The golden fighter [Poem]

She is a woman like another
Yet hides a soul that might attract,
Her deeds seem to be made of wonder,
She aims to make kindness a fact.

There’s days when she can barely move,
But there is nothing that can stop her,
Her words change sadness into groove,
Her look reveals a mind that’s clever.

This is to all the single moms
Who put all efforts in surviving,
Who keep breaking the daily norms
To simply witness their child smiling.

No other joy is to be found,
But seeing your child’s happy face,
Nothing in world keeps mothers bound!
No heavy burden, no misplace.

A mother is the golden fighter
Giving her last breath on the field,
She wants every day to be brighter
And she will not stop till achieved.

You judge her! If that’s all you’ve got,
But you will notice – the wheels spin.
Be careful when you throw the mud,
Don’t cry when she finds strength within!

One day you’ll find yourself aside
And she will shine like no-one else,
The photos of her as a bride
Will be your reason of regret.

She will, however, say “Goodbye”
To tears, to pain, to solitude!
You will no longer have her smile,
Starting today, she’s gone for good!

She is a fighter till she dies,
She won’t allow her kids to see
A mother who forever cries
When they can all walk in full bliss.

She teaches kids how to be strong,
She finds a way to make them love
A life that she needs to unfold,
A future that is full of hope.

She rises each and every time,
Even when she is full of doubt,
She does work hard for every dime,
She never ceases to disrupt

A system that is meant to fail,
Though blind followers make the numbers.
She knows she found the Holy Grail
As she surrounds herself with climbers.

Climbers who always cheer her days
Regardless of what roots they bleed,
People who rejoice progress
And they are all she’ll ever need

To rise and fall, and rise again,
Until she finds the peace within,
To free herself of every chain,
To reach her every goal and dream.

The golden fighter hereby stands
With sword of light and shield of stardust,
Having her children well embraced,
While she allows life to adjust.

© Andrada Anitei (Jan 5th, 2019)

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