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Here’s a video I shot for LinkedIn, in which I explain why your time is now (you can watch the short video below).

In a nutshell, you will learn about an app that offers you the FREE chance to get worldwide exposure, with no commissions, fees or whatsoever. The concept behind it is to offer people equality and equity, when it comes to their exposure. There are no subscription plans or any premium features hidden for some money. It’s all FREE. And you cannot buy the first place. But you can earn it!

Just picture the fact that you, as a blogger, can make a listing on this platform and get real chances of increasing your worldwide readership, without paying a cent for marketing it.

How cool is that?

Additionally, you get tons of chances to get discovered by a company or an individual who needs your writing skills AND get paid for it.

Worth a try?

When you create an account with WorkApp and make your listings, make sure you look me up by name (Andrada Anitei), so that we can interact outside WordPress. I can help you with setting it up or with amazing tips, as I am also participating in the user testing activities. 😉

So take 1.5 mins of your time and check the video above.

You can download the app here.

See you soon, on this revolutionary platform !

Kindred souls [Poem]

Instant connections,
Powerful visions,
Deep conversations
And open observations…

That’s what happens
When heaven calls
Old souls together
To break the walls

Of old beliefs.
A higher purpose
To be instilled
And old wounds healed.

These souls desire
They all aspire
To build One Nation

That will bring change
And love all kind
Of human shape
With open mind!

When they unite
The world rejoices,
When they take action
Blessing is pouring

Upon new souls,
That need to learn
To open hearts
When fire burns.

Fire of passion,
Fire of light,
Which brings compassion
And walls collide.

The walls of hatred
Which destroy worlds,
The walls of envy
Which people hurt.

Why should we kill
When we can love
And climb the hill
To worlds above?

To worlds that carry
Magic and hope,
To worlds that bury
History’s glove.

A glove that’s dirty
Of so much blood…
Rather be steady
And raise the flag

Of just One Nation
That only cares
About redemption
And true love shares!

Let us unite!
And have one voice,
All of the countries
And bring the choice

Of what these souls
Dreamed for so long
And let the kindness
Become so strong.

We will see then
Beauty prevailing,
We will build then
A world that’s healing.

Wouldn’t you rather
Embrace the impact
And scale the world,
Leaving it intact?

Intact of murder,
Intact of chaos,
But rather clean,
With rising ethos?

© Andrada Anitei, Feb 23rd, 2019
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The happy sparrow [Poem]

You smile and dance,
You jump around,
You take a chance
With every round

To learn new things.
You have no fear,
You walk the strings
Of life with cheer.

I pray to God
To keep you healthy,
Make the world proud
When you are ready

To come to blossom
And serve your wisdom,
You won’t be common,
You’re meant for freedom!

Up in the sky
Fly, happy sparrow!
Avoid the minds
That are too narrow!

Your smile is priceless!
Your joy must last!
Dance for the wounded,
Make your name cast

Into the stone
Of happy days,
Into the rainbow
Shown by the brave.

Adopt the madness
Of high creation,
You’re meant for greatness,
Accept ovation!

Don’t be ashamed
Of your own brain,
Rather be named
By kindness’s grain!

Help kingdoms rise
Build new alliance,
Defend their rights
Chase out defiance.

You are enough!
You carry worth!
Show them your laugh
And change the Earth !

© Andrada Anitei, Feb 16th, 2019
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Who is Arian?

If you followed my posts (on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram) and/ or podcast episodes, you may already know who that is. It can also be easily found here.

If not, you may want to check the video below and look for the link to the revolutionary free advertising platform called WorkApp Pty Ltd). 😉

Feel free to let me know your thoughts in comments. 🤭—A-Self-development-Book/TjJObVk2UzFBc2pnRG5KQUc2MFJOZz09

And remember: Smile at life and life will smile right back at you! 🙃

🖋️ 💙

PS: A new episode from the #bookinsightsseries with Rahila Khan in a few hours. ☺ Check out ImpactByChoicepodcast (also available via WorkApp Pty Ltd) and give it a like if you want to stay up to date to the latest episodes. In tomorrow’s interview, at 6pm EEST, you will hear from a beautiful lady called Catherine (Cat) Daar. 😉

[Book review] “Live it, Love it, Sell it”​

As I started reading Jules White‘s book “Live it, love it, sell it” I must confess that I felt as if this book was specifically designed for me.


Because I never considered myself to be good at sales. Leave alone the act of selling myself. I swear, I saw this as the greatest burden of my life.

