learn.”

And so, while walking further and further from the house, his thoughts seemed to gather up in an explosion of joy. His entire being had circuits inside and the spark of new beginnings installed in his heart. The hazel color of his eyes was so bright! And his mind would start to only host the blessed belief in a sunny life.

No more grey. No more sadness. No more feeling lonely. And no more parties and loud voices of people with no value.

He had a way of loving his parents… Or was it just the respect for giving him birth? He used to question this frequently. But in that moment, he knew that – regardless of his love or respect for them – he needed to set himself free from their chains of hate. And he always had the golden key. But he was afraid to use it. He was scared of the “what if”. He was terrified about living on his own. And, being very honest to himself, he was scared of being judged for being different. He never thought about himself as being special, but different. Because the inherited definition of the word “special” would suggest a person of great success, with a brilliant mind.

However, his parents never told him. They used to hide from him the fact that he was a genius. He never found out about the results of the IQ tests he passed in an exquisite manner when he was 7 years of age. And by the age of 10. And again by the age of 16. His parents had him tested a lot, as they had average IQs, they got jealous of his high level of understanding life and they secretly wanted him to fail, in whatever he did. All the test results would suggest a not-so-ordinary future and that was too hard for his parents to accept. So, in continuous attempts to put him down, they would always tell him he was no good; that he was a mistake of fate; and that he would never be accepted by his peers.

The morning he left his parents’ house was freezing cold, but the fire that ignited in Arian’s being was so intense that he couldn’t feel the adversity of the weather. Once he made the decision to embrace acceptance and let himself in the hands of the Almighty, his footsteps gained a security he never knew before. He felt his fists getting clenched against his will, as if he was about to fight back against rusty doctrines. He held his head up high and it was the first time when he understood that he has always been better than the life he was exposed to.

The road in front of him was covered in snow and icy bits every here and there. But, as he started moving, lifting his feet covered in heavy winter boots, it was as if even the sun wanted to come out from behind the clouds, to accompany Arian on his self-discovery journey.

After 1 hour of wandering and defeating the cruel weather, he found a place where he could rest his body for a few minutes, while having breakfast and a cup of hot tea. When he opened the door, he saw an old lady (must have been around 80) who greeted him with a tender voice:

“Be blessed, child for choosing to stop here. Please, come inside. I will prepare the best table for you and I will bring you our chef’s specialty. What about a cup of hot chocolate as well?”

Arian was so pleased with the greeting that he could hug the old lady had he not been afraid of the lady considering his gesture as inappropriate. No-one ever greeted him like that before! No-one would ever ask him what he wanted! And no-one has ever offered him the best place to stay at. So, by witnessing this, he knew that his decision of accepting everything coming his way was the best he has ever made!

“I would like a cup of tea instead, please. If it’s not too much of a bother” Arian replied.

“Of course. Whatever you wish. Any preference on the flavor?” the old lady asked.

“Mint would be great, if available” Arian said.

As the lady was already heading to the kitchen, she asked over her shoulder:

“Why are you outside on such a cruel weather, son?”

Arian thought a few seconds before he could answer. He wasn’t sure if he should tell the lady his real reason, so he said (as to himself):

“I have some urgent stuff to attend…”

“I didn’t hear that, young man” the lady said.

But then she showed up with a plate full of food and the hot cup of mint tea. The joint smells of the meal hypnotized Arian and he could barely wait to settle his hunger. But he was somehow ashamed, because the lady was observing him.

“My name is Rada” the woman said, to loosen up the atmosphere a bit.

“Nice to meet you, madam” Arian said. “I am indeed pleased to have stopped here. I have hardly ever seen someone as kind as yourself” Arian continued, just before having the first bite of the breakfast.

“Please, call me Rada” the old lady said. “People see me old and they feel compelled to call me madam. But I was never fond of this word, young man. What is your name?”

“Please excuse me for addressing to you in a manner you don’t enjoy. It was never my intention to…” tried Arian to apologize to the lady.

But he didn’t finish the sentence, when Rada said:

“That’s OK. Don’t worry about it. Now let’s chat as old friends. Would you like that?”

“Uhmm… Of course” Arian mumbled.

