When every cent/ penny/ euro cent matters, free advertising is a blessing

When our existence is in our hands, completely dependent on our decisions, the area of choices needs to expand. Consequently, if there is a free option, what’s holding us back from embracing it? An old belief system?

The entire world has been struck and now we’re stuck. That’s a fact no-one can counterpart. Economy is, in many areas, going down. People are being laid off, due to businesses being forced to close their doors during these times. Anxiety and depression levels grow exponentially, as most people worry about the length of all this situation. But not just that – it’s certain that most of the ones who have been laid off need to learn how to adapt, to change direction, since nothing is going to be the same, once everything is over. There might be times ahead of us when most businesses that shut off will not be able to make a return.

What is the direction of marketing?

Since everything is now clearly going digital, even the smallest of businesses is looking for ways to showcase their uniqueness, via one big channel – social media. New specialized platforms appear with each passing day, but driving traffic to them might be daunting. Yet, there is another reason why many of these platforms that appear now out of the blue will go back into the blue, in no time: money.

Yes, it’s clear that we are all trying to support our existence, to put food on the table for our families and decrease the stress and anxiety regarding what tomorrow may bring. So – at this point – we need help in this regard. We have to open our eyes even wider than before and look for every option available on the market, in terms of (re)building our image and branding.

Let’s take the example of a barber’s shop. This sort of business depends exclusively on people being physically present in the shop. Nonetheless, during these times, their doors display the following message: “Closed for an undetermined period of time”. So, what is left for the owner to do? Adapt. Rebuild themselves, from the scratch, online. Pretty heavy to redirect, right? An option would be for barbers to start opening into their creativity and start showing it off online. How? Well, I guess that is up to individual efforts, but I trust that they can do it, as hard as it may seem at this point.

Another example of a business that needs to look more into exposing itself is the one of a stationer’s shop. Of course, most of their goods are already available online, if the owners were well grounded. Regardless, their marketing strategy also needs to adapt. The audience is getting tired of the targeted ads on social media, although this strategy might yield good results. What we need to understand, though, is the fact that it is now the time to adjust our ways of sending the message out.

WorkApp is your answer

7 years ago, an Aussie guy urgently needed a worker in his area. It was shocking to learn that there was no way to find that very worker by only walking around the streets, asking people or shouting it off. And there was no available system in place to use for searching and displaying a result quickly, based on location and certain requirements.

As such, after that experience, this guy went home and spoke to his family about the struggle. Shortly afterwards, in the course of a few days, the concept behind WorkApp was born. It would be an app that allowed everyone (regardless of education, gender, skin color, beliefs or financial situation) to showcase their skills (as a job seeker), business (even for HR) or products and for others to find it quickly, based on location. The closest and most relevant search result would show at the top and no-one could buy that position. Going even further, the team brainstormed about whether to make it financially available to everyone or not. And their answer was YES. Therefore, they made a plan for this new system to come out (and remain) free for all. It’s as if these guys foresaw the times we are currently facing. Isn’t this simply amazing?

Every cent/ penny/ euro cent matters now

Going back to the title of this article, I believe that we can all agree on the fact that every cent/ penny/ euro cent matters now, more than ever before. We need to carefully build a new strategy when it comes to advertising our business and in how to deliver our messages. In terms of crafting the message, Flavored Ventures can help. However, when it comes to advertising, what better place to be on than WorkApp? Right now, it is the only free available option. Whether you are in Romania and you craft earrings, in India and craft sarees or you are in America and you create a coaching course you need attendees for, this platform has it all covered for you, at no cost.

“Too good to be true”?

I know that this saying has been spread around, from generation to generation. Because we were and still are conditioned to believe so. But it is now the time to look for the new and believe in what’s in front of us. When our existence is in our hands, completely dependent on our decisions, the area of choices needs to expand. Consequently, if there is a free option, what’s holding us back from embracing it? An old belief system?

Just think about how much money you can save by adopting a free marketing platform. Yes, you still need to create an attractive message and image, but the costs go down considerably, compared to a banner, flyer or a billboard that no-one can reach to now around the city, due to worldwide lock-down. Plus, if you already have your banner/ flyer/ billboard design created, there’s no more money to invest. You already have what it takes to advertise your business on WorkApp. Of course, you need to take a tiny step and create your free account on the platform and make your clients aware of where they can find you. But you can have your account created in minutes and your business can flourish quickly.

Free advertising is a blessing. And “WorkApp works for you!”

At this point in time, we are all struck and stuck. But it doesn’t have to remain that way. It is worth giving a try to something new, especially as no cost is involved. I have my own listings up on WorkApp for 2 years now and I never paid a cent for having my services, podcast, books and profile as a worker there. The only thing I need to do is refresh my listings every day, in order to have them among the top listings in my area or even globally. For me, as an entrepreneur, it works like a charm, as I only have to put in a bit of an effort (in refreshing my listings each day) for a huge gain.

I am aware of the fact that my statement “free advertising is a blessing” is very strong, yet I am sure that most of you understand why I put it that way.

You can give this option a try by downloading the app (for both Android and IOS) here: https://workapp.link/GetApp. Or you can go to their website: https://workapp.world/.

If there is any question you might need an answer to, you can drop a line to info@workapp.world.

Happy free advertising!

Much love,

🖋 💙

* Article initially published on April 16th, here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/when-every-cent-penny-euro-matters-free-advertising-anitei-mha-/

Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ FlavoredVentures.com | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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