Be strong, you woman ! [Poem]

When life rolls out its heavy dice
And you’re the one to pay the price,

When you choke with anxiety
And all you face is scarcity,

When your mind swims in blurry waves
And love is all your being craves,

Keep flowing like the playing wind,
Allow feelings to be unveiled!

Don’t call yourself “unworthy thing”
Rename yourself as “fighting queen”!

When in the midst of crashing storm,
Be sure to praise your human form.

Don’t hold your breath if you should scream,
Take back the space from social stream…

Look deep within and count your blessings,
Honestly to yourself, addressing

Intentions for the times to come.
Allow your dreams to make the charm,

Yet stay on ground, your feet should walk
Allow no fears to keep you stuck!

You’ll rise like Phoenix in the myth,
Be your own hero and admit

You’re more than what your hardships hide,
You’re above odds when rhymes collide.

Equip your soul with shiny vibe,
Look at the skies and find your tribe,

Aim for the peace stars spread around,
Allow true self to be unbound!

For when you dare to spread your wings,
Life looks at you and always sings.


2019 © Andrada Anitei


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