He didn’t know for sure what her intention was. He felt weird about all this sudden offer of friendship. But then he recalled his decision, made that very morning – “I will accept whatever comes to me.” The moment he recalled that, he felt at ease and replied:

“Actually… Uhmm… Yes, I would love that. I never had a friend… And… Uhm… My name is Arian, ma…”

“Rada. Remember – Rada, not madam. I am very happy to be your first friend” the old lady replied. “Now, eat. We can chat after you’re done. I have a feeling that we have a lot to talk about, my dear friend.”

Arian was caught barehanded here. He didn’t know how and if to react to the old lady’s reply. So he chose to do as she recommended and didn’t make any other sound until he finished everything in his plate.

He just left the fork off his hand when Rada was already near him.

“I hope you enjoyed the meal” she said. “I made it for you with all my love and I hope it will give you the necessary strength to carry on with your journey.”

Arian was confused. Rada previously said that she wanted to talk to him and now she just wanted him gone? But Rada didn’t give him more time to think about what she said, as she continued:

“But not before you tell me what your story is. I want to learn more about you. You seem lost, yet I get the sense that you are a very nice young man. What’s your truth, Arian?”

That question was a first for the young man. No-one asked him what was in his heart before. No-one actually seemed to have even noticed him, as a human being. He felt uneasy, but for some reason he felt he could trust her. Or was it the need to finally speak his mind? In any case, he started:

“Well… I… I just left my parents’ house. Too much noise… I just couldn’t resist any longer. I always felt rejected. I always felt like I never belonged there…”

“I did the same when I was young, Arian” Rada replied “I know how painful it is to not have your own spot. I know how hard it is not to be accepted for who you are. And I know exactly how it feels to be willing to find yourself”

“You… You did the same?” Arian asked with a surprise in his eyes that almost made the old lady laugh. But she just couldn’t laugh and make him feel bad.

“Yes, Arian. Well, not exactly, but I will tell you my story later on.” Rada said. “So I completely empathize with you… You know what? You can stay here, if you wish. I won’t charge you for hosting you, all I want is a true friendship. I want to learn what happened and I want you to never hide anything from me. Because I want to help you. There was no-one there for me in my early days of despair. I had no shoulder to cry on and not an ear to hear me out. But I want to be here for you and teach you everything I learned in the last 60 years. Will you take the hand I’m lending you?”

Arian was shocked. Both by the old lady’s confession and by the offer. He was never offered a shoulder, needless to say about a helping hand. Yes, he wanted to take her offer, but he was afraid of becoming a burden for the old lady. And he was fairly pretty afraid of revealing the pain in his soul, as he has just met Rada.

While he was going through all these emotions and just before opening his mouth to answer, Rada said:

“I also know how hard you find it to trust me. I felt the same. And don’t you worry about being a burden for me, young man. You will not become one. You will help me out around here. I can teach you how to cook, amongst others; I can teach you how to treat this place as if it was your own; and I will teach you how to treat customers and the personnel with love, regardless of your inner hurt.”

Rada already had something in mind, from the moment the young man came in. She had a gift. And that gift was to sense the energy of people entering her place.


Small is always better

The other day, on my way home from work, I took a short break into a small shop. Handmade stuff, beautiful things… But I was looking for a backpack, as the other one had its straps broken (I admit, I load backpacks like no one else!).

The other day, on my way home from work, I took a short break into a small shop. Handmade stuff, beautiful things… But I was looking for a backpack, as the other one had its straps broken (I admit, I load backpacks like no one else!).

So, I spent half an hour looking for a new one. Why so long? Because I pay much attention to details. For a backpack, inside and outside pockets (as many as possible) make the difference for me. So, that one had a color I like, but no pockets; the other had a tiny pocket, but uncomfortable closing system (zippers are my style…), etc.

Anyhow, in the end, I found the one I liked, at a convenient price (smaller than the others): a chocolate-brown color with 7 (!) pockets.

While trying to decide, I saw the above message, hanging comfy on a wall, desperately calling my name… Whispering those words… But I chose to be deaf, as I could not have taken it home that very evening.