Luckily, I came across a challenge (#3winsin2018) on LinkedIn (put out by Jules White and Sam Alsroré), which asked people to describe their greatest 3 wins in 2018. Whereas most people chose to do this in written, I took all my chances and made a video, in which I described all the bold moves I made during 2018, starting with my leap of faith, while having 2 young children. To my surprise, guess what? I won 1st place of this challenge, though I never did it for the prize. It was an amazing opportunity for me to just reflect over past year in a manner no-one pushed me to, until then. So, I understood that I was actually going in the right direction, towards my growth.

Part of the prize was this amazing book, that I received in my mailbox pretty soon after being announced as winner. And yes, I can proudly say that it’s signed by the author! But not just that. Having had the great opportunity to actually interact with Jules and discover her genuine way of being, I had yet another reason to increase my eagerness to open her book. Should I add the fact that she is the winner of a tough sales competition, called Dragon’s Den? Who would have ever thought I’d ever have the chance to speak to someone like her? LinkedIn’s magic…

"Live it, Love it, Sell it" front page with author's signature

What’s so special about this book?

Going straight to the point, let me tell you that the first thing that impacted me hugely was the first line written on the back cover of the book, which sounds like this:

Does the thought of selling your product or service make you shiver with fear or horror?

Back cover excerpt

Now, do you understand my confession from the beginning of this review? Not yet?

OK, confession #2. “Yes! Damn, yeah !” This is my answer to Jules’s question. Having worked in call centers and having been compelled to make cold calls was one of the greatest challenges of my life. Not to mention that I also tried door-to-door sales, in my 20s. And all that adventure left me with such a bitter taste! I considered myself doomed to sales failure forever.

As I began reading her book, as a writer myself, I was curious about the introduction, acknowledgements, foreword… You know, all those sections that people usually avoid reading as they seem boring. Well… Bubble bursting time: not boring at all! The foreword is actually very well written (of course, it’s by another gifted writer, from what I see!) but it’s put in such a way that makes you want to never reach the end of it. Oh, man! It finished, eventually! Well, life…

Anyhow, the acknowledgements section has so much HEART in it! And so does the introduction. So, if you’re one of those people who usually avoid these parts, please take a minute and just read them. I promise you won’t regret it!

Editorial aspects

Leaving the content aside for a moment, I would like to first make a few remarks from an editor’s standpoint.

Consequently, from a technical perspective, this book is for sure one I really enjoyed reading and I will recommend it to anyone, due to its clear structure and easy-to-understand language. The structure is simple: 3 parts x 3 chapters each.

The phrases are well constructed, on point, without useless details, yet having some “salt and pepper” here and there. The examples and exercises are of exquisite quality and very thought provoking – after all, this is what this book should do, right ? It helps people like me understand their fear of sales, how to deal with it and how to adapt the given advice to their own needs.

One thing that I always consider from an editor’s point of view is related to repetitions of the same message, under different forms. There is one thing that is repeated many times along the way, yet there’s a strong reason behind it (that thing can be found below, as one of my favorite quotes, and the reason will surface as you read the book). Other than that, I could not find anything to “scratch my retina”, so this detail brings additional value to this piece of writing, from my perspective.

As a reader, I enjoyed the flow of it. The first part revolves around mindset, part 2 is all about caring (a.k.a making use of humanity) and part 3 covers practical tips about the selling journey itself.

Content review

The following rows will bring you a few impressions about each part, as I chose to write this review literally in parallel with reading the book.

"Live it, love it, sell it" front cover

Part 1 – Live it

Moving on from the introduction, the first page of chapter 1 does what I never expected – tears down some myths. Even more, who did ever put an exercise for the reader on the first page? Well, Jules. She did. What better way to start such a reading than with a brilliant exercise.

(Oh, well, you’ll need to discover it yourselves; I hate to ruin the pleasure of discovery, but I can tell you that it’s worth it. And I NEVER recommend something I don’t believe to be worthy.)

Going through the first chapter, she tears down some hundred-years-old dragons (the myths I mentioned before) in detail, with clear explanations of why they are no longer actual. As a hint, she highlights the power of word of mouth and social media.

In chapter 2, the reader gets a real introduction into the buyer’s mind. What’s fabulous about it is the fact that it opens our eyes towards our own buying habits. Everyday life has at least one buy, even if at no cost, and that is an idea (or advice). Of course, the chapter has a lot of brilliant insights and 2 interesting exercises which will certainly make you think about your own decisions.

