Naivity or wholeheartedly?

I may be called a dreamer, or an idealist, or a warrior for good, or even a naive one. But I do believe in people. I do believe in beauty and I do belive in change. And I know they all exist!

What do you see about the others first? How important is the first impression to you? And how many credit do you give to someone in, the first place? Where does your trust stand? Do you judge by the covers or let actions (not windy words) speak for themselves? How objective are you? And one last thing: how important COMMUNICATION and TRUTH are to you?

You see, I dislike backstage games with all my being. This is why I’m trying to make people lose their masks…

Remember: Showing your true face only makes you vulnerable if you allow the others to belive it as such.

But, in order to avoid that, train yourself not to! Teach yourself to BELIVE in what’s within YOU and others will acknowledge it as well. That’s a fact! Not a corporate one, but a REAL one. And trust the Almighty’s power, regardless of the name you know it for. There is only One, but we all call it different ways.

What is, afterall, this article about?

Is about you, me, it, them, us! Is about everyone and each of us. Is about not playing others, for our own good. Is about what humanity looks like thru my lenses. Is about being there, shaking a hand, lifting a head up when in need, offering a shoulder to cry on and wipe the tears… Is about losing the ego and embracing Universal Love… Is about care, hope and a new age of life on Earth.

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A new age that should bring up light, while not fighting the dark, but turning it into a ray…

Darkness has always been there. If it weren’t, there would have been no lessons, thus, no evolution. But energies shift and perspectives need to do too!

[listen to: Michael Jackson – Come together]

I may be called a dreamer, or an idealist, or a warrior for good, or even a naive one. But I do believe in people. I do believe in beauty and I do belive in change. And I know they all exist!

As steep as a character may seem, it’s been built like that, not inherited. People did hurt people who turned out to be selfish. And mean. And greedy. And desperate to rise above all, by all means. Regardless of the heads they need walk and to build an empire upon.

There’s always a reason for the dark. Some souls might have felt abandoned, at some point. They might have been betrayed and need to (re)build their own self-confidence back. Some might have been abused and didn’t know how or were to weak to stand up for themselves. And once they’re all grown-up, they blame it on the society. And chose to avenge their hurt, by hitting others. But that’s no way to heal a wound…

We cannot take back what happened in the past. A past that’s already history. A past that needs to be let go of and left where it belongs – behind.

Just picture this:

You work in a call center (what a fast paced, ever-changing environment!). You take a call and you hear an angry voice, but you’re not allowed to hang up the phone before the complaint is solved – one way or another. If you yell at the client, you will only make their anger grow. But if you explain things nicely, by the end of the call, that customer may thank you for your attitude and the resolution may turn out better than you believed it would.

Now picture the next scenario. Again, in a call center. After taking the call with an angry client (but you can’t keep your composure), the resolution is an escalation and the bloom of complaint. You finally hang up, but have no time to go on a break – for your nerves to loosen up. And the phone rings again. You’re frustrated because of the former customer. So your answer might be violent, towards a calm customer, this time. So, the first impulse may be to let your anger burst and reflect over the calm person at the other end of the line. Now, what’s the outcome of this scenario? Not a good one, for sure. Unless you realize your attitude on due time, apologize and start over. If you’re lucky and fair enough to the client, you may be understood and forgiven for the initial reaction.

Now take this example in real life (it is, actually, a real example). Do you tend to outburst and let your anger flow towards the others? Do you tend to lose your faith in people because you’ve been hurt in the past? Do you tend to build an untouchable castle, surrounded by milion-tones walls, closed with the heaviest iron gate and then run for shelter in the highest tower? Or do you dig a cold dungeon, hide in there and chain yourself to deceit? Or do you stand tall and fight the villain, knowing that you will come out unharmed? Or do you look for allies to join forces and, together, to overcome the hardships?

Now let’s take another example. The example of kids… We all know how unpredictable the little ones can be. But picture this: they fight over a toy. With claws and teeth and everything they can make use of. And, no matter the approach, they won’t end that before one of them gets the toy. Or you take it. And if you do, they will both join forces in the utmost terrible act of defense, putting up a forever-lasting cry. But when they calm down, will they still play together? And will they ask you for the toy back, making the most heart-melting promise of not fighting over it again?