You won’t believe the torture in my head…! My mind was silently scolding me for not opening my pocket and taking this valuable friend at home with me. Therefore, the next evening,  in order to escape the torment, I followed my heart and, after work, I saw nothing but the shop on my way. I could hear the words – still calling me – from the street. So, I stopped, bought and left… Holding my treasure tight, so that I would not hurt it. I wanted it to be the new guardian of my home.

As a consequence, I placed it in a safe spot, from where we can see each other and know we will always be there, no matter what…

You may wonder, now, what’s the exact purpose of such posting… 2 words: thorough reminder. Of an amazing principle I’ve been admiring lately and to which I want to remain faithful…

The more we count years, the more we realize what’s really important. I know, however, that there are people thinking that “bigger is always better”. I’ve come to accept the views of others, without feeling compelled to agree. So, I’ll carry on my explanation on why smaller is always better, in my opinion. Considering that we overlook small things everyday.

So, here you are, served with my point of view…

Small things help us enjoy every day. They are well-put, somewhere, waiting for us to find them. To let them show us why life is worth living with every second. And the way they are capable of spicing up a moment or melt another…

If we take only the example of a salad: is made out of small bits of vegetables. However, something smaller mends it, in the end. Think of a salad with no salt, or pepper, or oil, or vinegar, whatever pleases your taste. Now, picture the same, with the added value of the mentioned tiny friends. Can you feel the difference?

The same principle applies to everything…

Think of today’s technology. If you lack the charger of your phone/ tablet/ laptop and the battery runs lower each minute, does this small detail make a difference to your means of  communication?

On a deeper level…

Does a small “I missed you!” make you melt? Does a shy smile make you smile back? Does a small, heartfelt, “I love you!” make you feel like the whole world is yours and there’s nothing else you would need in that very moment?

The last thing I would appreciate you to take the time of thinking about, especially when you cannot find something to be thankful for: does water and the roof above your head make a difference?

I know that I want to collect small things (smiles, drawings of my kids, laughs, etc.) pile them up and let them  change an old mindset… Will YOU?


Journey of our lives

But in the end, when the moment comes, is it that we take anything with us?

I told you that everything can turn into a topic. Therefore, here is the song that took me to this article. A positive, yet thought provoking song. Enjoy!

[Listen to: Alma Mater – The Journey]

After listening, please ask yourselves: where do we go and what is the speed we go by?

Is it worth? All this fuss, all the pain of  money hunting, all the worries and all the loss of little things that might easily make a difference, yet we never have the time for?

We’re always in a hurry… Take kids to school, kindergarten, whatsoever. Run to the office. Work at least 8 hours per day. Run back to pick up the kids. Bathe, feed, sleep. Repeat! 5 days a week. Tens of weeks per year. 8 months in a row (the other 4 are reserved to holiday time – that you have no idea how to cover).

Thinking objectively, where does all this take us? Do we get to pick any satisfaction from all this busy life? Is there even a small thing that we can enjoy or are we too tired, at the end of the day, to even give a damn?

Let’s say that, 1 week per year, we could afford a vacation. But can we choose the destination we wish for or is it that we need to settle for anything we can get, just to escape – for a short while – from the mundaine? 

So, we hunt for money. But is it for us? Or for someone else? What’s the percentage we get out of the total amount we make as profit for an employer? This would be an interesting debate…

But in the end, when the moment comes, is it that we take anything with us? I believe the only thing would be the lessons we learned. So that, if there is such thing as another life, we’ll be aware of not making the same mistakes, but others, in order to learn new things.

When the courtain falls, we’re just souls that need to evolve. Having said that, I ask myself: then why are we so stubborn in ignoring the only thing that really matters – the soul? Why are we so deaf and never listen to it? Can’t we see that this fake society, rooted in thousands-years doctrines, is a sucker for the shine and glory of a soul? 

I guess not… We are complacent… We’re afraid of raising our voices when we should. Not to mention how scared we are to take a stand and say: “That’s not for me, I see my life from another angle!

I like the word “choice“. It’s so powerful! And offers us so much freedom. If only could we understand that…


The eyes of happiness!

