Acid spray!

Most of us, throughout this experience called a life, encounter beautiful people and people that are stubborn to keep their eyes closed to what the “humanity” term should express. Today, my choice of debate goes towards the second cathegory, which hurts the first, on purpose. 

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I’ve come across so many malicious behaviors, that I decided to write about this. Not necessarily towards me, as I usually cut it off with a line, but in regards to people I’ve come to care for. However, this message is not just for defending someone in particular or for pointing a finger to a specific person. No, is a more elaborate message, meant to raise awareness to a wider range of today’s issues. One more point to be stressed out from the beginning: this is no feminist rebel yell, but a scream for HUMANITY!

Can’t wait for your comments…

Most of us, throughout this experience called a life, encounter beautiful people and people who are stubborn to keep their eyes closed to what the “humanity” term should express. Today, my choice of debate goes towards the second cathegory, which hurts the first, on purpose.

“You tough ones, let me tell you some of nowadays truths!

The age of men bringing food into the cave, using the only available weapon – the fist – is long-buried. But even the Neanderthals would respect their mating partners. (Of course, you will consider this offensive, but maybe it’s time you reconsidered some values and opened your eyes to the world around you!)

So, I tell you this…

You see women as the weak sex, therefore let me break it down for you. THIS IS W R O N G!!! Just take a look around you! You go to work, they do all the rest. Even more – admit the differences between you and them, considering just a flu or a toothache. I know you’ll find it hard to admit, but if you don’t, you’ll be stuck in your own black, void, mind forever.

Taking the last line, tell me, do you get that empowering feeling of rage against me, now? Will you – comfortably – troll this article? Would you get that triumphal look on your face if you punched me right now and took my teeth as proof of your victory? Or being compelled to look at my swallowed cheek or black eye after your swelling tide has passed would make your ego inflate? Do you feel that your manhood just bloomed if you marked me for life, just for defending your stupid ambition? Would your status get a boost if you bragged about all the horrible assaults I might have been the subject of?

Would all this make you feel man enough? (Take all the time you need, but I’m not sure you’ll pass this test!)

That was a minimal approach of the physical abuse. But what about the emotional one (be it based on cultural/ gender/ worth discrimination)? Can there be a feasible comparison between the 2?

Not sure about this. But I know that both of them leave bruises. And the mental abuse lasts longer. While my black, swollen eye recovers, the affected part of my brain takes continuous effort or even forever. So, before you open your mouth, you’d better do everyone a favor and use your brain. Shooting venomous lines may relieve you on the spot and give you that superiority degree boost and caress your ego, but you’ll be sorry for it. I will, eventually, get over you, but I will rise stronger than you could have ever imagined. And you’ll be left behind, crying your misery loudly in your full-of-my-heart’s-blood fists.

Take my friendly advice (while it lasts) and mind your own business. Take a looooong look in that narcissistic mirror of yours and use cleaning products to make it show your true face. I’m sure you’ll be shocked! Truth hurts! But it will not be me any longer. It will be your own self. And no one will take you out of your head and self-criticism, once you get there. You will have hurt too many people for someone to care for your wake-up call.

So, you should take the lesson on what you’ve done (again, this needs some balls to see and admit), forget about me and treat others with respect. Have you ever heard of this? Try turning the pages of a dictionary if you need additional information. Ah, but that may imply using your hands towards a noble purpose. Can you do that? Do you know how to instruct your hands to do that? Well, everything comes with exercise, so you’ll get the hang of it, eventually. But wait! That requires some coordination between brain and body. And you may get lost here…

As I’ve given too much of my energy to make you – a bully – the subject of my article, I’ll be happy to walk away now and let you check if you have a magnifier. To look for the invisible parts of a brain capable of so much malice and see if there’s any medicine that can heal something that was never there. (You’re confused now…) What was never there? A soul… compassion… love for others… goodwill… care… RESPECT (tough word)!

In the end, all women walk away, once they acknowledge self-worth and gain that power of rising. And they will find some “pussy” guy, who will never be man enough to hit or disrespect them. Such as yourself. You are a true man by doing this, right? As you have no weapons besides the fist and a devilish emptiness in your skull…

Imprint the following words on your retina:

All this behavior of yours betrays a terminal-phase complex, determined by the fear of being surpassed and/ or guided by a woman’s IQ! 

(Touché, puttycat!)

