#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) – ep. 12 – Sales and NLP, hand in hand

Introducing you to interesting people around the world


Meet Rana Kordahi

– Founder of Limitlessminds Corporate Training, Sales & Mindset trainer (Sydney, Australia) –

What could sales and NLP have in common? And why would we even be curious about it?

Well… I like to dig into the most interesting combinations and find out what’s the liaison building the bridge.

Therefore, my guest for today is answering a set of questions that reveal not only the connection I mentioned above, but an amazing soul, as well.

After reading her words, I’m sure you will be giving her standing ovations (add creativity and you’ll get my point). I know I did!


1. Hi Rana, please introduce yourself, in a few words, for the people that never had a chance to talk to you.

Sure, I’m from Sydney Australia and currently have a corporate training and coaching company called Limitlessminds. I personally specialize in sales, NLP and mindset training, but Limitlessminds does all sorts of corporate training.

My mission is to make people fall in love with sales and not fear it. Because I believe that once you can sell, you can sell anything. Whether it’s your idea, or even self into any job. I used to use my sales knowledge to get jobs I was under-qualified for and had a high success rate.

Besides my sales, mindset and business experience, I am originally a trained actor, writer and filmmaker and I once did have a dream of walking the red carpet. I have always suffered from the travel bug and I have to set myself lots of career and personal development goals to get rid of it.

2. We connected a while back and I’m really happy to have you as guest. Especially as you were so kind as to accept answering my questions with such short notice. Tell us, please, how do you see diversity? And how did it contribute to the one you are today?

Diversity, for me, is walking into an organization and not just seeing all the same types of people. For example: all young white men who graduated from Harvard working at Deloitte; I want to see old men and women, young inexperienced people, and disabled people… Different cultures, graduates and high school drop outs; single people, divorced mothers with kids, married folks… Depressed and happy people; skinny and overweight people… Those who share different opinions and beliefs!

” I’m a free spirit, who feels repressed if I don’t share my truth”

I don’t want to feel like I’m in a one-dimensional place that’s shallow and uninteresting. That’s why I love East London, in comparison to west London.

3. Talking about diversity, I was tremendously happy to acknowledge your collaboration with Michael Chapman, especially as you two never met in person. Please tell us about how did this all start.

True, I’ve never met Michael in person. We met on LinkedIn. We used to engage with each other’s content, but didn’t know each other well. Then we started chatting in messages and, one day, we thought we should jump on the phone and have a conversation, through Skype. On our second conversation, he was trying to sell his services to me; I then turned it around and convinced him to partner with me, on the “Selling for Non-Salespeople” on-line video program I wanted to create. He was sold and we ended up working around the clock collaborating, as well as getting that content on-line and selling the program.

With Michael, although I had never met him, I liked how he had the guts to pitch to me and was impressed with his sales leadership experience. I also checked out his LinkedIn recommendations and he had the best recommendations I had ever read! Sales people who he managed looked up to him and were writing about how he either changed or inspired their lives. I knew immediately that this was a man I wanted to befriend or work with.

4. OK, so sales course for non-sales people. I know I’m a fan of your video tips. However, please briefly tell us – in written – what is the feedback you received so far, from your attendees.

You see, I’ve been delivering the ‘Selling for Non-Salespeople’ content for 5 years. It’s through face to face training through my own company Limitlessminds, as well as when I worked with KPMG. For example, KPMG had lots of non-sales people (such as consultants to partners. who were technically brilliant, but had no idea how to go out there and negotiate or network. So, throughout the years, it has had outstanding reviews and results.

I’ve even delivered this course to deaf people, who had to sell in their roles. One deaf girl once walked up to me after the session and, with tears in her eyes, said how she doesn’t feel lost and nervous about selling anymore and how much she appreciated the session. For me that was a goosebumps moment where I knew that what I was doing served a good purpose!

The reason I wanted to take the course on-line was because I had clients who wanted accessibility and others who were more international.