Today I choose to write about my kids. About how my time is never enough for them. And about how we need to be apart from time to time…

In my previous article I stated that life is no pink unicorn – not even close. Well, mine is neither. But I’m not here to complain. On the contrary!

So here goes today’s story…

I am not really fond of schedules and imposed rules. I know they’re good to keep chaos aside, yet some are exaggerated. But, looking at the bright side, there’s always a challenge to overcome. And a lesson to learn…

Today I choose to write about my kids. About how my time is never enough for them. And about how we need to be apart from time to time…

I mentioned schedules for bringing the last 2 paragraphs together, at some point.

So, my kids go to kindergarten, I go to work. Each of us with our own circle of people to interact with, every day. But, at the end of the day, we’re always together. But what about vacation times? I mean, their vacation time, as mine is always for being there for them…

This winter holiday was… Special. They had 3 weeks off kindergarten. That was a real challenge for me! I had 2 weeks off for this, but I had 1 more week to cover. So, regardless of the Montague and Capulet situation, I had to ask for the help of grandparents. Fortunately for them, my kids had a place to be during the mentioned time-frame. Therefore, solution found!

All good. Birthday over, bags packed, kids taken to their temporary home… The parting was emotional, as I had to leave them crying. But I had to go to work the next morning, thus this episode was inevitable.

When I got home and saw that emptiness, some part of my heart went sad. But I chose to embrace the challenge. (And, honestly, I could definitely use some breathing time.) After realising that, I felt more at peace with this short-while separation. So, I played some music, to keep me moving while doing some clean-up after the birthday hurricane….

Well, the next morning came and I barely got up to go to work. But I managed. As I always do. And so I did for the entire period, knowing that my kids are well-kept and I have some free time for myself. In other words, I chose to enjoy my alone time… (Remember: is all about perspectives and choices!) So, I bought some books, worked a bit at home for my dream, went for some shopping. And guess what? I enjoyed it!

Friday came and I was called up to pick up my girls. I was a bit disappointed, as the weekend was one step away, but I shortly realized that no one owes me a thing and I chose to be grateful for the help over a period I could have not managed otherwise. (Even if I could have paid for it, I had no other option at hand).


The re-encounter moment was even more emotional than the parting… There’s no need for words during such moments. The body speaks a special language! Two pairs of happiness crying eyes and the utmost loving hugs were greeting me. More than enough! Words could never describe that! That’s something to be experienced, in order to be understood!

When we got home we built a paper castle. And had dinner on the floor. (Unconventional, I know, but that kept us closer than the table). When nighy-night time came, I was the fortunate receiver of another round of loving hugs. And 2 pair of lips whispering “I missed you, mommy! So much!” I would never trade that for the entire Universe…

And here is where I wanted to get, actually. Saturday morning. This marvelous morning… (Again, words faint in front of the real feelings of the moment!)

My kids woke up, one at a time. But the shine on their faces… Those happy eyes, when realizing they were home… Those beautiful, loving smiles when seeing their mommy… Those real hugs, with all those little bodies (and I mean, hugging with the entire body!) And that “I don’t want to let go of you! Don’t you ever leave me again!” expression on their faces… Priceless is too less!

Even though raising kids is no easy task, I’ll never forget these moments… And I’ll keep on trying to reach my dream, so that all of us 3 can experience the magic of such moments every day… Every single day!



I know nightmares are, usually, about releasing negative energies from our minds. Yet, getting scared (sometimes in such a way that I wake up crying real tears) is something that I didn’t learn to control…

Did you ever have a nightmare so vivid, that you woke up scared because of it? Believing that something is actually going on? Well, I do… Reality to me last night. 6 hours of sleep, but more than enough to “live” such a trembling experience…

I have months of dreamless nights, yet one of these is enough to make me want to stay awake for the next nights. I had too many of those…

