When every cent/ penny/ euro cent matters, free advertising is a blessing

When our existence is in our hands, completely dependent on our decisions, the area of choices needs to expand. Consequently, if there is a free option, what’s holding us back from embracing it? An old belief system?

The entire world has been struck and now we’re stuck. That’s a fact no-one can counterpart. Economy is, in many areas, going down. People are being laid off, due to businesses being forced to close their doors during these times. Anxiety and depression levels grow exponentially, as most people worry about the length of all this situation. But not just that – it’s certain that most of the ones who have been laid off need to learn how to adapt, to change direction, since nothing is going to be the same, once everything is over. There might be times ahead of us when most businesses that shut off will not be able to make a return.

What is the direction of marketing?

Since everything is now clearly going digital, even the smallest of businesses is looking for ways to showcase their uniqueness, via one big channel – social media. New specialized platforms appear with each passing day, but driving traffic to them might be daunting. Yet, there is another reason why many of these platforms that appear now out of the blue will go back into the blue, in no time: money.

Yes, it’s clear that we are all trying to support our existence, to put food on the table for our families and decrease the stress and anxiety regarding what tomorrow may bring. So – at this point – we need help in this regard. We have to open our eyes even wider than before and look for every option available on the market, in terms of (re)building our image and branding.

Let’s take the example of a barber’s shop. This sort of business depends exclusively on people being physically present in the shop. Nonetheless, during these times, their doors display the following message: “Closed for an undetermined period of time”. So, what is left for the owner to do? Adapt. Rebuild themselves, from the scratch, online. Pretty heavy to redirect, right? An option would be for barbers to start opening into their creativity and start showing it off online. How? Well, I guess that is up to individual efforts, but I trust that they can do it, as hard as it may seem at this point.

Another example of a business that needs to look more into exposing itself is the one of a stationer’s shop. Of course, most of their goods are already available online, if the owners were well grounded. Regardless, their marketing strategy also needs to adapt. The audience is getting tired of the targeted ads on social media, although this strategy might yield good results. What we need to understand, though, is the fact that it is now the time to adjust our ways of sending the message out.

WorkApp is your answer

7 years ago, an Aussie guy urgently needed a worker in his area. It was shocking to learn that there was no way to find that very worker by only walking around the streets, asking people or shouting it off. And there was no available system in place to use for searching and displaying a result quickly, based on location and certain requirements.

As such, after that experience, this guy went home and spoke to his family about the struggle. Shortly afterwards, in the course of a few days, the concept behind WorkApp was born. It would be an app that allowed everyone (regardless of education, gender, skin color, beliefs or financial situation) to showcase their skills (as a job seeker), business (even for HR) or products and for others to find it quickly, based on location. The closest and most relevant search result would show at the top and no-one could buy that position. Going even further, the team brainstormed about whether to make it financially available to everyone or not. And their answer was YES. Therefore, they made a plan for this new system to come out (and remain) free for all. It’s as if these guys foresaw the times we are currently facing. Isn’t this simply amazing?

Every cent/ penny/ euro cent matters now

Going back to the title of this article, I believe that we can all agree on the fact that every cent/ penny/ euro cent matters now, more than ever before. We need to carefully build a new strategy when it comes to advertising our business and in how to deliver our messages. In terms of crafting the message, Flavored Ventures can help. However, when it comes to advertising, what better place to be on than WorkApp? Right now, it is the only free available option. Whether you are in Romania and you craft earrings, in India and craft sarees or you are in America and you create a coaching course you need attendees for, this platform has it all covered for you, at no cost.

“Too good to be true”?

I know that this saying has been spread around, from generation to generation. Because we were and still are conditioned to believe so. But it is now the time to look for the new and believe in what’s in front of us. When our existence is in our hands, completely dependent on our decisions, the area of choices needs to expand. Consequently, if there is a free option, what’s holding us back from embracing it? An old belief system?

