#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) -Ep. 4 – Mindfulness

Introducing you to interesting people around the world


Meet Richard C. Pryor

– Chief happiness officer, Music Producer (Birmingham, UK) –

When was the last time you were in a (desperately) blue mood? What was your approach for this specific episode? Shut down? Run away?

Well, I want to share a secret with you (if you haven’t read my posts so far)…

My last desperately blue mood moment was on Christmas Eve. (Yup, this last one. 2017.) I knew I’d be alone both on Christmas day and the 2nd day (not sure if the 2nd day is celebrated everywhere, but Romanians do it), as my kids would spend this whole time with their grandparents. Just a thought… But it was more than enough to have me crying my eyes off! In a moment of lucky feeling sent from the almighty power, an idea struck my mind: what if I talked to Richard?

We had only spoken music related stuff in past conversations, so – really – I had no idea why I should have done this. But I chose to listen to that midget in my head (a.k.a my inner voice) and wrote to Richard. That was the best move I could have taken that evening. I will never regret 1 second!

In the interview below I want to introduce you to this “magician of calm and clarity” (testimony of Louise Mccauley). Maybe you’ll get the same feeling I did, one day, and you will know exactly where to go for a trusted, objective opinion.

But get ready to have all your boundaries torn down, all prejudice changed and your comfort zone stretched to the max. You can only work with him if you REALLY want a change to happen!

I quote Richard himself: “I’m hard to work with.” But I’m telling you: it’s all worth it! I, simply, call him “doc”…

Enjoy his full-of-wisdom answers below!


1. Hi, doc, I appreciate you accepting being part of the #ValuableDiversity series. But before anything else, tell us, please, a bit about Richard beyond the coach. Let us discover the human…

Great question to start! Well, I am what I would call a “truth seeker”. That is, I am always on the hunt and researching into the very nature of existence, beyond the mind, beyond the material. It’s an obsession, but it’s also what drives my coaching. There isn’t so much a Richard beyond the coach nowadays, they’ve become amalgamated!! I feel the “coach” is me, at my core – my soul journey if you will.

2. The call we had a few weeks ago was so full of energy and good vibe! Tell us how do you manage to be like that?

I am not like it all the time. When I am with family, or on my own, I can be very quiet and reflective. If I get into a more negative mind frame, which happens to us all, I will approach it with deep reflection. But when you connect on that level with other souls, and you’re connected to your own fully (breathing it through your life), then that energy can become quite a natural thing to experience.

“I also feel I’m less of a coach (though I can do the mentality shift stuff, truth be told, that’s pretty basic in terms of a fuller human experience), and more of a “guide”.”

That being said, it does require discipline and practice. But the rewards you will experience are life changing, if you allow them to be!

3. Ok, so Richard “the wizard” has his “blue ball” moments also. What’s your secret to overcoming them?

Reflecting and meditating upon the reality of existence itself. Withdrawing the mind from the physical, and moving it back into consciousness, where problems as such, do not exist. From there, I get a clearer view of what’s going on from a broader perspective, it’s the seat of inspiration. From there, magical things can – and often do – happen!

The realm of “ego mind”, in the more spiritual/consciousness sense, is where all pain is made manifest and then spreads out into the world around us. And, indeed, others can project their own pain into our lives as well.

Miscommunication, ego battles, arguments (you know the kind of things I’m talking about) all derive from this externalization of the mind into reality around us. They’re not pleasant to experience, either as the projector of such or the receiver.  It becomes a mutual engagement in pain and suffering. It’s largely also pointless. The lessons we learn about it, are to guide us FROM it. That is all. It’s no more complicated than that.

Remembering all of this, and deep practice, will allow you to harness that inner resilience; and stop being a prisoner of your pain, or other’s pain. And instead live more peacefully inside, as well as outside.

4. In a session we had, you told me that we should not let our thoughts guide us, as we should only let them rent the house (a.k.a our brain). Please enlarge this principle a bit.

Thoughts can actually be used as a guide, I understand your personal meaning here; but for others reading… what I mean is that thoughts shouldn’t rule us. Here’s more detail of what I mean:

Thoughts are a transient energy; and energy they are, quite literally!

They move and flow through us continuously. From all I’ve come to understand, they’re manifestations of subconscious observations and patterns, and thus, mostly entirely, involuntary! Much like the breath. They carry on without our attention, quietly mischievous in the background until we place attention on them… kind of like a toddler drawing on your walls!

For example, when you place attention on the breath, you may notice your breathing is shallow (rather than calmer); if you pay attention to deep but natural breaths, those breaths can be more soothing/calming.

“There isn’t so much a Richard beyond the coach nowadays, they’ve become amalgamated!! I feel the “coach” is me, at my core – my soul journey if you will.”

Much like as with thoughts; our thoughts are busy – thousands and thousands every day, repeating themselves, over and over. Tedium indeed! And VERY problematic for us, when we’re undisciplined.

Thoughts, however, are merely options; they contain potentials, information about what’s bothering us, memories of the past being brought into the present, and often then forming fears for the future (anxiety). This can, often, lead us into certain emotion states that will not be serving us well, depending on what we’re presently doing and who we’re with.

Because of this, before you are fully aware of what you’re doing, you find yourself in an argument, you’re stressed and tensed, you’re losing your ground… and yet, there’s no obvious reason for it!

The toddler has continued to draw over many more of your walls and now it’s created a reactionary state . Through which ALL of your experience, out and in, is now filtered!


Have you any idea, how many people will go from beginning to end of life, without realizing this?

The shallowness of their life experience controlled by external factors that have created automatic response mechanisms, whilst missing out on experiencing more richness in their life?