5. And why should people join, from now on. Are there any future plans of expanding this course?

I believe everyone is a sales person, whether they like it or not. The course will not only help them sell their products or services, but selves. It will help ease their anxiety about selling and create an infinite amount of opportunities, whether career, relationships or wealth.

I personally believe that for an entrepreneur to be successful, they need to know how to sell. And for an organization to be successful, everyone there should learn sales, from the secretary to the CEO. In fact, we have lots of diversity on the Selling for non-Salespeople program and have several CEOs, secretaries and everyone in between.

As for future plans we will have to see, as we want to nurture this program first.

6. Let’s go a bit into personal development area, please. Tell us a bit about yourself as NLP coach. What is it and why did you choose this?

I leant about NLP from my job, when I used to sell timeshares. We were introduced to Tony Robbins in our sales training. Tony’s techniques are mostly NLP. So, because I was so impressed with these tools Tony was using and how they were changing lives, I wanted to learn them. So, I eventually took a NLP practitioner course, in London.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a personal and professional development method that deals with the way we think, behave, as well as how we view the world and our experiences.

“It [NLP] is basically a user manual for our minds.”

And with the NLP techniques, we can alter our perceptions, reality and moods.

How I use NLP in my training and coaching? Is mostly for mindset and self-belief. Unless you have the right mindset as a salesperson, then it doesn’t matter about what skills you have, you simply won’t succeed.

7. Allow me, please, to ask you a few more personal questions. I know you’re a vegan and the most convinced animal defender. What drove to this?

To be honest, I have never really cared about animals or considered them into the morale equation. But then, my best mate went vegan. He preached a lot and I hated it! It’s because I used to dislike vegans and thought they were self-righteous weirdos.

Then, one day, I finally agreed to watch the documentary he was begging me to watch, called Earthlings, on YouTube. It was then when I had a major paradigm shift. In this film I saw the most horrible things I had ever witnessed. I saw animals being tortured, while kicking and screaming. Crying out in pain and all were fighting for their last breath. Then soon, I learnt about something called Speciesism, which is similar to sexism and racism. Us humans are speciesists towards animals and use our power and dominion over them to enslave and use them in anyway we can.

I once heard this quote by William Ralph Inge: “We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.” And I think this quote is sadly true…

For me, speaking out about animals is not just for the animal’s sake, but also for humans. I’ve had so many people reach out and tell me how their life and health has changed because of veganism. Advocating for Veganism is one of the easiest sales I ever had to make!

8. I love the fact that you are strong in position and I admire your power of speaking your mind. Especially as you know that people may not agree with you 😊 How did you get to this attitude?

It could be genetic, because many women in my family are like this. But what helped this attitude is probably because I’m a free spirit, who feels repressed if I don’t share my truth. My values are more about social justice, freedom and fairness, than profit and greed. But at the same time, it’s important to speak your truth, without making people feel attacked.

Over the years I have learnt that speaking my mind needs the right context. For example, you probably don’t see me speaking my mind on animal liberation often on LinkedIn, because for me it’s not the right context. Or, if I’m in a business meeting, I need to be tactful if I don’t agree with something.

9. You’re an awesome friend and I’m really honored to have crossed paths with you. The power in your words encourage me to never give up on who I really am. But tell me, when did you realize that what doesn’t align with your values needs to be let go of?

Thanks, and likewise! I can see that we are both very similar. I realized pretty early on when I used to hang out with certain people who used to be very different. For example, they would make fun of others and how they looked. Or spoke about reality TV shows and finding a rich boyfriend. These things didn’t really resonate with me and, so, I would either get into arguments with them, or have to move away from that environment.

It’s important that I surround myself with people who help me grow, learn and inspire me. And this doesn’t have to do with their status, wealth or a job. I can sometimes find more wisdom and inspiration in a conversation with a person who is in a mental hospital or a cleaner, than a person who is high up in society and seems to have it all together. This attitude is because of my mum, by the way! She’s instilled these values in me since I was a child. But she’s a gentle soul compared to me. I have never heard her speak ill of anyone in all my life! In fact, she’s a peacemaker who does not have one enemy.

