The unconscious mind and the SECRETS behind the healing properties of Writing

This is how geniuses have information regular people can’t explain and label as surreal or crazy. (…) The rationale can’t process that information, as it is not trained to do so. (…)

We – as human beings – by nature are being driven by the conscious mind, on a daily basis. We are being taught that this is the way to go through life, in order to stay safe from harm or to achieve our utmost desired goals. As a consequence, most of us are being kept away from a precious teaching, which is being proved more and more by science, lately.

But before I move on, I would like you to take these quick questions and honestly answer them for yourself:

Did you ever lose anything around the house?

When that happened, did you try, with all your strength, to remember where you put that thing? Maybe even by retracing every step of the way in the last hour, half of day or so?

And here comes the best part: when you ran out of ideas of where to find that thing and dropped the conscious thought, moving on to doing something else, did you suddenly remember where to find it?

Characteristics of the unconscious mind

I dare to say that all the answers to the above questions are “yes”, in 99.9% of the cases. And I will explain – in plain English – why I’m so certain. But in order to do so, we need to go through the characteristics of the unconscious mind for a moment. For this, I will make a call to Tad James’s teachings. Please let me know at which bullet point(s) did you identify the answer(s).

  • The unconscious mind does not process negation.
  • The unconscious mind needs to be told what to do, in detail, with precise instructions but it also needs practice. It loves to serve you, yet you need to allow it to do so. It is also responsible for instincts and generating habits, therefore the need for repetition and for clear guidelines. 
  • The unconscious mind is like a child playing hide and seek. The moment you look for it, it will most probably not show up. However, when the conscious mind is being silenced, the kid [aka subconscious mind] will come out of its hiding place and play with you.
  • The unconscious mind stores all our memories, in relationship or not in relationship with time, and organizes them.
  • The unconscious mind is the domain of our emotions. 
  • The unconscious mind represses memories tied to negative emotions. And it has the right to do so, for our own protection (if our evolution stage is not there yet – see next point). 
  • But it will also bring up memories, in order to deal with their effects. In other words, to gain resolution – get healed. It can bring up a memory, for this specific process, more than once, until the person is ready to take responsibility for it and open to healing it. 
  • The unconscious mind runs and preserves the body. Just think about breathing or automatically made gestures. Can you remember a time when you did something and had no idea why? Now you have your answer. 
  • The unconscious mind is a highly moral being. Therefore, it accepts the morals you embraced in growing up – especially the ones you are not aware of. 
  • The unconscious mind controls perceptions. Did you ever feel that you like or dislike someone at first sight? 
  • The unconscious mind is programmed to always seek more than what meets the eye and it functions best as a whole integrated unit.
  • The unconscious mind works on the patterns of least effort.
  • It uses symbols to create your personal internal representative system and it responds to symbols. 
  • The unconscious mind takes everything personally. It translates whatever you see in the belief that you are thinking about that thing yourself. And this is the starting point of “Perception is projection”. 

The unconscious mind is programmed to always seek more than what meets the eye

I am sure that, by now, you already have your answer to the questions in the beginning of this article. It sounds cheesy, but the moment you leave the territory of the conscious mind, giving it a break, the unconscious mind can step in and serve its purpose. That’s why you will find your keys (or whatever you lost) in the moment you drop the search. The memory of the place you left the thing comes “out of nowhere” and, in the same percentage of cases (99.9), voice out loud, with a deep sight, that “That was easy! How come I didn’t think about that?” and the answer is simple: you didn’t have to think about that. You just needed the conscious mind to take a rest for the answer to show up.

This is a principle that deserves a very deep dive in, yet the purpose of mentioning it in this article is achieved by now.

The unconscious mind and its relationship with writing 

The most prolific writers are being told that they are geniuses and that their creativity has no boundaries. People are being drawn to their work without a clear (conscious) explanation and, therefore, success happens.

Having been there myself and in doing all the inner work, I understand why. If we take the example of the most controversed writers, we will observe that they were labeled as weirdos. And that is precisely because – knowingly or unknowingly – they had a wonderful relationship with their unconscious mind. And when you do, you simply can’t explain where you got the information from. It happens like this: when a writer in this spectrum starts putting words on paper, the information simply flows. There’s no questioning about it, just peace. There’s no interaction with the outer world, and that’s why people interpret their piece of writing as falling from another world. Because it is so.