But here is the one from last night…

It was as if I was at home, with my girls and the daughter of a neighbor, who was supposed to sleep over. (Nothing unusual… And I never sleep with my entrance door unlocked. Ever!) So, I was taking my tour to closing everything left open. I started with the door, of course (as in real life). It was closed. The handle wouldn’t let the door open, yet the lock was still asking for the key for closing it. But the key was just tuning in vain. As if it was broken… Ok, I thought that was really strange, but I didn’t want to install panic among the girls. So, I just kept going with the “nighty-night” procedures. But before that I have closed the windows as well… While tucking the kids in, I felt a breeze in the back of my head, thing that was unexpected, since I closed ALL the windows myself. As I go by the windows, I see they’re cracked-open. And that scared the sh*i out of me. (You know that vivid heart-racing?). I started shaking and thinking about the kids, yet I had to remain calm for frighten not to reach them. So, I put my hands on the windows, in a failed attempt to close them again. They were stubborn. Even if they would stay closed for a second, something was pushing them back… The last thing I remember from this, is that I was experiencing that “mute scream”. (Did you ever try running in a dream, but your legs were stuck? Did you ever scream for help, but your voice just wouldn’t help you? As if your vocal chords wouldn’t vibrate a sound?). And I lost it… I woke up. But the feeling was still all over my body…

Naturally, in that scary state, I checked on my girls and looked around. I managed to go back to sleep about half an hour later…

“Not a big deal” you may say. However, I had so many similar dreams, that I’m starting to believe something is going wrong with my subconscious. You know, they say dreams are a reflection of our subconscious mind.

I know nightmares are, usually, about releasing negative energies from our minds. Yet, getting scared (sometimes in such a way that I wake up crying real tears) is something that I didn’t learn to control.

What I know for sure, in real life, is that I’m afraid of being attacked in my own home. Ran over by malicious men. (I never dreamed a woman doing that in my life!) And if I tell you this, you (as well as I) may understand why…

Not talking about a dream now, but about what really happened!

I had a boyfriend in my twenties. All went well for a few months, but the relationship started to shake.

And I wanted to get out of it. So, I told him to leave. He did (surprisingly) but he started ringing me at night, at the office – regardless of the moment – and threaten me. And my parents. Even though he did never see the personal numbers of any of my folks, he found them out by the name and messaged me with the perfect match of them. Threatening that my father would have to deal with some huge scandal at work (a respectable man, working for a prestigious company) and that my mother would have to face law because of her illness “faking”. And that I should better watch out for black cars… And there was another incident with this guy… He came by one day and, without me realizing that was no answer to the “who is it?” question, I opened the door and he just ran into me, he grabbed my neck and yelled – to be heard from a few blocks away: “I’m gonna kill you, bitch!”

Can you imagine those seconds of terror, when I was choking and desperately looking to escape? He had a millisecond of not paying attention, when his hand went slightly loose, and I rushed into saying: “Get your hand off or I’ll manage to grab something from the kitchen before you can take my life…” He did, in the end, understand that he was actually about to kill someone he loved and set me free. But I could barely bring my breathing back to normal and I had hard times in getting him out. He started apologizing and I was pushing him and almost squeezing him with the door, to get him away from me!

Seriously, I’m not joking about this! I’m not making anything up for the sake of gaining readers. Moreover, this article is, in fact, a tryout for understanding nightmares. The root cause of a subconscious clinge. And my attempt to get things out if my system… You, may be skeptical about this, but it is only now – that I started writing about it – that I realized the possible root cause of my nightmares.

You see, such episodes affect our brains for life. And they drag fear into our lives. Even if we think that everything is gone and we’re all fine, the fear for our lives remains somewhere, in a dark place, until we are ready to search for it and take it out. No psychiatrist (as skilled as they may be) will ever manage to understand the real feeling of the moment. Because they don’t get emotionally involved. Is YOU only that can set you free.

Did you experience similar situations? And did you ever try to figure out where do all these negative energies come from?

I hope that, by voicing my mind, I will manage to set myself free of them…


Naivity or wholeheartedly?

I may be called a dreamer, or an idealist, or a warrior for good, or even a naive one. But I do believe in people. I do believe in beauty and I do belive in change. And I know they all exist!

What do you see about the others first? How important is the first impression to you? And how many credit do you give to someone in, the first place? Where does your trust stand? Do you judge by the covers or let actions (not windy words) speak for themselves? How objective are you? And one last thing: how important COMMUNICATION and TRUTH are to you?

