The happy sparrow [Poem]

You smile and dance,
You jump around,
You take a chance
With every round

To learn new things.
You have no fear,
You walk the strings
Of life with cheer.

I pray to God
To keep you healthy,
Make the world proud
When you are ready

To come to blossom
And serve your wisdom,
You won’t be common,
You’re meant for freedom!

Up in the sky
Fly, happy sparrow!
Avoid the minds
That are too narrow!

Your smile is priceless!
Your joy must last!
Dance for the wounded,
Make your name cast

Into the stone
Of happy days,
Into the rainbow
Shown by the brave.

Adopt the madness
Of high creation,
You’re meant for greatness,
Accept ovation!

Don’t be ashamed
Of your own brain,
Rather be named
By kindness’s grain!

Help kingdoms rise
Build new alliance,
Defend their rights
Chase out defiance.

You are enough!
You carry worth!
Show them your laugh
And change the Earth !

© Andrada Anitei, Feb 16th, 2019
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#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – ep. 07 – Laughter Therapy

Introducing you to interesting people around the world


Meet Ms. Suchi

– Laughter, productivity and creativity coach, “Gain Success by Removing Stress” strategy advocate (Singapore) – 
  • How often do you laugh, with all your being?
  • Can you use laughter as a therapy?
  • Did you ever try it, especially in your darkest moments?

I know all the above questions are sensitive, but are meant to lead you towards knowing yourself better, with the clear purpose of acknowledging your limits. And, of course, understanding the efforts you are willing to put into overcoming difficult moments.

Moreover, today’s interview is conceived precisely for digging a bit deeper into the practice of laughter and how it can help us. Thus I have as guest a genuine good vibe sender, Ms. Suchi.


1. Good day, Ms. Suchi. Thank you for accepting my invitation to be part of the #ValuableDiversity Series. Please introduce yourself, in a few words, for people that may not know you by now and would like to learn more.

I am MS. Suchi, a Happiness Strategist and Laughter Coach. I enjoyed being the Operating Manager of International Pre-Schools in Singapore. Currently I am supervising a language program and guiding expatriates with the second language.

I enjoy face to face presentations and love to facilitate workshops, seminars, summits and conferences on health & fitness topics.

2. From what I’ve came across within the past few months, I understand that you are a true advocate of diversity. (I remember a video of yours in which you were singing “Happy Birthday” in several languages. I was delighted!) As this series is meant to connect people from all over the world and uncover their beauty, please let us know what does this particular concept (diversity) mean to you? 

I worked on self and rose above the human differences caused by the biases of language, religious systems, race, physical ability and attributes.

“I call it a therapy as I have added the “me” essence to it, which is working like a magic for all.”

I like to get involved in works where the inherent worth and dignity of all the people are recognized. I believe in creating an inclusive society, which values and respects talents and backgrounds of its members. I am a big fan of Diversity & Inclusion.

3.Your activity on LinkedIn platform is always so full of energy, which is contagious. How did you manage to get here?

I saw myself being ready to go out and share my talents with the world; so, one year back, I explored various social media platforms. The idea was to reach out to others and add value to their lives. I started to love my interactions with the LinkedIn community and built wonderful connections.

I worked on having positive vibes by having a Positive attitude towards life and consuming natural food items.

4. What drove you from a regular person to becoming a healer who uses laughter as her strongest asset?

I had a vision to give back to the society, so I started doing volunteer works, four years back; but after hearing all sorts of sad and depressing stories, I started to have compassion fatigues.

As I knew the purpose of my life, I spent time working on self and became pretty strong to listen to anxious people and guide them. Clarity in my vision also allowed me to join Laughter class. When I went to perform my next volunteer works, I conducted a session for migrant workers. Their feedback about feeling happy and energetic encouraged me to learn laughter types from various coaches of the world.

“I show my gratitude to the Universe for giving me another day to make a difference in others’ lives.”

I then added the strategies which had helped me to feel calm and peaceful. The feedback I got from the participants about feeling healed confirmed on me being a healer. I call it a therapy as I have added the “me” essence to it, which is working like a magic for all.

5. Being a laughter coach must have its challenges. Would you open up and let us know what those are?

At a Laughter therapy session, participants are encouraged to work on self and change their energies; it works most of the times, except for where people are too sad or depressed, as they need more time to come out of their sadness and dark low energies.

Another challenge is people not looking at it as a therapy as they think they don’t need a Happiness coach to learn to be happy. Most of them are living in the past – carrying the baggage of past bad impressions or living in the present – feeling anxious.

6. How do people generally react in the first session? And how do you manage to make them take your practice seriously?

People think that I will make them laugh. So, in order to clear their doubts, I conduct Health Talks on Stress management and Laughter Therapy.

After listening to the Introduction of what stress is and the scientific reasons behind Laughter Therapy, people become ready to engage.

“I conduct 100 types of laughter”

7. I once saw a post of yours talking about emotional baggage. What does it mean to you and how does your practice help in solving it?

I create awareness about emotional baggage, as many people are living life as if they are holding suitcases; there suitcases are full of mix of negative and unprocessed emotions, acquired throughout the years.

These feelings come from people, places, behaviors and experiences in our past, that still have a negative impact on our present. Both men & women live life without realizing the burden of it, which weighs them down.

During the therapy I help them get rid of those baggage so they can feel light and free.

8. Another saying of yours, as a comment, was that “Your morning routine sets the tone for the day”. What magic do you use for a great day?

I start my mornings by setting the intentions for the day, conveying to the Universe that I wish to have a positive impact on whoever coming my way today.

I show my gratitude to the Universe for giving me another day to make a difference in others’ lives.