When I wrote my first book, this is exactly what happened. I had nearly no connection to the outer world, besides the basic needs humans living together have. For an entire week, I was anchored in solely writing the manuscript, as I couldn’t (rather, didn’t want to) stop the information from flowing. This is also one of the secrets behind my most appreciated articles – when I start writing, for an hour or so (the time I need to put something together) I ignore almost everything. It’s not something I necessarily intend to do, like others mention as practice, rather it’s like an involuntary induced state. However, in going back to the bullet points above, you will understand who is in charge of it.

Moving on to the relationship unconscious mind – writing – healing, I need to mention the association between the task the unconscious mind has to store memories and organize them and the process of healing through writing. There is a metaphor I created and I like to mention as often as possible, in relationship to writing: when we write down a thought, it’s as if ripping a piece of paper off from a notebook and burning it. In other words, memories show up when we need to deal with them. And, when we have the courage to deal with them, we heal. That is the actual relationship between the unconscious mind and the healing power of writing. We allow ourselves to step into another dimension, where everything makes sense and we learn from the past. As such, we make room for a renewed life to unfold.

To make it even more clear, if necessary, let’s take another example.

Throughout our lives, more often than not, we get engaged in different jobs and different positions. The reason behind it may already be obvious, as we have the willingness to evolve, to learn new things and to avoid boredom. In moving on from one job to another, especially if they are completely unrelated, we consider that we lost X number of years/ months in a place where we had nothing to learn from. However, as time rolls its dice, we might discover that a certain task we did/ a certain information we learned in a previous workplace is useful to the current unrelated job. Did you ever think about it? I’ve been there many times, and it hit me like a boulder; I couldn’t get my head around the thought that something so (maybe) insignificant could make such a huge difference in the present moment.

Step aside and allow the unconscious mind to unveil itself

In linking the above to writing, just think about how much information gets stored into our subconscious mind, without us being (obviously) aware of it. Once you allow yourself to access all that information and connect the dots (either on a conscious level or in silencing the conscious mind so that the unconscious one can take over), things happen. Answers (even to unasked questions) unveil. And this is how an incredible piece of writing shapes up. This is how geniuses have information regular people can’t explain and label as surreal or crazy. Because it is so. The rationale can’t process that information, as it is not trained to do so.


The next time you lose something or feel in a certain way about someone or when you don’t understand a piece of writing, don’t try too hard. Make way for the unconscious mind to step in, in creating its magic. Moreover, if you feel like writing, just do it and acknowledge the healing power of it. Don’t think it through, just go for it. That’s what I do, whenever I write.

Magic exists. And it’s buried deep within you!

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“Trăiește Autentic” de Andreea Săvulescu (recenzie)

Fiind fan dezvoltate personală și sănătate mentală de câțiva ani buni (mai mult de 10), am crezut că am învățat să mă analizez destul de bine. Însă am avut surprize în momentul în care am deschis cartea pe care mi-am pus în gând să o citesc înainte de Crăciun.

În ultimii ani, Crăciunul și-a cam pierdut din magie, în ceea ce mă privește; nu mai este o perioadă pe care să o aștept cu nerăbdare. Ba din contră. 

Totuși, anul acesta se pare că am fost foarte inspirată în a-mi alege cadoul. Am ales să îmi hrănesc mintea cu cele două cărți lansate de Andreea Săvulescu. La pachet. 

Fiind fan dezvoltate personală și sănătate mentală de câțiva ani buni (mai mult de 10), am crezut că am învățat să mă analizez destul de bine. Însă am avut surprize în momentul în care am deschis cartea pe care mi-am pus în gând să o citesc înainte de Crăciun. 

În dimineaţa zilei de 23/12/2019, în timp ce îmi savuram cafeaua, m-am delectat cu ultimele pagini ale cărții “Trăiește Autentic”. Cartea ei a venit ca un balsam pentru sufletul meu – mai ales în această perioadă tumultuoasă din punct de vedere emoțional. Știm cu toții că unii oameni au nevoie de mai multă susținere acum decât în restul anului. Pentru că vedem peste tot luminițe vesele, reclame fastuoase pentru cadouri grandioase, oameni care sunt sau pretind a emana fericire prin toți porii și copii care așteaptă cu nerăbdare momentul întâlnirii cu moșul cel blând și darnic. Unele persoane găsesc dificil înotul în acest val de festin forțat. Mai ales că, datorită consumerismului excesiv, sărbătoarea Crăciunului nu mai este de prea mulți ani ceea ce ar trebui sa fie. Trist este ca mulți oameni “se transformă” în ceea ce nu pot fi în restul anului: oameni buni, cărora le pasă de ceilalți și care împărtășesc momente efemere de fericire. Să recunoaștem: odată cu finalul sărbătorilor, acești oameni se întorc la personalitatea de zi cu zi. O personalitate care nu are nimic de-a face cu măștile strălucitoare pe care le poartă în aceasta perioadă. 