10. Do you have a daily routine helping you maintain this healthy mindset? Can you share it with us?

I actually don’t, to be honest! Which I don’t advise. I will get into a strict routine, soon. My business is pretty intense, at the moment, and I travel a lot for it. So, I sometimes feel like I can lose control of the work and health balance. But I do notice that when I don’t do any form of exercise, yoga and eat junk, then I can get depressed.

” Peace can only start when we respect the most vulnerable!

So, for me the most important thing is to eat healthy and move, because this really affects my mind, health and my business. But if I had to say my most consistent routine ever, then it’s a coffee as soon as I wake up.

11. We talked about routine. But, as I’m very curious by default, I need to ask: what do you do what you get bored?

Since I was a child, I have never suffered from boredom or loneliness. I believe that boredom is sometimes a void we need to fill. I love my own company and that’s probably why I can stay single for long periods of time. Because it’s not an intrinsic need. I have a pretty vivid imagination and used to write lots of fiction. I also have pretty interesting conversations with myself.

12. Please tell us… What are the values you would never let go of, no matter what? And what is the greatest lesson you learned in the past years?

a) Animal liberation and speaking up for them. I believe that if we teach children to respect all animals then they will grow up to respect everyone. Peace can only start when we respect the most vulnerable.

b) Autonomy, because I’m a free spirit. I can’t be in a micro-management situation or in a controlling relationship.

c) Experience over material. I prefer to spend lots of money on life experiences, learning and traveling, rather than having the latest gadgets, cars or biggest house.

Something I’ve learnt in the last few years is that having money matters and changing my values around what it represents is vital. I’ve always been the ‘money is evil’ type of person and was always broke. So, it wasn’t until I changed my attitude towards it, that I was able to make money and realize that it can’t only help me, but my family, friends, others and social causes.

13. When did you understand the power of communication and relationship building? Is your sales area of expertise the first reason for your understanding?

Yes, it was definitely through my sales experience and training. It didn’t come naturally to me at all. I’ve always been good at connecting with people, but also was good at being pushy and assertive in asking for the sale. Which doesn’t always work.

“I can sometimes find more wisdom and inspiration in a conversation with a person who is in a mental hospital or a cleaner (…)”

At the same time, I’m not into small talk or huge networking events. But it wasn’t until I started my own business and really had to sell or starve that I had no choice but to understand the true value of relationships. And the more I give, build relationships and connect with people, the more I actually get back.

14. Though communication plays a great role into your personal and professional life, you cut it off sometimes. When is that?

I have no problem cutting off communication with bullies and those who don’t respect others! I’m pretty straightforward and what you see is what you get. But in saying that, I do go above and beyond for my clients and those I have worked for.

15. As a conclusion, I know that you always take a stand for your “tribe”, proving your loyalty with each step. Consequently, please let us know what would be your message for the people “messing around” with your close ones.

My message is a question:

Do you want to be the person who inspired and changed someone’s life, or made them cry and even contemplate suicide?

Every word, action and treatment we give someone either is contributing to a kinder or more toxic world.


I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I know that these answers blew my mind entirely. I tried to choose a favorite answer, yet I simply cannot! Even the conclusion is hard to get built, since I’m not sure what else I could add…

However, I’m telling you this:

If you feel uncomfortable about selling (alike myself) or if you need an objective, straightforward opinion, contact Rana. I know I will take her classes. I sooo need this!

*The photos used in this article were provided by the rightful owner, with clear consent. Using them without prior agreement, may become subject of the copyright law. All rights reserved to Rana Kordahi*

Rana Kordahi can be reached via the following channels:


Profile page: https://www.facebook.com/salesmindsetcoach/
Company page: https://www.facebook.com/limitlessmindstraining/

Website: www.limitlessminds.com.au

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