[Book review] How to survive the Turkey and other family gatherings

A family is a system itself. It has its own scale of values and management “procedure”. Communication is an important key and the reviewed book reveals this aspect with plenitude.

How to survive the turkey is a book written around the Christmas holiday habits, but the principles the book is built on are worth giving it at least 1 read. And the lessons in it will help you see things differently, from various standpoints. Written by 2 magnificent women (a systemic coach – Karen van Hout and a NLP guide – Sylvie Mellenbergh), this book also reveals the power within the female brain.

On the other hand, the book empowers everyone to pay a closer attention to their family, analyze its structure and find the pain-points of it. Once found, these can be worked on – if there is enough willingness – and hardships can become history.

I enjoyed reading this book from a very personal perspective: the first debate you will find there is about the old and the new. What if we merges the 2 trends? Can they actually be brought together, on the same page of our thinking process?

As I’ve been analyzing both of these perspectives myself for a pretty long time now, this book has definitely spoken my language. And, having 2 kids myself, now it’s easier to understand where friendship should stop, in order to establish a healthy relationship.

Another interesting aspect: learning about the difference between relationship-oriented people and the task-oriented ones gave me an insight about why I can’t connect with a certain type of  people. Not to mention the importance of the 4 communication styles! But did I mention the 15 assertive fundamental rights? They’re all in this book. I know I should print the latter and stick it somewhere, so that I can easily see this list every day!

Additionally, you may enjoy the practical exercises, smoothly inserted within the pages of this thought-provoking piece of writing.

If you still need valid points, maybe you should consider reading this book for the “Conflicts management” section. It’s an eye opener!

The authors wrote it in an “easy to read” manner of approach, which makes it even more valuable. Therefore – by all means – I will describe it as a personal development book, which will earn its place on your shelf, without a doubt!

Here are some interesting quotes from the book:

“By receiving, you give the other person an opportunity to do something for you. Therefore, you make someone else happy.”

“If you change, your family will change.”

“Behavior is not who you are, but how you express yourself.”

” You don’t have a relationship, you create one.” – Karen van Hout

“While juggling, everything is considered equally important.”

Make sure you check out the English version (initially published in Dutch, in September 2017). You can purchase it from Amazon. Be kind and leave the authors a review there, so that everyone finds out about the value within these pages.

Happy reading!


Article originally published on LinkedIn, on December 11, 2018.

Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ FlavoredVentures.com | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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