Dar să revenim la cartea Andreei, despre care vreau să vă spun câte ceva. Evident, nu voi dezvălui conținutul, însă voi scrie puțin despre efectele pe care această lectură le-a avut asupra mea. 

În primul rând, vă spun că dacă nu sunteți pregătiți să faceți o călătorie interioară mai puțin tipică (adică înfășurată în lauri aduși la adresa voastră), nu are rost să deschideți această carte. Din punctul meu de vedere, această lectură este destinată celor care sunt deschiși spre adevărul personal, oricât de mare ar fi zdruncinătura. Și va fi un cutremur de multe grade, pentru că Andreea spune lucrurilor pe nume. Iar dacă nu sunteți pregătiți să acceptați ceea ce veți citi, zona de confort este cea care vă va ține în siguranță, departe de acest cutremur și efectele sale. 

Unul dintre lucrurile care au avut un impact extraordinar asupra mea este faptul că, prin intermediul acestei cărți, am aflat câte frici poate duce un om cu sine; și, obiectiv privind, am înțeles câte dintre ele le duc chiar eu. Apoi aflăm despre autosabotaj și cum să ne oprim din a mai face asta. Totuși, ceea ce m-a impresionat la un nivel greu de exprimat a fost “tehnica întrebărilor”. Poate sună ciudat, clișeic chiar, însă – paradoxal – nimeni nu ne învață ce întrebări se ne punem pentru a scoate la iveală informații reale și benefice despre noi înșine. Chiar dacă doare. Pentru că, pe parcursul acestei cărți, veți afla lucruri dureroase despre propria persoană. Însă, odată aflate și (mai ales) acceptate, aceste aspecte duc la o acțiune conștientă; duc la a face primul pas către o existență activă, lăsând-o în urmă pe cea pasivă, cărată în spate de prea mulți ani. 

Evident, există și un aspect de care sunt foarte mândră, și anume acela că unele informații le știam deja, datorită interacțiunii intensive cu oameni înțelepți de dincolo de granițele țării noastre. Cu toate acestea, în momentul în care am citit aceste informații în cartea Andreei, “palma” aceea mult așteptată și-a făcut efectul. 

De ce?

Cel mai probabil din cauza faptului că, la momentul primirii informației dintr-o altă sursă, vedeam lucrurile complet diferit. Mă aflam într-un cu totul alt stadiu al dezvoltării personale și într-o stare emoțională diferită. 

De multe ori pretindem că înțelegem informația primită la adevărata valoare. Însă, așa cum s-a dovedit în cazul meu (și sunt convinsă că nu este singular), aceeași informație – primită în stadii diferite ale existenței noaste – poate duce la consecințe/ acțiuni radicale. În această situație, deschiderea către procesarea informației joacă un rol critic. Mi-e greu să descriu în cuvinte cât de important este să fim dispuși să ne punem pe noi înșine sub lupă, pregătindu-ne să dăm “nas în nas” atât cu subconștientul nostru, cât și cu un sistem de valori și credințe ce nu ne aparține!

Totuși, despre “Trăiește Autentic” vă mai spun doar atât: mi-a deschis ochii, într-un moment de amorțeală. Iar în momentul în care am închis coperțile cărții deja aveam un plan clar asupra ariilor proprii de îmbunătățit. Însă efectele acestei lecturi nu se rezumă la atât. Am înțeles, de data aceasta și mai clar, ceea ce vreau să devin și direcția în care vreau să merg pentru a lăsa copiilor mei acea moștenire importantă la care chibzuiesc de ceva timp. 