I love happy endings, so let me tell you one more thing, before I leave you helpless on the floor of your conscience (I wonder if you ever had one):

A woman will always get up, no matter what. And that pussy man beside her will give her a hand to help. Even if they will only be friends (another term you need to learn!), that man will stand up for defending her lost treasure – self-confidence.

Oh, and something else. You’ll be surprised to find out how many men would be ready to punch your face for trying to damage the strength of a woman!

So here, you found the happy ending. But you’re not part of it!”

My message to void brains ends here. But I have one more, for the affected side.

To all the ladies out there:

N E V E R   give up! Never bow your head because of doctrines! Speak up for yourselves! Search within your own soul, for there is where strength and happiness lay! Use your voice and don’t you be afraid! Stand up tall and N E V E R  let a “man” destroy your utmost treasure – YOU! You be your best friend and never give the opportunity of a hit (be it on physical or emotional side)! Discover your own selves and you will never settle for less than you deserve! Women are NOT worthy of less equity, while we breathe the  same air! Don’t let the fire burn you, but BECOME THE FLAME! 

Become the flameSo, here you are, a song to keep your chin up and boost self-confidence! This also goes out to all the ones who will never be men enough to hurt a woman, but choose to be the pussy to hold her hand and show RESPECT! Hat off for you, guys!

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It’s really happening…

“When your mind is at peace, things will start falling into place.”

There’s a saying:

“When your mind is at peace, things will start falling into place.”

Let me tell you this: it is so!

Did you get the chance to read my New Year’s wish and, then, my post from 1st of January? Well, after reading those, you’re ready to understand this one better. Why? You’ll see 😉.

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Now, go through the following rows…

A question first: how many times did you ask yourselves “Why do things go from bad to worse when I’m in a rush or angry?” and “How come everything goes so smoothly, all of a sudden?

If you did ask the above questions, then you will have no trouble feeling comfortable about these lines. If you did never ask yourselves, maybe is time you gave it a thought…

My personal experience is this: once I set my mind to embrace whatever should come – with an open heart – things went from good to better, every day. Things do fall into place. Or is it just the change in perception that makes us think it is? May be… But I can’t help myself from wondering: is it because I feel good about myself and everything around me? The people, the weather (though is rather chilly, windy, rainy – you name it)… Every break, each sip of coffee, each treat I give myself (be it a good piece of music or Chinese dish), my daily walk from the subway station to home, singing on the street or giving myself the chance to be in the company of amazing people… Oh, and a good laugh!

I believe that, the more we afford not to worry about everything (though life is not a pink unicorn – not even close), the more freedom we give our souls to enjoy the real things.

We’re rational beings, so I believe you would call for an example. So, here you are… But there will be 2 examples…

One is about embracing the decision I’ve made for being on my own – let go of my failed marriage. Even though it’s been 8 months already from D-day, I still had issues in understanding how will I manage to get over the past. Over that hurt… Over disappointment… Over anger and frustration… And, being on my own for Christmas was no easy “test”. But I challenged my heart and mind to see how I can understand the roots of my misery feeling. And the outcome was this: it was my decision, so there is no reason to complain over it! Right?

You know how much relief I felt in that very moment? That was a wake-up call to my own self. And it worked amazingly. And will keep on working every single day…

The second, and most suggestive example, is related to my work. (You certainly know, by now, that I’m looking for that change in my life and I’m working on and for it.) In the beginning, I was scared about doing a major change of path… I love the people I’ve been working with for the past 6 years. So, leaving my current desk would have not been what I wanted really bad (consciously). But the Universe knows better. My heart knows better. Therefore, things happened in such a way that I started thinking about making a change. (Especially since writing became a more and more important part of my life and I became addicted to it and to the benefits it brings me.)

But going back to office life… I embraced new possibilities. I started looking over the fence. I visited 3 other client accounts… And 2 of them had that “click” kind of discussions, though on different positions – one more beautiful and challenging that the other. Decision time will be with me soon… On a side-work level – related to freelancing writing and web design – opportunities started to arise, one after another. And I know they will keep on coming. (I’m not bragging, I’m being confident and I’m telling how things go).

So, as you can see, once you embrace the gifts the Universe has in store for you, with peace of mind, things do fall into place!

So, if there is any part of your life that you feel that could use the breeze of change, just make up your mind. That’s all it takes! Be open to new, leave the fear of unknown behind, stop the rush and jump into the magic!

Remember: your mind is the most powerful tool, that you always hold in your hands!

So, take your time to reflect, let your mind be your bad weather umbrella and remember my friend’s words:

What’s best is worth waiting for!