What is a mask? The difference between what you show and what you truly feel.

Yes, speaking and taking the truth is hard work, but why choose the fake over the real? Sheds a different light over yourself?

Well, let me burst that bubble for you… Yes, during the day, when you are around people, compelled to behave a certain way, therefore breaking the rules (who’s?) is forbidden,  you will be strong by using a mask.  Most of the times reflecting the opposite of your true self… But what about when you are alone, talking to nobody but your naked soul? Do you understand there is a huge difference? Or do you keep wearing the mask? I doubt it…

As women usually take off their make-up before going to bed, I believe we all face our demons before unconsciousness of the sleep takes over… If you can’t admit this, than you will never get to know yourself…  Maybe you’re not ready…

Nonetheless, even if when you close your eyes forever, that moment will come. And all you will do will be asking “Why?”

Stay true!