Book Reviews


Some people like to know what other readers think before they pay for those write-ups. However, to be honest, that was not my reason to start reviewing books. My reason was to simply express my opinion, in a very objective manner. I am doing my best to offer quality information about the writing style, readability and content. In most of my reviews, you will find quotes from those books, but I promise not to spoil the pleasure of reading a certain book yourself.

If you enjoy my writing, you might as well enjoy my opinion on other books. However, feedback is most welcome. So, if you find something you don’t agree with, phrases that you would have written differently or you would like to simply ask more about the mentioned books or their authors, please feel free to drop me a line.

Below you can find the list of the books I reviewed so far (list that is being updated in due time, as I post a new review):

“My Revenge On Life” – by Virginie Lemay-Vriesde

“Siddhartha” – by Hermann Hesse

“The Upbringing that Encircles Me: A memoir” – by Victoria Brewster

“How to survive the Turkey and other family gatherings” – by Karen van Hout & Sylvie Mellenbergh

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