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Whether it’s prose or poetry, your writing needs flavor! And you need engagement!

We all love a well written story, that can give us a “taste” of the message a writer is trying to convey. The story doesn’t have to be complicated, rather well crafted.

How can one achieve that?

By using simple words, strategically placed and mixed, with the purpose of instantly catching the eye.

And that’s what I’m here for – to add #FlavoredWriting to your text.

✔️As a writer, my mission is to make readers crave for more and feel the text. Be it in blog posts, website content, books or articles, creativity is the keyword.

How can I help YOU here ?

By making use of details. Most people are afraid of this aspect. I use it to your ADVANTAGE.

✔️ As an editor, my mission is to make texts shine. Faulty punctuation, word repetitions or too lengthy phrases make readers lose interest.

What’s the secret here?


✔️ As a mentor, my passion is to brainstorm with you and put your ideas in order.

What will YOU get?

1⃣ Clarity (structure makes the difference);
2⃣ A better flow of your writing;
3⃣ Higher engagement with your texts (translated into commitment and undivided attention of your audience);
4⃣ A real chance to have fun while writing and learning its real benefits.

If writing is not your cup of tea, book a 30 minutes free session. Remember that vulnerability makes people fall in love with human nature, so you can rest assured that I am here to assist you, not to judge. Also, everything we talk about is being kept in the safest vault of confidentiality!


  • Website copy: main pages (Home, About, Contact)
  • Additional pages are charged individually
  • Blog posts
  • Articles**
  • Press release
  • Social media posts
  • Video scripts

Book writing:

  • Brainstorming
  • Content & structure mentoring
  • Self-publishing mentoring

Text Editing***:

  • Title (on demand – constructed as per provided content)
  • Subtitles (on demand)
  • Chapters (re)structuring
  • Grammar corrections, punctuation, rephrasing
  • Breaking down content blocks into more appealing short sentences/ phrases
  • Text addition (on demand)

Social Media Account Management****:

  • Social media platform(s) content type ideation
  • Frequency of posts
  • Content writing
  • Social engagement (replying to comments)

Video Production:

  • Concept & Storyboard
  • Videos from pictures and/ or small films (provided by the client or using licenced/ royalty-free footage)
  • Music addition
  • Voice-over integration (provided by the client or by the creator, on demand)
  • Podcast snippets (30 to 120 seconds)

Video Editing:

  • Cut / merge
  • Music
  • Intro/ Outro sections
  • Captions (subtitles) addition
  • Voice over addition

Prices starting with 75 EUR. Taxes are not included. All prices are determined based on the complexity of the project (see attached document).

* Prose or poetry (both in English & Romanian languages)

** SEO keywords to be provided by the client

*** A 2-pages sample will be provided by the client for a correct assessment of the workload and of the completion time-frame

**** Contracts are to be signed for a minimum period of 6 moths. Down-payment: 1 month in advance.

You can check out my work at:

All prices can be found in the document below:

Book a call or send me an email! #FlavoredWriting is your next best thing.  🙂

Thank you for choosing to engage with my expertise!


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