How I met Santa

They say Santa Claus shares presents only on Christmas day. And that he’s a myth, in fact. But I believe completely the opposite: he’s definitely not a myth and he can spread that energy of kindness all year long. If only we would be more receptive to that!

Let me tell you how I met the real santa and who he is. Maybe you can even read this to your kids too. I promise I won’t ruin the magic of Christmas. Better yet, I want to amplify it.

I  lived in a studio apartment, for 12 years. And 5 of them while raising my 2 little girls. Being on my own, for some reason neighbors liked me. Or respected, at least, the fact that I was always doing my best to bring up my kids in a polite manner. So, they would always greet them and behave nicely. I taught my girls that greeting the others is, first and foremost, a sign of self-respect. It doesn’t matter if people answer in a rude manner or if they don’t answer the greeting at all. By doing their part, they show respect for themselves and this is a gesture that can be transferred, if there is openness.

One of our neighbors was a simple man. No glamor about him besides his shiny golden heart, which would send a warm vibration with every encounter. What made him, however, more special than all the other neighbors was the way he always greeted people, regardless of age, race or social status. His simple words “May you be loved” always resonate. With anyone. As we all search for that love to keep us warm, don’t we?

Except for the nice exchange of greetings, we barely spoke about anything else for many years. Until that evening. 19th of December 2017 – the Christmas celebration at the kindergarten my girls attended. A beautiful evening, with some shy kids and others more daring, but totally wrapped in the magic of carols and poems honoring the occasion.

We went home, really happy with the way the event went and, of course, with the presents received as reward of kids’ effort. After settling in my girls, I realised we were missing some basic stuff around the house, necessary for that evening’s activities. So, I rushed outside to quickly buy everything and return to my kids in a blink of an eye.

And that’s when I met him. The warm-hearted neighbor that greeted “May you be loved”. He asked about the kids and I recounted him how happy they were at the celebration. It was then when the most magical of conversations ignited. He told me how he drove the truck for the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial, how he goes from place to place to have kids sitting in his lap and tell him poems during Christmas season and how he shared gifts with them. He also told me how he goes to unfortunate people and shares priceless moments with them, bringing them hope for a better tomorrow and putting smiles on the face of the very ill ones. He also visits the wealthy ones, as everyone deserves to feel the magic of kindness, and he usually receives nice recognitions.

In a material world, anyone would think that he gets paid for this. But no, not for everything he does. There are things he does simply out of the kindness his golden heart carries. And one of the gestures was to offer my kids and the kid of another neighbor an unforgettable Christmas eve. All he asked for was a glass of milk and some cookies. And my girls prepared that thoroughly for Santa, in hopes they would get to see him that very night.

He dropped by right before midnight, when all the kids should have been asleep. But for some reason, that evening’s schedule prolonged for them. Of course, they were unaware of the fact that they were going to meet Santa, for the first time in their lives.

A three-times knock at the door! The slight sound of bells! And a happy “Ho-ho-ho”! Plus the amazed, big eyes of the kids at hearing this.

“Who could it be at the door at this late hour?” the 3 kids asked.

I lifted up my shoulders, silently telling them that I had no idea. But when we opened the door… It was HIM! It was Santaaaaaaa! Holding a golden bell and a huge red silky bag.

“Mommy, mommy, it’s Santa!” my girls emotionally said and started jumping with joy and tremendous happiness showing all over their beautiful faces.

Santa stepped in and my girls offered him the milk and cookies they knew he loved. He took a cookie and then called all the 3 children to sit in his lap. The children rushed to do this and he majestically hold them all. He then started telling them the story of his reindeers, about the magic sleigh and how he travels the world in one night (from sunset to the break of dawn), so that each kid in the world finds a present under the tree the next morning. The three children were captured by his story and would lose themselves in the magic of his words. He probably delayed in getting to other children that evening, as he spent about a half an hour with my girls and their friend. The children told him poems and sang carols, pulled his beard and hugged him while taking pictures. And he warmly allowed all of them to show their happiness while holding his hand and putting their small arms around his neck, for kissing his old cheeks.

He then handed each child their gifts and the kids were in awe!

“Santa, how did you know this was exactly what I wished for this year?” all the kids asked. And Santa explained:

“Do you know that Santa is watching from the skies during the entire year? And do you know that Santa hears every little thought you have, especially regarding your wishes?”

“You do??” the kids said in a voice, not managing to hide their amazement.

“Yes, I do. And for the kids who are nice, I start crafting the presents early. So that, by the time my elves are due to wrap them in magic paper, everything is already prepared.”

You should have seen the adoration in the children’s eyes! They promised to behave nicely, they kissed and hugged Santa one more time and they waved goodbye as he announced his departure towards other children’s houses.

The evening was magical indeed and it was then and there where my belief in Santa Claus reinstalled for me. I am stubborn to keep my inner child alive, so that I can feel the magic of every day. And this is one value I want to instil in my children as well, as this magic can be taken with each of us throughout our lives, regardless of the time of the year.

This year, for my kids’ kindergarten Christmas celebration, Santa stopped by, in his beautiful red suit with fluffy gloves. He listened to the songs and patiently hold each kid on his knees and offered them presents.

“If you behave well, I promise to come visit each of you at home as well, on Christmas night” Santa caressed each kid and warmly made his statement.

So be nice to the others, greet and respect everyone, regardless of their age, skin color or social status. You never know when and how much kindness exponentially returns. Small gestures, like putting a smile on someone’s lips, can be the magic they need in a certain moment of their lives.

“May you be loved!”

Santa is real! And so is kindness!

Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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