Drawing the line: are we naive if we belive in the good and feel it wholeheartedly? Can we do something about it? I mean, can we ask for the toy back and promise that things will straighten up?

[listen to: Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky]

The Almighty is calm, but takes the toy away, if necessary, so that we learn valuable lessons: unconditional love, respect for the others and collaboration!

Then why do we need backstage games? And why do we need to fight each other for wining a trophy that will perish as fast as we achieved it? When we can work together and build an everlasting playground?!


Retirement of regret

A new year just began, therefore so many opportunities to meet… so many changes to embrace… So many new lessons to welcome… So many hopes to raise to the sky… And so many dreams to touch with the power of my mind!

I spent my new year’s night with no one else but my kids… We watched the fireworks together and wished each other a great year ahead. The first year to do this together. They were too young for such an event before. And sleep would take them over before midnight…

New Year's Light on a dark sky
New Year’s Light on a dark sky (© Andrada Anitei | 2018)

And my laptop…

But I’m lucky! I feel blessed. No obligations to fulfill today… no tasks but recharging my batteries to take… No worries on my shoulders… No hatred and no guilt…

Just the sun… The bright light on the window, that joyfully steps into my home… And calms my brain, providing the most amazing, positive and hopeful mindset! Though I’m tired… But is a beautiful tiredness… Because I feel that I finally found my path and I love to work towards fulfilling my dream!

A new year just began, therefore so many opportunities to meet… so many changes to embrace… So many new lessons to welcome… So many hopes to raise to the sky… And so many dreams to touch with the power of my mind!

I get “that feeling” again! A feeling that has never failed me, but was the messenger of something. A “something” I need to be open to. And grateful for. And happy for…

I know this year will be a new chance for boundaries to break. For useless rules to vanish… For human kind to rise and for the Universe to be our guide. Another chance to let go of what we used to cling to. Another chance to evolve towards a greater purpose. Another way of learning to clean our lenses and let the light rule. Not the light of day… Or the light of stars… Or the light of the moon… Just light… That one igniting from within. The one that can never go wrong!

This year will genuinely be the retirement of regret. As feeling sorry for the lessons I learned so far has no reason to accompany me any longer. I wave goodbye and let go of its trendy hand. No white flag for this farewell. No handkerchief to wipe a tear I can’t share. No sadness to crown my face as regret is left behind… I’m leaving now and choose to stand up tall, walking the shoes that fit me best! Still being me and speaking my truth!

The explosion of my mindset is too empowering. The wound is closing down without stitches. Just surreal healing… As if an angel touched my soul, making it whole again… And there’s nothing else I could ever be willing for!

It’s time to build a castle out of diamond dust, faith, encouragement, gratefulness and bits of magic!


Elpis, Salina and Tykhe

   Why did you, Pandora, ever open the jar? Why would you let evil escape but kept hope a prisoner? Why did you hold on to it so badly? But lastly unleashed it as well? Why would hatred quickly take over humanity, but hope had to wander in finding a vessel? And what about wishes? Are they born out of hope? And luck?

We oftenly call for hope’s name… We hang on to the thinest thread… We enjoy every little spark that could point to hope. We aim for the sky with our eyes wide open… Looking for Elpis. Looking for that ray of light that would finally help us have it. It? The wish… Granted by an evil geenie… But no, you’re not an evil geenie, you’re a fairy, as wishes get granted…

There’s a saying: “Watch out what you wish for, as it may come true.” Can’t wait for Salina to greet me and wrap me in a bit of violet mist… I’m the “Grant my wish and see what’s next; I’m ready to take any chances” type. So I let Salina take over my mind and soul… And make aquintances: Elpis, meet Salina! May you both join forces and work on our behalf… Our? Yes. For us. Us people.

Wishes keep us searching for the puzzle pieces, one way or another, hope keeps us moving through the maze. The final piece is in our hands, with a bit of luck.

Tykhe, meet Salina and Elpis. Toss the dice and and keep things moving. Till we all become willow trees…