You see, I dislike backstage games with all my being. This is why I’m trying to make people lose their masks…

Remember: Showing your true face only makes you vulnerable if you allow the others to belive it as such.

But, in order to avoid that, train yourself not to! Teach yourself to BELIVE in what’s within YOU and others will acknowledge it as well. That’s a fact! Not a corporate one, but a REAL one. And trust the Almighty’s power, regardless of the name you know it for. There is only One, but we all call it different ways.

What is, afterall, this article about?

Is about you, me, it, them, us! Is about everyone and each of us. Is about not playing others, for our own good. Is about what humanity looks like thru my lenses. Is about being there, shaking a hand, lifting a head up when in need, offering a shoulder to cry on and wipe the tears… Is about losing the ego and embracing Universal Love… Is about care, hope and a new age of life on Earth.

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A new age that should bring up light, while not fighting the dark, but turning it into a ray…

Darkness has always been there. If it weren’t, there would have been no lessons, thus, no evolution. But energies shift and perspectives need to do too!

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I may be called a dreamer, or an idealist, or a warrior for good, or even a naive one. But I do believe in people. I do believe in beauty and I do belive in change. And I know they all exist!

As steep as a character may seem, it’s been built like that, not inherited. People did hurt people who turned out to be selfish. And mean. And greedy. And desperate to rise above all, by all means. Regardless of the heads they need walk and to build an empire upon.

There’s always a reason for the dark. Some souls might have felt abandoned, at some point. They might have been betrayed and need to (re)build their own self-confidence back. Some might have been abused and didn’t know how or were to weak to stand up for themselves. And once they’re all grown-up, they blame it on the society. And chose to avenge their hurt, by hitting others. But that’s no way to heal a wound…

We cannot take back what happened in the past. A past that’s already history. A past that needs to be let go of and left where it belongs – behind.

Just picture this:

You work in a call center (what a fast paced, ever-changing environment!). You take a call and you hear an angry voice, but you’re not allowed to hang up the phone before the complaint is solved – one way or another. If you yell at the client, you will only make their anger grow. But if you explain things nicely, by the end of the call, that customer may thank you for your attitude and the resolution may turn out better than you believed it would.

Now picture the next scenario. Again, in a call center. After taking the call with an angry client (but you can’t keep your composure), the resolution is an escalation and the bloom of complaint. You finally hang up, but have no time to go on a break – for your nerves to loosen up. And the phone rings again. You’re frustrated because of the former customer. So your answer might be violent, towards a calm customer, this time. So, the first impulse may be to let your anger burst and reflect over the calm person at the other end of the line. Now, what’s the outcome of this scenario? Not a good one, for sure. Unless you realize your attitude on due time, apologize and start over. If you’re lucky and fair enough to the client, you may be understood and forgiven for the initial reaction.

Now take this example in real life (it is, actually, a real example). Do you tend to outburst and let your anger flow towards the others? Do you tend to lose your faith in people because you’ve been hurt in the past? Do you tend to build an untouchable castle, surrounded by milion-tones walls, closed with the heaviest iron gate and then run for shelter in the highest tower? Or do you dig a cold dungeon, hide in there and chain yourself to deceit? Or do you stand tall and fight the villain, knowing that you will come out unharmed? Or do you look for allies to join forces and, together, to overcome the hardships?

Now let’s take another example. The example of kids… We all know how unpredictable the little ones can be. But picture this: they fight over a toy. With claws and teeth and everything they can make use of. And, no matter the approach, they won’t end that before one of them gets the toy. Or you take it. And if you do, they will both join forces in the utmost terrible act of defense, putting up a forever-lasting cry. But when they calm down, will they still play together? And will they ask you for the toy back, making the most heart-melting promise of not fighting over it again?

Drawing the line: are we naive if we belive in the good and feel it wholeheartedly? Can we do something about it? I mean, can we ask for the toy back and promise that things will straighten up?

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The Almighty is calm, but takes the toy away, if necessary, so that we learn valuable lessons: unconditional love, respect for the others and collaboration!

Then why do we need backstage games? And why do we need to fight each other for wining a trophy that will perish as fast as we achieved it? When we can work together and build an everlasting playground?!