Just think about how much money you can save by adopting a free marketing platform. Yes, you still need to create an attractive message and image, but the costs go down considerably, compared to a banner, flyer or a billboard that no-one can reach to now around the city, due to worldwide lock-down. Plus, if you already have your banner/ flyer/ billboard design created, there’s no more money to invest. You already have what it takes to advertise your business on WorkApp. Of course, you need to take a tiny step and create your free account on the platform and make your clients aware of where they can find you. But you can have your account created in minutes and your business can flourish quickly.

Free advertising is a blessing. And “WorkApp works for you!”

At this point in time, we are all struck and stuck. But it doesn’t have to remain that way. It is worth giving a try to something new, especially as no cost is involved. I have my own listings up on WorkApp for 2 years now and I never paid a cent for having my services, podcast, books and profile as a worker there. The only thing I need to do is refresh my listings every day, in order to have them among the top listings in my area or even globally. For me, as an entrepreneur, it works like a charm, as I only have to put in a bit of an effort (in refreshing my listings each day) for a huge gain.

I am aware of the fact that my statement “free advertising is a blessing” is very strong, yet I am sure that most of you understand why I put it that way.

You can give this option a try by downloading the app (for both Android and IOS) here: https://workapp.link/GetApp. Or you can go to their website: https://workapp.world/.

If there is any question you might need an answer to, you can drop a line to info@workapp.world.

Happy free advertising!

Much love,

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* Article initially published on April 16th, here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/when-every-cent-penny-euro-matters-free-advertising-anitei-mha-/

The unconscious mind and the SECRETS behind the healing properties of Writing

This is how geniuses have information regular people can’t explain and label as surreal or crazy. (…) The rationale can’t process that information, as it is not trained to do so. (…)

We – as human beings – by nature are being driven by the conscious mind, on a daily basis. We are being taught that this is the way to go through life, in order to stay safe from harm or to achieve our utmost desired goals. As a consequence, most of us are being kept away from a precious teaching, which is being proved more and more by science, lately.

But before I move on, I would like you to take these quick questions and honestly answer them for yourself:

Did you ever lose anything around the house?

When that happened, did you try, with all your strength, to remember where you put that thing? Maybe even by retracing every step of the way in the last hour, half of day or so?

And here comes the best part: when you ran out of ideas of where to find that thing and dropped the conscious thought, moving on to doing something else, did you suddenly remember where to find it?

Characteristics of the unconscious mind

I dare to say that all the answers to the above questions are “yes”, in 99.9% of the cases. And I will explain – in plain English – why I’m so certain. But in order to do so, we need to go through the characteristics of the unconscious mind for a moment. For this, I will make a call to Tad James’s teachings. Please let me know at which bullet point(s) did you identify the answer(s).

  • The unconscious mind does not process negation.
  • The unconscious mind needs to be told what to do, in detail, with precise instructions but it also needs practice. It loves to serve you, yet you need to allow it to do so. It is also responsible for instincts and generating habits, therefore the need for repetition and for clear guidelines. 
  • The unconscious mind is like a child playing hide and seek. The moment you look for it, it will most probably not show up. However, when the conscious mind is being silenced, the kid [aka subconscious mind] will come out of its hiding place and play with you.
  • The unconscious mind stores all our memories, in relationship or not in relationship with time, and organizes them.
  • The unconscious mind is the domain of our emotions. 
  • The unconscious mind represses memories tied to negative emotions. And it has the right to do so, for our own protection (if our evolution stage is not there yet – see next point). 
  • But it will also bring up memories, in order to deal with their effects. In other words, to gain resolution – get healed. It can bring up a memory, for this specific process, more than once, until the person is ready to take responsibility for it and open to healing it. 
  • The unconscious mind runs and preserves the body. Just think about breathing or automatically made gestures. Can you remember a time when you did something and had no idea why? Now you have your answer. 
  • The unconscious mind is a highly moral being. Therefore, it accepts the morals you embraced in growing up – especially the ones you are not aware of. 
  • The unconscious mind controls perceptions. Did you ever feel that you like or dislike someone at first sight? 
  • The unconscious mind is programmed to always seek more than what meets the eye and it functions best as a whole integrated unit.
  • The unconscious mind works on the patterns of least effort.
  • It uses symbols to create your personal internal representative system and it responds to symbols. 
  • The unconscious mind takes everything personally. It translates whatever you see in the belief that you are thinking about that thing yourself. And this is the starting point of “Perception is projection”. 

