Unbound [Poem]

Love is long gone,
Friendship was never
There for each one,
We weren’t clever.

I challenged life
To build a family,
We were too young
To have the clarity

Of what that meant,
What hardship was,
Not for one minute
Did we come close

To understand
What marriage was,
We built a brand
Without a course.

As time flew by
We grew apart,
We can’t deny –
This journey’s hard.

Was a great foe,
We had no passion
To make it show.

Today we’re stubborn,
Still we can’t face
Each one’s arrival
To a different place.

I can’t allow
This to keep going,
I need to bow
To my soul’s growing.

Still I’m seen guilty
For what went wrong,
Though I feel pity
For this old song.

It’s not my fault,
Neither is yours,
We’re just too different
To row this boat.

Have we known better
We weren’t here,
We would have scattered
All of those fears

That made us feel
Need of prejudgement
And kept us still
To this commitment

I need to answer
This inner calling
To find my path
And dry the crying.

You need to find
A new direction
To leave behind
All of that tension.

This is my shoutout
To be unbound,
This is my tryout
To seek new ground.

I will forever
Carry some gratitude
For all the lessons
That brought the attitude

To adopt openness
For others’ wisdom,
To seek forgiveness
And come to freedom.

© Andrada Anitei, Mar 17th, 2019
📸source: Pixabay.com

7 padlocks

#ProseTime #AWSeries

Monday morning brings you a short piece of a new #creativewriting (prose) I’m working on, called #7padlocks.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, she was lost. Her eyes were looking outside of the window, while her thoughts were freely wandering up into the skies and beyond.

If someone would have seen her from afar, they would say she was the calmest woman on earth. Yet, if a dive into her brain occured, the toughest of storms would have be unleashed.

As the sun set, after long hours of gazing at the moving clouds so did her sight. She turned her sad eyes to the floor. But when she did, she froze! Everything going on in her mind took a different turn, on an exponentially scaled dimension. She was petrified! She couldn’t believe her eyes at witnessing what was happening within the walls of her crystal-clear home. That was one of the most unacceptable things to notice ! In HER home!

Delusion was shortly replaced by that disgrace accompanied by fear. She couldn’t decide which of the two was greater. For a moment, she couldn’t move a muscle and she just watched IT moving around, so grotesquely close to her foot.

As she was gathering her strength to make a move, the *thing* voiced:

(to be continued)

The newborn will [Poem]

Beauty of hearts
Lies in the parts
That make us laugh
And bring us March.

Season of blooming,
Season of choosing
What side to feed,
New plants to seed.

All trees turn green,
Green grass uplifts,
All leaves embrace
A nature’s dance,

Animals awake.
Humans should take
All these examples
And turn to samples

For new endeavors
To planet’s favors,
For new, kind trends
Where One reflects…

The One is you,
The One is me,
The One is us,
The One is FREE!

One is compassion,
Who allows passion
Be found in all
And take a turn

To seek new vibe,
And build one tribe
With the same blood,
With no compound!

Colors won’t fade,
Rather retake
What needs to be
A newborn will.

Let us all nurture,
The will not torture,
Let’s chase intention
And raise attention!

Let us hold hands
And change the trends,
Let’s come as ONE
And bring the sun!

© Andrada Anitei, Mar 2nd, 2019
📸 source: Pixabay.com

Kindred souls [Poem]

Instant connections,
Powerful visions,
Deep conversations
And open observations…

That’s what happens
When heaven calls
Old souls together
To break the walls

Of old beliefs.
A higher purpose
To be instilled
And old wounds healed.

These souls desire
They all aspire
To build One Nation

That will bring change
And love all kind
Of human shape
With open mind!

When they unite
The world rejoices,
When they take action
Blessing is pouring

Upon new souls,
That need to learn
To open hearts
When fire burns.

Fire of passion,
Fire of light,
Which brings compassion
And walls collide.

The walls of hatred
Which destroy worlds,
The walls of envy
Which people hurt.

Why should we kill
When we can love
And climb the hill
To worlds above?

To worlds that carry
Magic and hope,
To worlds that bury
History’s glove.

A glove that’s dirty
Of so much blood…
Rather be steady
And raise the flag

Of just One Nation
That only cares
About redemption
And true love shares!

Let us unite!
And have one voice,
All of the countries
And bring the choice

Of what these souls
Dreamed for so long
And let the kindness
Become so strong.

We will see then
Beauty prevailing,
We will build then
A world that’s healing.

Wouldn’t you rather
Embrace the impact
And scale the world,
Leaving it intact?

Intact of murder,
Intact of chaos,
But rather clean,
With rising ethos?

© Andrada Anitei, Feb 23rd, 2019
📸 source: Pixabay.com

The happy sparrow [Poem]

You smile and dance,
You jump around,
You take a chance
With every round

To learn new things.
You have no fear,
You walk the strings
Of life with cheer.

I pray to God
To keep you healthy,
Make the world proud
When you are ready

To come to blossom
And serve your wisdom,
You won’t be common,
You’re meant for freedom!

Up in the sky
Fly, happy sparrow!
Avoid the minds
That are too narrow!

Your smile is priceless!
Your joy must last!
Dance for the wounded,
Make your name cast

Into the stone
Of happy days,
Into the rainbow
Shown by the brave.

Adopt the madness
Of high creation,
You’re meant for greatness,
Accept ovation!

Don’t be ashamed
Of your own brain,
Rather be named
By kindness’s grain!

Help kingdoms rise
Build new alliance,
Defend their rights
Chase out defiance.

You are enough!
You carry worth!
Show them your laugh
And change the Earth !

© Andrada Anitei, Feb 16th, 2019
📸 source: Pixabay.com

You, child! [Poem]

You child, listen to what I say:
As soon as adulthood will start
Don’t be afraid, don’t let them take
The purity within your heart!

You take a look into the mirror
And keep in mind what you now see,
Don’t you give in to grown-up terror,
Allow yourself to speak up free!

Tomorrow, when you need to work,
Find what you love and do that thing.
Don’t you let anyone to stop
Your passion, joyfulness and Spring…

Use your own mind and YOU decide
What should happiness mean to you,
Don’t take society as guide,
You be the pure, the world is cruel.

Nevertheless, you should remember
Always be kind and smile at life,
Don’t put down people like September,
Bring them the warmth carried in vibe.

When you get old and watch life backwards,
Be proud of legacy you leave!
You will remember – life has standards,
However you managed to breathe

Among all clouds of foggy smoke
Imposed by rules that are not yours,
You did spread kindness, not the poke
And all your days had open doors…

And when the final moment comes
To close the biggest door of all,
Ask people for you to play drums,
So they remember how to soar.

Your spirit will forever dance
In what image they will keep dear,
They will then learn what means a glance
Of warmth, and they’ll forget the tear.

In turn, your memory will bring
The hope of a better tomorrow,
They will even hear your voice sing
And that will end for them the sorrow.

Therefore, you – today’s child, remember
To love, to give and to stay true,
Respect the young, respect the elder
And always you rely on YOU!

For as you step with every day
And find a way to keep your balance,
Consequently see – so will they
Just witness how you leave a fragrance…

A never-dying scent of youth,
A clear smile, a ray of brilliance,
An evergreen spirit of truth,
The confidence and the resilience

To see the world with better eyes,
Surrounded by the childhood’s magic
And those voices that today cry
Will all embrace a love that’s epic!

© Andrada Anitei, Jan 6th, 2019
📸 source: Pixabay.com