#VulneRevolution Interview Series – Ep. 07 – Eli Angote, Founder of TheBestNotary.net

Understanding Vulnerability

One of the brightest minds I have ever come across has stopped by to answer our vulnerability questions. Go through the brief answers, yet read between the lines…


Thank you very much for being part of our #VulneRevolution series!

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1. What is your interpretation of vulnerability?

The ability to let your heart show through your chest; to bare your truth when it comes to your weaknesses or what you truly desire.

2. Can you tell us about a time when you were vulnerable in the workplace?

When I told my team that I wasn’t always the outgoing, socially inclined person I am today.

3. What happened?

The team had been having trouble building rapport with our notaries and customers. So, I was trying to show them that relationship building is a skill which can be learned and that there is a method to the art and science.

” [I see vulnerability as] The ability to let your heart show through your chest! 

4. Do you regret it?

Not at all. It helped them realize that they too, one day, can have the same skills I have.

5. Nowadays, do you consider that being true to yourself and others is a sign of weakness/ vulnerability or strength? And why?

I think it’s a strength because it makes what I’m saying credible. If I’m only showing my abilities without the weaknesses, then whatever I’m saying doesn’t seem as genuine; because, as humans, we’re all weak and have areas we can improve upon.

6. How did your experience with vulnerability influence your current state of mind? Would you recommend others to talk about it?

It helped me understand that leadership is all about which is to show others that I’m just like them and to tell a story about how I overcame an obstacle. Vulnerability enhances credibility and deepens relationships.

7. If you can sum up in 1 word how you feel about your experience with vulnerability what would it be?



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