You, child! [Poem]

You child, listen to what I say:
As soon as adulthood will start
Don’t be afraid, don’t let them take
The purity within your heart!

You take a look into the mirror
And keep in mind what you now see,
Don’t you give in to grown-up terror,
Allow yourself to speak up free!

Tomorrow, when you need to work,
Find what you love and do that thing.
Don’t you let anyone to stop
Your passion, joyfulness and Spring…

Use your own mind and YOU decide
What should happiness mean to you,
Don’t take society as guide,
You be the pure, the world is cruel.

Nevertheless, you should remember
Always be kind and smile at life,
Don’t put down people like September,
Bring them the warmth carried in vibe.

When you get old and watch life backwards,
Be proud of legacy you leave!
You will remember – life has standards,
However you managed to breathe

Among all clouds of foggy smoke
Imposed by rules that are not yours,
You did spread kindness, not the poke
And all your days had open doors…

And when the final moment comes
To close the biggest door of all,
Ask people for you to play drums,
So they remember how to soar.

Your spirit will forever dance
In what image they will keep dear,
They will then learn what means a glance
Of warmth, and they’ll forget the tear.

In turn, your memory will bring
The hope of a better tomorrow,
They will even hear your voice sing
And that will end for them the sorrow.

Therefore, you – today’s child, remember
To love, to give and to stay true,
Respect the young, respect the elder
And always you rely on YOU!

For as you step with every day
And find a way to keep your balance,
Consequently see – so will they
Just witness how you leave a fragrance…

A never-dying scent of youth,
A clear smile, a ray of brilliance,
An evergreen spirit of truth,
The confidence and the resilience

To see the world with better eyes,
Surrounded by the childhood’s magic
And those voices that today cry
Will all embrace a love that’s epic!

© Andrada Anitei, Jan 6th, 2019
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Day 4 of flavor of kindness: Let’s!

My first, ever published, poem…

My first, ever published, poem – inspired by Christopher Huntley, Amanda Miller and Robert Jenkins


Let’s bring that smile!
Let’s unfold that light!
Let’s take the mile!
Let’s hold a heart!

But let’s…

We all face it
We all need it
We all embrace it
We all behold it.

Moments of sorrow
Cry bitter tears
No one to borrow
But whipe the fears

Efforts can be made
Hardships we can save
Brave hearts we can hold
Beauty to unfold

Begin with you
Reveal the truth
Do what you do
But just be you

Uplift a head
Bring spark to life
Just move ahead
And make it thrive

The one around
To see your help
You truly bound
Release the dwell!

Put back the sword
Lay down the shield
Use every word
To fly your wings

No easy step
Just try to see
How you can help
So let’s just be!

But let’s…

Celebrate time
Let us slow down
Witness the rhyme
Remove the clown

The mask on you
Reveals no good
Just let it fall
Do not you crawl

Yet, rise above
Reach up to stars
Give hope a chance
Stich up the scars

Your day will come
To shine again
Just lose the strings
And keep the faith

The world is yours
Beauty can strike
How many hours
For us to rise?

So let’s join hands
And bring the light
Don’t feed the brands,
Let souls shine bright!

Just let’s!


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Let’s play a game…

By the time I’m writing this, I’m heading to work, so things can happen with each and every breath I take. But here it goes…

Yesterday I published “Kindness is the flavor of the season”, in hopes the message will reach as many people as possible and, thus, turn it into a collective effort to shifting this world’s view towards a better perspective.

And, since people seem to resonate to the topic, especially as Christmas is just around the corner, I would love if all of you played a little game with me. I will call it “Taste the flavor of everyday kindness“.

There are no rules to it, is all up to your free will to get involved or not. And share the taste you get when witnessing a gesture of benevolence.

And, as I find it appropriate, today I’ll go first:

By the time I’m writing this, I’m heading to work, so things can happen with each and every breath I take. But here it goes…

For a few days, I’ve been avoiding taking the subway, therefore the other option is the tramway. As I was just standing there, on a heavy kind of wintery weather, listening to my tunes and placing comments here and there, a man approached me. He did nothing but provided a slight tapping on my right shoulder. The next second, he was drawing me the attention to the fact that my backpack was open. Then, after showing me a single-second smile, he turned away and resumed his thoughts.

Clichee? Random? Not interesting? Not important? Not impressed?

If you answered “yes, yes, no, no, no”, let me tell you something. In today’s world, when individualism seems to be wearing the crown, such a small gesture can definitely make a difference. As I stated in yesterday’s post, even a heart-given smile is kind. And we can all bring our contribution, every day, with such “insignificant” acts of beauty.

My dears, if you like the idea of this little game, I would be honored to find your answers in the comments section. Tomorrow I’ll come back, exposing another “random” little gesture that will have brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

May every day of your lives be filled with beauty, trust and kindness!