I then say positive affirmations aloud.

This morning routine, which needs a few minutes of my time sets a Positive tone for the whole day.

9. “Gain success by removing stress” sounds like a great concept and practice. However, some of us may get a different idea of what it may mean. Thus, please clear it for us, from your perspective.

“Happy people are action takers!”

… they are not only creative & confident, but their mindset becomes positive by practicing happiness. As success is about having a positive mindset and taking actions towards believing in self, once someone learns how to be stress free, he/she achieves success automatically.

10. Let’s talk about your public speaking experience. What were a) the funniest and b) the most difficult questions you had to answer during a conference/ event?

My whole session is always funny. I conduct 100 types of laughter; some of it I have created myself, after experiencing my public talks.

One of them is Shy laughter, where – as per their habit – people tend to cover their mouth while laughing; my instruction to them is always about laughing out loudly and freely.

I enjoy my talks & sessions. But, at times, the sadness levels are way too high and participants are in tears due to the bottled up feelings.

Therapy then enables them to let go.

11. When the event ends, do people approach you privately? (I know I would! 🙂 ) Was there any particular case that draw your attention? And why?

Yes, I am able to answer all the questions asked at the Q & A time; most of the people become emotional. They wait quietly to take a photograph with me.

When I conducted talks in Schools & Universities in India, those 300 to 500 students at various halls queued up to take autographs and a selfie with me. They requested me to write a message for them and some girls even asked “how to become like MS. Suchi”. I felt like a star/ celebrity :))

“Life is not about finding faults and blaming ourselves and others.”

12. As a final word, what would be your most precious advice (gift) to the world? 

Life is about being happy and making others happy, so you can live a Positive legacy behind when you drop your physical body.


Thank you, Ms. Suchi, once again, for allowing us to learn more about the most energetic and positive presence on the platform. I wish your days will always be filled with sunshine and I’m sure your practice will bring more and more awareness and fabulous results! 🙂

*The photos used in this article were provided by the rightful owner, with clear consent. Using them without prior agreement may become object of the copyright law. All rights reserved to Ms. Suchi*

Ms. Suchi can be reached via the following channels:

LinkedIn Page

FacebookSuchi Deshpande 


YouTubeSuchi spore

Next week (17.05.2018)Omozua Ameze Isiramen

The eyes of happiness!

Today I choose to write about my kids. About how my time is never enough for them. And about how we need to be apart from time to time…

In my previous article I stated that life is no pink unicorn – not even close. Well, mine is neither. But I’m not here to complain. On the contrary!

So here goes today’s story…

I am not really fond of schedules and imposed rules. I know they’re good to keep chaos aside, yet some are exaggerated. But, looking at the bright side, there’s always a challenge to overcome. And a lesson to learn…

Today I choose to write about my kids. About how my time is never enough for them. And about how we need to be apart from time to time…

I mentioned schedules for bringing the last 2 paragraphs together, at some point.

So, my kids go to kindergarten, I go to work. Each of us with our own circle of people to interact with, every day. But, at the end of the day, we’re always together. But what about vacation times? I mean, their vacation time, as mine is always for being there for them…

This winter holiday was… Special. They had 3 weeks off kindergarten. That was a real challenge for me! I had 2 weeks off for this, but I had 1 more week to cover. So, regardless of the Montague and Capulet situation, I had to ask for the help of grandparents. Fortunately for them, my kids had a place to be during the mentioned time-frame. Therefore, solution found!

All good. Birthday over, bags packed, kids taken to their temporary home… The parting was emotional, as I had to leave them crying. But I had to go to work the next morning, thus this episode was inevitable.

When I got home and saw that emptiness, some part of my heart went sad. But I chose to embrace the challenge. (And, honestly, I could definitely use some breathing time.) After realising that, I felt more at peace with this short-while separation. So, I played some music, to keep me moving while doing some clean-up after the birthday hurricane….

Well, the next morning came and I barely got up to go to work. But I managed. As I always do. And so I did for the entire period, knowing that my kids are well-kept and I have some free time for myself. In other words, I chose to enjoy my alone time… (Remember: is all about perspectives and choices!) So, I bought some books, worked a bit at home for my dream, went for some shopping. And guess what? I enjoyed it!

Friday came and I was called up to pick up my girls. I was a bit disappointed, as the weekend was one step away, but I shortly realized that no one owes me a thing and I chose to be grateful for the help over a period I could have not managed otherwise. (Even if I could have paid for it, I had no other option at hand).


The re-encounter moment was even more emotional than the parting… There’s no need for words during such moments. The body speaks a special language! Two pairs of happiness crying eyes and the utmost loving hugs were greeting me. More than enough! Words could never describe that! That’s something to be experienced, in order to be understood!

When we got home we built a paper castle. And had dinner on the floor. (Unconventional, I know, but that kept us closer than the table). When nighy-night time came, I was the fortunate receiver of another round of loving hugs. And 2 pair of lips whispering “I missed you, mommy! So much!” I would never trade that for the entire Universe…

And here is where I wanted to get, actually. Saturday morning. This marvelous morning… (Again, words faint in front of the real feelings of the moment!)

My kids woke up, one at a time. But the shine on their faces… Those happy eyes, when realizing they were home… Those beautiful, loving smiles when seeing their mommy… Those real hugs, with all those little bodies (and I mean, hugging with the entire body!) And that “I don’t want to let go of you! Don’t you ever leave me again!” expression on their faces… Priceless is too less!

Even though raising kids is no easy task, I’ll never forget these moments… And I’ll keep on trying to reach my dream, so that all of us 3 can experience the magic of such moments every day… Every single day!