It’s finally here !

You know how it is… When you go through less pleasant moments of your life, you need a shoulder…

Since I started writing (and learning other stuff – e.g. video editing), I had years of hiding behind this website. I would solely write my thoughts, in hopes my posts would help the people coming across it.

You know how it is… When you go through less pleasant moments of your life, you need a shoulder. And this website has been (and still is) my virtual shoulder, best friend and confidant. But, as things happened, I realized that others might benefit from my experiences. And that kept me going.

But today it’s more than that.

My self-confidence grew exponentially, my writing improved, people from a professional platform like my style and I came to the conclusion that I can help others get where I am today. Hoping that they will be able to avoid some of the mistakes I made, while getting to know their own selves better.

That is why I chose to gather up all the services I can offer and publish this list for the people who may need my assistance.

Today, it’s finally here!

I invite you to visit to my services page and get in touch with me, as you find something you need assistance with!

#FlavoredWriting is your next best thing!

The End

Another week has passed and I have a new confession to make.

I was absent…

With a reason…

And that reason is…

The fact that…

⚜️ I managed to bring the manuscript for #7padlocks to an end. ⚜️

Yes!  🎇✨

I just finished writing my SECOND BOOK! 🤓

What did it take?

✔️ Starting it as a game (chapter 1 can be read, in pieces, by searching for #7padlocks on Google, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn 😁)
✔️ Undivided attention while writing
✔️ Passion (always there)
✔️ Determination 👆
✔️ Commitment (for 2 weeks)
✔️ Encouragement from the #beautifulpeople on social media to upgrade my game and put everything within the covers of a book.

What’s next ?

🖌️ Proofreading & editing
🖌️ Foreword (I’m sure you’ll love it – the person writing it is an epitome of writing)
🖌️ Reviews (by #beautifulpeople from LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook – anyone else willing?)
🖌️ Cover art
🖌️ Publishing (June is just around the corner)

Who wants to be the first to have it purchased? 🤔

For my first book, Bill Brown (a LinkedIn connection) stole the show. 🏆

Remember to smile at life and life will smile right back at you! 🙃

🖋️ 💙

#FlavoredWriting #believedashcreate

10 reasons why you should use WorkApp

For a while now (almost a year), I’ve been promoting AND using this new-edge platform.

Why am I doing it?

Because of a few key aspects that drew my attention to it. And, again, if you follow my activity, you already know by now that I NEVER promote things I don’t believe in or something that doesn’t resonate with me, from a values’ standpoint.

So, here you go, served with 10 reasons why you should use WorkApp, from a user’s perspective:

1. Equity & Equality

You cannot pay to rank at the top of the search results in WorkApp. Unlike any other platform that you can use to promote your services, WorkApp does not allow users to pay for coming in front of others. Instead, you are encouraged to follow your business’s activity every day and make it visible by using the “Boost listing” button. On the other hand, industry champions like Harley Davidson and a worker in a flower or barber shop, or even a day labourer, have equal chances to get found.

2. Personal Data Integrity

The guys who are behind this project thoroughly considered NOT SHARING your personal data with third parties.


Simply because it’s against their values. They put confidentiality and privacy at high stake!

3. Mission

WorkApp’s mission is to give every worker, entrepreneur or established business a chance to put their services out there, without paying any commission and with no hidden fees for premium features, regardless of their financial turnover.

Billboards are the ace in their sleeve.

4. Vision

Giving back to society is what drives all this mission.

Their vision revolves around the concept of kindness and compassion for every living creature, and this expands into treating each other equally and respectfully and into giving everyone a chance to speak.

5. Community

As per the aforementioned point, they considered making this easy for people to come together. As such, under the community feature, you can find endeavors which promote other people. For instance, podcasts, which are a way of learning from what people from different corners of the world have experienced.

6. Visibility

In order to make sure your wish and even targeted audience is in the right place, WorkApp offers 2 options of exposure: Global or local.

If you select the local option, your business gets visible only in the country you select.

On the flip side, the global option offers you a chance to tell the entire world what you, as an entrepreneur, artist, etc. can do or what your business is up to.

7. Localization

As you might have already figured out, all this is possible thanks to GPS localization. All you need to do is insert your exact location, spread the word about your listing and let others easily find you.

8. Teamwork

Nothing can be done without teamwork. However, the success of this project relies on the integrity and passion of the dedicated team and partners working on it.

9. Direct contact

If you check any listing on WorkApp (for any of these categories: business, jobs, workers, classifieds, real-estate, auto, community, events, wanted or people) you will find all available options to get in touch. That can mean email, phone or direct message via the platform. Direct messages also have voice message feature incorporated. 😉

10. Feedback

Most apps develop based on feedback and user testing. The difference with this project is that they will not buy your feedback, but they wish for genuine, objective feedback from people who use WorkApp on a daily basis. Also, every time you make an inquiry about a business or person, you will be offered to fill in a survey about your interaction with the business representative or the freelancer / entrepreneur who made the listing.

So, does all this align with your values?


If you still need more information about this app, besides the previously exposed 10 reasons why you should use WorkApp, here are 3 bonus points:

11. If you are a job-seeker, you can upload your CV there, along with what’s mentioned to the next point.

12. Each listing allows you to place a 5 mins presentation video of your business, plus an unlimited number of pictures to showcase why prospects should pick you as a service provider or manufacturer.

13. Once you set your digital shop there, you have the option of inserting your direct payment gateway, making it easy for everyone.

As a conclusion to all of the above, remember that all of this is FREE and is dedicated to YOU, as a user, to serve YOUR purpose and to help YOU get visible.