Chapter 3 spoke to me on many levels, as it gives details about human interactions, making a parallel between friends / family and clients. You definitely need to read this, as the main focus is on the word “Understand”, which fully resonates with whomever wants to grow, especially as a human being. Another part which fully resonated with me in this chapter consists in the following 2 quotes:

“You choose your own relationship with fear” – whether befriend it and create an alliance or punch it in the guts. It’s a matter of choice.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I will be very transparent about this: it’s a phrase that has been told to me too many times lately (by different people, from different corners of the world), so you can imagine what a great impact it had on me to find it in this book too!

Part 2 – Love it

Part 2 of the book starts with knowing yourself. And what better manner to learn about something than starting with your own self? You nailed it, Jules !

You then get taken on the real journey of self-discovery, with practical exercises. But the purpose is extended to also stepping into your ideal client’s world. You will learn how to assess yourself and your client, with a soul.

One of the most beautiful quotes, from my point of view, which is sprinkled with various occasions along the reading (remember that I mentioned this at the “Editorial aspects” section?), is “Life skills are sales skills”. And Jules will prove it throughout the book, with her art of exposing facts. Beat this!

In the last chapter, part 2 brings up an extremely useful exercise, called “Hell to Heaven”, which will challenge your imagination. And the purpose is for you to understand better the adventure awaiting for you in the sales world.

Part 3 – Sell it

In part 3, as you may have probably guessed, the author presents the necessary tools to actually start selling, with the confidence gained over the previous 2 parts. This is the part I will keep some mystery around, so I’ll only say this: it’s NOT that typical section which can be found in any sales book. It’s meant for people who are openly willing to try new ways of approach. If you are ready for it, you will find tremendous value in the last pages of the book.


All in all, this write-up gets a score of 5 starts from me. And that’s not just because I received it as prize. If you still think like this, then you have not read or listened to anything that I have previously put out there. When I provide an opinion, I rarely involve feelings. I love objectivity, integrity and, guess what, truth.

Of course, all this review is solely my opinion and should be taken as such, but I will clearly state that “Live it, Love it, Sell it” has reached its purpose for me. I won’t say it makes wonders, because reading a book is nothing if you don’t actually digest and apply the advice. But it did radically adjust my perspective in regards to sales and I fully recommend it to people who are scared to get out of their shell and sell their service(s). But not only to them. I also recommend it to entrepreneurs, even if they have driven their activity so far based on “long-proven” techniques. Especially as an entrepreneur, caring about the relationships you build and how your client FEELS should be top priority.

I, for one, am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to read this book! *****

Article initially posted on LinkedIn, on Feb 10th, 2019

🖋️ 💙

You, child! [Poem]

You child, listen to what I say:
As soon as adulthood will start
Don’t be afraid, don’t let them take
The purity within your heart!

You take a look into the mirror
And keep in mind what you now see,
Don’t you give in to grown-up terror,
Allow yourself to speak up free!

Tomorrow, when you need to work,
Find what you love and do that thing.
Don’t you let anyone to stop
Your passion, joyfulness and Spring…

Use your own mind and YOU decide
What should happiness mean to you,
Don’t take society as guide,
You be the pure, the world is cruel.

Nevertheless, you should remember
Always be kind and smile at life,
Don’t put down people like September,
Bring them the warmth carried in vibe.

When you get old and watch life backwards,
Be proud of legacy you leave!
You will remember – life has standards,
However you managed to breathe

Among all clouds of foggy smoke
Imposed by rules that are not yours,
You did spread kindness, not the poke
And all your days had open doors…

And when the final moment comes
To close the biggest door of all,
Ask people for you to play drums,
So they remember how to soar.

Your spirit will forever dance
In what image they will keep dear,
They will then learn what means a glance
Of warmth, and they’ll forget the tear.

In turn, your memory will bring
The hope of a better tomorrow,
They will even hear your voice sing
And that will end for them the sorrow.

Therefore, you – today’s child, remember
To love, to give and to stay true,
Respect the young, respect the elder
And always you rely on YOU!

For as you step with every day
And find a way to keep your balance,
Consequently see – so will they
Just witness how you leave a fragrance…

A never-dying scent of youth,
A clear smile, a ray of brilliance,
An evergreen spirit of truth,
The confidence and the resilience

To see the world with better eyes,
Surrounded by the childhood’s magic
And those voices that today cry
Will all embrace a love that’s epic!

© Andrada Anitei, Jan 6th, 2019
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