The unconscious mind is programmed to always seek more than what meets the eye

I am sure that, by now, you already have your answer to the questions in the beginning of this article. It sounds cheesy, but the moment you leave the territory of the conscious mind, giving it a break, the unconscious mind can step in and serve its purpose. That’s why you will find your keys (or whatever you lost) in the moment you drop the search. The memory of the place you left the thing comes “out of nowhere” and, in the same percentage of cases (99.9), voice out loud, with a deep sight, that “That was easy! How come I didn’t think about that?” and the answer is simple: you didn’t have to think about that. You just needed the conscious mind to take a rest for the answer to show up.

This is a principle that deserves a very deep dive in, yet the purpose of mentioning it in this article is achieved by now.

The unconscious mind and its relationship with writing 

The most prolific writers are being told that they are geniuses and that their creativity has no boundaries. People are being drawn to their work without a clear (conscious) explanation and, therefore, success happens.

Having been there myself and in doing all the inner work, I understand why. If we take the example of the most controversed writers, we will observe that they were labeled as weirdos. And that is precisely because – knowingly or unknowingly – they had a wonderful relationship with their unconscious mind. And when you do, you simply can’t explain where you got the information from. It happens like this: when a writer in this spectrum starts putting words on paper, the information simply flows. There’s no questioning about it, just peace. There’s no interaction with the outer world, and that’s why people interpret their piece of writing as falling from another world. Because it is so.

When I wrote my first book, this is exactly what happened. I had nearly no connection to the outer world, besides the basic needs humans living together have. For an entire week, I was anchored in solely writing the manuscript, as I couldn’t (rather, didn’t want to) stop the information from flowing. This is also one of the secrets behind my most appreciated articles – when I start writing, for an hour or so (the time I need to put something together) I ignore almost everything. It’s not something I necessarily intend to do, like others mention as practice, rather it’s like an involuntary induced state. However, in going back to the bullet points above, you will understand who is in charge of it.

Moving on to the relationship unconscious mind – writing – healing, I need to mention the association between the task the unconscious mind has to store memories and organize them and the process of healing through writing. There is a metaphor I created and I like to mention as often as possible, in relationship to writing: when we write down a thought, it’s as if ripping a piece of paper off from a notebook and burning it. In other words, memories show up when we need to deal with them. And, when we have the courage to deal with them, we heal. That is the actual relationship between the unconscious mind and the healing power of writing. We allow ourselves to step into another dimension, where everything makes sense and we learn from the past. As such, we make room for a renewed life to unfold.

To make it even more clear, if necessary, let’s take another example.

Throughout our lives, more often than not, we get engaged in different jobs and different positions. The reason behind it may already be obvious, as we have the willingness to evolve, to learn new things and to avoid boredom. In moving on from one job to another, especially if they are completely unrelated, we consider that we lost X number of years/ months in a place where we had nothing to learn from. However, as time rolls its dice, we might discover that a certain task we did/ a certain information we learned in a previous workplace is useful to the current unrelated job. Did you ever think about it? I’ve been there many times, and it hit me like a boulder; I couldn’t get my head around the thought that something so (maybe) insignificant could make such a huge difference in the present moment.

Step aside and allow the unconscious mind to unveil itself

In linking the above to writing, just think about how much information gets stored into our subconscious mind, without us being (obviously) aware of it. Once you allow yourself to access all that information and connect the dots (either on a conscious level or in silencing the conscious mind so that the unconscious one can take over), things happen. Answers (even to unasked questions) unveil. And this is how an incredible piece of writing shapes up. This is how geniuses have information regular people can’t explain and label as surreal or crazy. Because it is so. The rationale can’t process that information, as it is not trained to do so.


The next time you lose something or feel in a certain way about someone or when you don’t understand a piece of writing, don’t try too hard. Make way for the unconscious mind to step in, in creating its magic. Moreover, if you feel like writing, just do it and acknowledge the healing power of it. Don’t think it through, just go for it. That’s what I do, whenever I write.

Magic exists. And it’s buried deep within you!

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