Unbound [Poem]

Love is long gone,
Friendship was never
There for each one,
We weren’t clever.

I challenged life
To build a family,
We were too young
To have the clarity

Of what that meant,
What hardship was,
Not for one minute
Did we come close

To understand
What marriage was,
We built a brand
Without a course.

As time flew by
We grew apart,
We can’t deny –
This journey’s hard.

Was a great foe,
We had no passion
To make it show.

Today we’re stubborn,
Still we can’t face
Each one’s arrival
To a different place.

I can’t allow
This to keep going,
I need to bow
To my soul’s growing.

Still I’m seen guilty
For what went wrong,
Though I feel pity
For this old song.

It’s not my fault,
Neither is yours,
We’re just too different
To row this boat.

Have we known better
We weren’t here,
We would have scattered
All of those fears

That made us feel
Need of prejudgement
And kept us still
To this commitment

I need to answer
This inner calling
To find my path
And dry the crying.

You need to find
A new direction
To leave behind
All of that tension.

This is my shoutout
To be unbound,
This is my tryout
To seek new ground.

I will forever
Carry some gratitude
For all the lessons
That brought the attitude

To adopt openness
For others’ wisdom,
To seek forgiveness
And come to freedom.

© Andrada Anitei, Mar 17th, 2019
📸source: Pixabay.com

Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ FlavoredVentures.com | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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