My purpose

     Everyone has a dream, even if buried in the most hidden place of their minds. My dream is to have a constraint-free life and a strong control over my mind. To loose all the masks and, hopefully, encourage people to do the same…

    This blog has the purpose of taking me one step further in accomplishing my dream…  Writing gives me the freedom I need.  It helps me understand better my own mind, as all articles are based on personal experience and goals.

     If,  by all means, my writings could benefit people, than my goal should be reached.

     Please feel free to share, but keep in mind that this is only my view over the world.



Let’s talk about trust, baby… Pure diamond…

    There used to be a song: “Let’s talk about sex, baby/ Let’s talk about you and me…”

I choose “Let’s talk about trust, baby…” Sex is a moment, trust is a lifetime! The first one may be encountered on every corner, the latter is earned! One is a sport of the body, the other is a sport of the mind.

However, for someone to trust you, let your actions speak on your behalf. Words fade… Wind takes them far away in milliseconds… Moreover, what you do will always be remembered. Even if barely, but who cares? If you do something just for being remembered, don’t do it! If you do something because you FEEL it, go for it!

So… Trust… A sensitive check point… A barrier… The hardest, but most worthy of all. If you get to pass through, it’s still not done. You have to keep it alive. Works the same as love. In many ways…

Anyhow… You should handle it gently. Need to clean that glass it’s surrounded by. Spray a bit of scent afterwards and make it last forever. Wear white gloves… Trust is a priceless jewel. You may want to pull your hair off once is lost… Moreover, like gold, it always runs if broken… Seldomly find it again. Not talking about building it back… Almost impossible!

There would be so much more to say on the topic, but I love to keep it simple.  Just one more… Knowing you can fully trust one person in this life is the greatest comfort you can get. And, if that well-built trust is mutual, you’ve reached the highest stair to heaven… As you can share everything and feel no fear… Fear of being judged for what you feel or what you think… Fear of loosing yourself or that valuable one…

Build trust! Enjoy that marvelous diamond! Never break it!




   People are afraid of showing their true self… I’m not… Therefore, there you go… Me… I’m an ambivert… Or ‘Extroverted introvert’ –> INFJ personality type. Do you know yours? Can you admit the traits? Have you ever been curious about it?

One day I just came across an intriguing article that caught my eye immediately. Something like ’10 signs you are an INFJ’… Had no clue what that was, but curiosity did its job. To be fair, the abbreviation was the one to pull the trigger. First trait – me; second trait – me ; 3rd one – the same – me… So I kept on reading… And getting amazed. Those people really know what they’re talking about. But so clearly? No bit of doubt? Ok, sure, it’s science based, but still…

Anyhow, no room for interpretation on such clear guidelines. It is you or not…

And I kept on going… Till the last one. It’s comforting to understand why you get home so tired after a long day of interacting with others, why you may feel drained, without even realizing it; why you shut off from the world, at times… Or most of the times… That was the point I understood how come someone can be creative and analytical in the same time; why I have a real attraction to communication, but rather have it from behind my phone, than face to face… Though the one face to face discloses things that keypad will never… A real conversation offers you this: reactions!  And, above all, why I am full of contraries, controversy… Why perception can be different: some may see me as the greatest bitch, while others consider I am the sweetest thing…

That was the moment I realized why I’ve been into psychology since high-school. Why people touch my feelings that bad… Why do I like listening to others and comfort them with a great advice and good vibes (so they say)… And why I might suddenly cut someone off if I can’t take it anymore… And mind my own business…

You know… Now I even understood why I appreciate eyes so much… Eyes never lie, as much as you wish! And this is one thing you can trust me on!

People have millions of thoughts per second… But as they take a shape while being written down, your mind gets clearer…

The more I understand, the more distant I get to the outside world and enjoy my own!



What is a mask? The difference between what you show and what you truly feel.

Yes, speaking and taking the truth is hard work, but why choose the fake over the real? Sheds a different light over yourself?

Well, let me burst that bubble for you… Yes, during the day, when you are around people, compelled to behave a certain way, therefore breaking the rules (who’s?) is forbidden,  you will be strong by using a mask.  Most of the times reflecting the opposite of your true self… But what about when you are alone, talking to nobody but your naked soul? Do you understand there is a huge difference? Or do you keep wearing the mask? I doubt it…

As women usually take off their make-up before going to bed, I believe we all face our demons before unconsciousness of the sleep takes over… If you can’t admit this, than you will never get to know yourself…  Maybe you’re not ready…

Nonetheless, even if when you close your eyes forever, that moment will come. And all you will do will be asking “Why?”

Stay true!