În concluzie, părerea mea este că această carte ar trebui citită, cel puțin o dată, de toți cei care doresc să înțeleagă cine sunt și ce rol au pe acest pământ. Din nou, deschiderea este foarte importantă, pentru că informațiile nu sunt nici pe departe ușor de acceptat. Însă dacă sunteți dispuși să faceți aceasta incursiune în adâncurile sufletului și ale minții, cu siguranță îi veți mulțumi Andreei și o veți felicita pentru conceperea și expunerea acestei cărți. 

Urmează “Ziua în care m-am iubit cu adevărat”, pe care am răsfoit-o fugitiv în momentul primirii coletului. Știu sigur că voi găsi multe lucruri de valoare, într-o lectură care se anunță a fi chintesența vulnerabilității unui om frumos. Vă spun mai multe după Crăciun. Probabil așa îmi voi petrece aceasta perioadă – descoperind cum să mă iubesc pe mine, aflând povestea autorului. 

Mulțumesc, Andreea, pentru ceea ce ești, pentru curaj și pentru că – prin împărtășirea înțelepciunii tale – le dai celorlalți ocazia de a se descoperi pe sine, în toată splendoarea. Atât cu bune, cât și cu ariile de îmbunătățit. 

În încheiere, doresc să împărtășesc cu voi vorbele Andreei:

“Să fie cu iubire de sine!”

Cu recunoștință,

#FlavoredWriting #ScrieriAromate 

🖋️ 💙 

How to get over the fear of losing your child

Single parents often blame themselves for not offering their children everything their souls desire. Starting from a favorite dish and getting to a toy they wish with all their hearts for, a single parent will never be able to offer everything. Especially in times of financial restraint.

However, this is one of the most visible of all struggles. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, as they say.

As a long-time separated parent, I know this for a fact. And, just like everything I write, this article also comes as a direct result of my own soul journey.

Single parents often times blame themselves for not offering their children everything their souls desire. Starting from a favorite dish and getting to a toy they wish with all their hearts for, a single parent will never be able to offer everything. Especially in times of financial restraint.

However, this is one of the most visible of all struggles. It’s just the tip of the iceberg, as they say.

As a long-time separated parent, I know this for a fact. And, just like everything I write, this article also comes as a direct result of my own soul journey.

Is the fear of losing your child yours?

Despite the fact that most of our fears are simply inherited concepts, the fear of losing our child is – without a doubt – ours. (Single parents should give a thought to this, although they might say they got over it a long time ago.)

If you’re thinking that I’m talking from books, let me mention the fact that I’m literally experiencing this fear as I’m writing this.

Then, why am I sharing this and telling you stuff?

The answer to this question couldn’t be more clear: because I wish for you to acknowledge my experience and, in time, to be able to rewrite the scripts of your own minds. And because writing heals and I want to help my own self.

Here is my experience with the fear of losing my children…

Since my elder girl was 6 months old, I feel like I’ve been raising my children all by myself. From an emotional support standpoint. When my youngest was 1,5 years of age (after all this time of being in a highly toxic relationship), my heart made the toughest decision of all. And that was to inform my partner that I no longer wanted to share my life with him.

What followed certainly resonates with all parents who went through something similar. Although I don’t want to go too much into detail, I’ll say that someone in my extended family stated, at some point, that if we got a divorce, they would make sure our children learn that we never wanted or loved them. Add to this the line “you’ll never have both of your children with you, as we’ll take one” and you get to the root cause of my present fear.

Is the script of losing your child true?

I believe this is debatable and there are tons of variables that might apply, in a material world.

However, making reference to the inner world, I feel that this fear is as true as it gets and it might be mine.

always tell my children that fear is only a self-constructed alternative world. And that we need to do everything in our power to get over this destructive feeling. But you know how taking your own pill is the hardest practice ever! Therefore my attempt to understand my own self and apply the advice I freely offer. And this is just another reason why I started writing this piece…

Let me take you through the process I witnessed within myself today. I do hope you will identify these thoughts while walking this path yourself.

Step 1. I received a call with the request of entrusting my children for a few hours to someone in the extended family. Before I even answered the call, my heart started pumping heavily, my hands and legs began to uncontrollably shake and I felt like choking.

Step 2. I still answered the call and I tried to control my trembling voice. Of course, I agreed to let my children have some time away, as I knew that this person usually takes good care of them. Plus, the children love that person very much. (I am grateful that I never mentioned to my children the above quoted threat I received when they were too young to understand).