Now, all you need to do is to jump on the platform, start using it and share it with all your contacts, so that they can also benefit from this amazing, cutting-edge project. You can download the app here or visit their website

Make your listings, boost them every day and allow yourself to become a star, next to top industry players!

About the author:

Andrada Anitei is a passionate writer & editor, using self-development as cornerstone for everything she does. She started her writing adventure as a manner of coping with life and healing older wounds and she fell in love with this craft. (She published over 70 articles in less than 60 days).

She has been blessed with an extraordinary passion, curiosity, eagerness to understand, fast learning abilities and interest in various areas, active listening skills and lots of love for people. She believes in the beauty of souls, despite nowadays trends. In fact, she embraces the “weirdo” within, while giving her inner child full permission to play.

Being a stubborn believer in beauty and magic, she has looked for and learned plenty of life stories in 2018, as she interviewed over 50 people in 6 months (you can find all the interviews by browsing through articles here on Linkedin) and she is carrying on this adventure via her podcast show called Impact By Choice, which can be listened to here.

Book a free 30 mins call here.

*Article originally published on LinkedIn.

Who is Arian?

If you followed my posts (on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram) and/ or podcast episodes, you may already know who that is. It can also be easily found here.

If not, you may want to check the video below and look for the link to the revolutionary free advertising platform called WorkApp Pty Ltd). 😉

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in comments. 🤭—A-Self-development-Book/TjJObVk2UzFBc2pnRG5KQUc2MFJOZz09

And remember: Smile at life and life will smile right back at you! 🙃

🖋️ 💙

PS: A new episode from the #bookinsightsseries with Rahila Khan in a few hours. ☺ Check out ImpactByChoicepodcast (also available via WorkApp Pty Ltd) and give it a like if you want to stay up to date to the latest episodes. In tomorrow’s interview, at 6pm EEST, you will hear from a beautiful lady called Catherine (Cat) Daar. 😉

#ValuableDiversity – Interview series coming up


By nature, humans are social creatures. As much as I (or you or him or them) would like to believe that we succeed alone, my personal experience managed to change my initial view. I wanted to be independent (I still do, in some extent) and report nothing to anyone; I have hard times taking in imposed rules and freedom is my aim; I am stubborn, but I’m melting that… There were times when I considered myself to be alone against the entire world. But, as time went by, I realized that I was never alone. Maybe my view was (somehow) opaque and I was too shut into myself in order to listen. Yeah, I guess that’s it. I realize this, as I’m writing this piece…

My point is this: there will always be (at least) a person guiding us from behind the curtains and lending us the needed hand of help, even if we fail to accept that. But this person will be even more stubborn than we will ever be. They will not let go, even through the most violent storms of our lives.

And this person can be black or white, Orthodox or Jewish, tall or short, from a far land or from downtown, a woman or a man, gay or straight, poor or excessively rich… When this person cares, these are not boundaries; these are just aspects that will never set the standard of a true bond. Who cares if you work in a corporation or are a freelancer? Who gives a damn if you are a vegetarian or eat meat? Who cares who do you marry?

You see, from this point of view, I’m lucky! I have friends from all over the world. Acquaintances? No, I said friends… From the US, India, Nigeria, Romania (obviously), Belgium, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Greece… you’ve got the point…

I may never meet them in person, but I doubt that a hand shake or a kiss on the cheek can change much of the trust we’ve built. Call me naïve, but I’m going to keep things this way… I trust people and the beauty in them. And this is what I want to show you all. How a person, completely different from you (from any point of view you may consider) can still be beautiful and worthy of your care.

This is the purpose of the upcoming #ValuableDiversity interview series.

Do you want to be part of this and let people know who you are? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, make sure you check this blog weekly, for interesting new stories 😉

In the meantime, let me spoil the surprise a bit…

There’s this brilliant mind I met on LinkedIn, which helped me a lot, especially on a personal (development) level. And the point for what I’m doing this is because you need to reach out to him, no matter what…

By the time I was about to connect to him on LinkedIn, I was – obviously – curious about what his “thing” was. What spoke to me was “Your happiness officer” line on his profile (besides the music producer thing – you all know, from previous posts, that I am a music addict, with no cure 😁). Anyhow, at some point, we started talking and we even had an amazingly fun and full of energy call last week. He helped me out 2 times already and I know he will keep on doing this, every time I need it, no matter the time I text or call. Someone says about him: “a wizard of mind” and that’s exactly what he is! He can turn a blue ball into a pink elephant.

Who is he? If you’re not connected to him, hope my words above will push you to do it. He’s Richard C. Pryor. I call him, simply, “doc”… And he will be one of the guests I’ll have in my #ValuableDiversity series, pretty soon.

Just as a side comment, the poem in the link below will be the hymn of this series (my one and only published poem – hopefully plagiarism will be kept aside):


Think outside of the box and see the beauty in this world!

That’s the aim of this series!

(this can also be found – partially, due to lack of space – on LinkedIn, here)

I would also love to learn your opinion on the diversity concept. So, without a fear, leave you comment below and let’s make this world a better place! 😉


Game on! Official announcement for #VulneRevolution !

Hey guys, yesterday I shared with you my guest blogger post, which announced an upcoming campaign. Today, the official launching was made on LinkedIn and the presentation video is there!

Soooo excited!

As mentioned yesterday, the structure is designed as a magazine-style interview series, containing 7 questions. The aim is to have real people answering them, in order to understand what people think about vulnerability, step off the boundaries society imposes and learn how we can find a resolution to it.

Therefore, if you would like to become part of this, please leave a comment below or use the contact form on the dedicated page and let’s do this!

Bring your energy, true self and will to help others with you!

Below the promised link and the direct link to the video (bonus 😃).

LinkedIn announcement:



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