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“The Man, the Moon and the Casquette” is a metaphor used to highlight one’s journey of introspection and self-discovery.

The process of this journey can be daunting yet humbling at the same time, but the main subject of this book (symbolized by the moon) is about achieving the highest degree of evolution.

Simultaneously, the casquette represents one’s natural defense system, which everyone has and initiates, in order to avoid the repercussion of deceit – all the while,remaining unaware of their own inner strength and resilience to adversity.

In addition, this piece of literature’s purpose is to reveal the fact that men can also be vulnerable and hide feelings deep within.  It is an inherent projection on society that “big boys don’t cry”!  They do. But most hide it because of the criticism society subjects them to.  Some would argue that men are more sensitive than women, but it will take shifts in perception for men to be able to show their true colors and emotions, without wearing the scarlet letter on their foreheads.

This story is meant to pass along life lessons the author has learned over her lifetime (and is still learning, I’m sure) in hopes that it can help people all around the world.



The dialogue is simple and engaging. However, the behavior analysis is clearly narrated through an adult’s eyes, as the emotions the characters both invoke and feel, is the real message for the reader.

In a few words, this book is clearly the expression of a rebellious mind. While acknowledging kindness with each step the book and characters take, Andrada raises best the beauty that hides beyond the masks that everyone chooses to wear to adapt to the world around us.

(Arash Toussi – Co-Founder of & 
Host of “THE INNER VOICE” Podcast)





What do readers say?



“Andrada draws the reader in from the very first page and it continues throughout the entire book. That is a wonderful skill to have, as a writer. Not many have it. It is original. It is uplifting and has such an important message throughout, that totally resonates with me. It is the sign of a TRUE Storyteller!”

Victoria Brewster – 
Author and Editor  (Canada)
Victoria Brewster –
Author and Editor

“From the very beginning, the reader is completely immersed in the journey of its main character, Arian.  They will share his feelings, his emotions, and can only but empathize with him. This story is very uplifting and shows that with gratitude and kindness, good things do happen.”

 Virginie Lemay-Vriesde –  
Leadership Development coach,
Author of “My Revenge on Life”
    Virginie Lemay-Vriesde –  
Leadership Development coach,
Author of My Revenge on Life

“This book portrays each character very well and that lets readers connect with the story deeply. The purpose of writing the book is fulfilled by the author, as the message comes loud and clear once you finish the book. Extraordinary work, by a passionate writer, and a must-read for anyone looking to be inspired to be themselves.”

Prachi Mohan Srivastava –
Writer& Photographer (India)
Prachi Mohan Srivastava –
Writer& Photographer

“A short power-packed and insightful book, that tugged at my own soul journey as a Human. Andrada’s portrayal of a few complex characters on their journeys is captured superbly in a very simplistic manner!”

Rahila Khan – Ambassador for Leadership of Love in Education, Business & Health (South Africa)
Rahila Khan–
Ambassador for Leadership of Love
in Education, Business & Health
(South Africa)


“This book will reach and touch the right readers at the right time. It has the power to change our perspective on how we ‘be’ in the world, to ourselves and to others. Love can make a difference!”

Norma Kraft - Career Strategist, Keynote speaker (USA)
Norma Kraft – Keynote speaker,
Career strategist



About the author:

Andrada Anitei

Andrada Anitei is a passionate writer, with a great interest in personal development. She’s been searching for her true self from the age or 23, as she always felt excluded by society, due to her “weird” way of being.

She had a few attempts to start writing pretty early in life, by the age of 14, yet the timing was not the right one, probably. Her adventure in the writers’ world began at the age of 32, as a personal therapy, due to everyday life struggles. Ever since, she has learned a lot, especially about listening to her inner voice and about her tremendous strength to see the silver line beyond cloudy skies.

She believes that placing thoughts on paper is the greatest form of soul and mind healing. Because this practice allows the person doing it to clear unnecessary clutter from within, making room for new feelings and thoughts to “rent” this vessel called “body” for another short while. Over the past year, she has intensively worked with coaches from different areas, which helped her make this book possible.

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