Step 3. While getting my children ready, my entire body kept on shaking and I had to make sure my kids didn’t see that. However, I couldn’t control the feelings they were taking over from my fear. Buy I did see how their attitude changed in the blink of an eye. Just as fast as my mind started replaying that script of fear, over and over again. I caught myself understanding that their behaviour has to do with my silent insecurities. And I’m happy I did, as I managed to control the anger otherwise I would have unleashed upon these 2 innocent creatures.

Step 4. The time to entrust them came and, while saying goodbye and turning my back to go back home, thoughts of frustration and fear kept on thundering into my brain. But on the outside I was so calm I couldn’t even believe it myself!

Step 5. Once I locked the door behind me, I felt a bit better, as I knew that this time alone will allow me to chew over all these intense feelings. And, as I always do when I need to think something through, I started cleaning up (this is my way of meditating, as weird as it may sound).

Step 6. For some reason, my “Fly, fly butterfly” article came to my mind. Probably because it speaks about how our children are not to be regarded as trophies. Rather, we need to give them the right to choose.

Step 7. Going further, I realised how blessed I am to have an incredible mentor! She always gives me an incredibly powerful advice: to let my feelings take over for a while, stay with them (instead of pushing them away), understand them (in the means of discovering where do they come from), acknowledge what I can do about them and then let go.

How to change the script of losing your child

Here is where the change came into play and why I want to share all this journey with you. There are steps we can take to change that script and, to my big surprise, practice pays off.

I started by completely remembering the moment when I was threatened with having my children split and informed that their parents never wanted and loved them. (Yes, in vivid colors and loud voices!) Knowing what I know today, I observed the shaking of my body and soul. I consciously allowed that feeling of terror to take over, as I started to scratch the surface in learning the root cause of this terrifying script about losing my children.

At the same time, I started questioning this fear even more. “Is it really mine? Is it theirs, in fact? Or is it on both sides?”

I am still to objectively discover the true answer to these questions (although I thought I had it clear in the beginning of this article), yet I realized how to go about changing the script.

And the answer is this: I must forgive the person who threatened me, in order for inner peace to reign. They didn’t know any better then and neither did I. So, in fact I need to forgive both myself – for allowing those words to touch me so deeply, and them – for throwing out words they might have never believed in.

Additionally, the thought that my children have the right to meet that person and walk their soul journey gave me a bit of a rest from this inner torment.

By the time this article is coming to an end, I can wholeheartedly confess that neither my body nor my soul are shaking any longer. I know my children are safe and so am I. Whatever the future holds is not to be denied, rather experienced and learned from. Nonetheless, the greatest trophy I can award myself from taking this experience is that my mind has made peace with my past.

And there is an overflow of happiness within! I never thought I would be able to transcend such inner storms and so quickly rewrite the script about the fear of losing my children. But today, I feel that I am finally free to move on and experience the marvels of this life!

Thank you, mentor ! Thank you God! And thank you Universe!

I hope one day I will be able to forgive my children’s father and myself once again, just the way I did today with this other person!


New business platform going VIRAL!

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Let go! [Poem]

Let go,
Just breathe!
Be here,

And others,
The world
The clutter.

You’re more
Than this
Your core

Tomorrow brings
Another shine
Unleash the wings
You are DIVINE!

© Andrada Anitei (Jan 20th, 2019) 📸 source:

Be strong, you woman ! [Poem]

When life rolls out its heavy dice
And you’re the one to pay the price,

When you choke with anxiety
And all you face is scarcity,

When your mind swims in blurry waves
And love is all your being craves,

Keep flowing like the playing wind,
Allow feelings to be unveiled!

Don’t call yourself “unworthy thing”
Rename yourself as “fighting queen”!

When in the midst of crashing storm,
Be sure to praise your human form.

Don’t hold your breath if you should scream,
Take back the space from social stream…

Look deep within and count your blessings,
Honestly to yourself, addressing

Intentions for the times to come.
Allow your dreams to make the charm,

Yet stay on ground, your feet should walk
Allow no fears to keep you stuck!

You’ll rise like Phoenix in the myth,
Be your own hero and admit

You’re more than what your hardships hide,
You’re above odds when rhymes collide.

Equip your soul with shiny vibe,
Look at the skies and find your tribe,

Aim for the peace stars spread around,
Allow true self to be unbound!

For when you dare to spread your wings,
Life looks at you and always sings.


2019 © Andrada Anitei