Thoughts should never govern, or rule you, they are not supposed to be our master. The mind is our servant, but – unless we give it rules and discipline – it will go off on its own tangents!

Doing it’s best? For sure! But that doesn’t mean it’s of use.

Remember the phrase “The Devil makes work for idle thumbs” ! I believe this can be applied to thought, if we do not give the mind something consciously to do, or monitor what it is doing, and be the “leader”, set a conscious example, and be disciplined with it; then it will drive us forward from nothing more than a collection of habits and experiences. When you think about how many of those experiences we have, well… your life becomes a bit like a lottery, as you leave what will drive and motivate you forward to chance!

Would you let your car drive itself? (no sarcastic comments about automatic driving, I only get to use this analogy for a bit longer…)  NO! But yet you permit your mind to do it, yet the consequences of such can be truly devastating. That is one of the major issues our world presently faces and why we’re engaged with such chaos around.

Of course, when you program yourself right, then thoughts can be a great guide. And when you’re observing them, (think for a moment, WHAT is observing them exactly – who is this “you”?) you can begin to notice changes to your habitual thought patterns.

It’s truly fascinating. To anyone reading, there’s no need to fear this process. It’s empowering!

5. Let’s approach the meditation habit you’ve made. Can you disclose, in a few words, what was the effect you witnessed the first time?

Wow, I have been meditating for so long now that I can’t remember! An old friend convinced me to try out light and sound devices, which I remember to have left me feeling very calmed and relaxed. But it was a while before I truly used meditation often. I’ve had some very strange experiences meditating – what’s important to understand, there are so many different kinds! There are kinds for simply relaxing the mind, some for focus, some for astrally projecting (for those so inclined to enter the more mystical) and there are some for connection to and union with God, or the universal force, whatever you may believe in.

“The toddler has continued to draw over many more of your walls and now it’s created a reactionary state . Through which ALL of your experience, out and in, is now filtered!”

It’s fair to say, I’ve experienced a lot. From a conscious awake out of body experience (physical, not mental (VERY ODD – and pure euphoria – words cannot describe), to simply just calming the mind down a little to observe.

“REMEMBER: Even a tiny little conscious move forward, is still progress.”

6. Ok, and how did you get to a daily practice? Was there an episode in your life that particularly triggered this routine?

What really triggered my movement into this field, was the loss of my dear friend… He was a deeply spiritual guy and guided me through the early stages of my own consciousness awakening process. It was scary at times. It wasn’t your typical “put some headphones on and relax” kind of thing. This is why – as you know – I respect and investigate the weirder side of life. There’s so much we do not know!  Just because our science cannot measure yet, does not mean it doesn’t exist.

That is pure ignorance, born of ego.

An example of such: Electricity has always been around, we’ve only just harnessed it. Meditation was a “spiritual” pursuit; now it’s gaining medical attention – we know it remodels our brain physically. So what discovery will be next? Science, even the mind sciences, tend to be often playing catch up to the old wisdom… Remember this:the intellect must measure, but consciousness simply experiences.

But I digress. It my dear friend’s death (and his preparing me FOR his death before it happened – there was no way of knowing, he was not ill) that made me think “I need to look more into what he taught, out of deference to his wisdom, and to our friendship”. It became indelibly marked in my psyche. We met, he shared a lot with me, and then said he felt he’d done what he came here to do. And was “ready to go”. And go he did – very soon after…!

“Remember this: the intellect must measure, but consciousness simply experiences.”

And now I am doing this – my life is my routine. They are not just casual meanderings or coincidences. He is absolutely the reason I have followed this path (although I’ve always felt a connection to it, since I was a tiny wee little thing!).

7. I know you’re on the verge of launching your own coaching program / course). How did you come to this?

Truthfully? Being nagged by people I’ve helped and by people who know what they’re doing!  Seriously, I get told off A LOT, for not being more proactive in sharing what I’ve come to learn – and continue to learn – in a “coaching” capacity.

Ultimately, though, I didn’t choose this path. Well, not of mind anyway… I don’t really understand why anyone would “choose” to be a coach/guide. How do you choose that? I don’t think you can. That’s the realm of ego. I think it must, for some reason, choose you. Who I am to decide that I should be coaching other people etc? What gives me that right, or claim?


That may seem a peculiar thing to say! But it’s almost become trendy to be a coach, and I don’t get it! On a personal level, I love marketing, social media, music etc., but they don’t feel like my true calling, even after doing music for so long!  I’ve tried to walk away from this path so many times I’ve lost count!! But I ALWAYS get hauled back into it. Despite my protestations!

Does it mean I don’t love it? Of course not, I truly do! But it can also be, mentally, very draining; and as an empath, energetically it can be extraordinarily challenging to sift through all those feelings (especially if someone is going through a particularly tumultuous time).

I also feel I’m less of a coach (though I can do the mentality shift stuff, truth be told, that’s pretty basic in terms of a fuller human experience), and more of a “guide”. I take you to levels that are deeper within yourself, releasing and realizing the true nature outside of your conditioning – IF (and it’s a HUUUUUUUGE IF) you are ready to shed the garments of false reality you’ve clothed yourself in – often to protect yourself, from fully expressing your potential.

8. From our sessions (find one of my next morning impressions here), I know I’m not the easiest to handle, as I have tons of uncertainties and even many more questions to address. How do you manage to keep your composure in times when your clients (I’d rather call them change seekers) involuntarily push some buttons?

Ooooh that’s a great question! It can be a challenge sometimes, because people’s patterns have a life and energy of their own; and those patterns often don’t like the idea of being challenged or, worse, annihilated! I had a client tell me the other day, when I first challenged them on a particular point, they thought “PRICK”. Which we had a good laugh about afterwards, because they realized this was a reaction from an internal pattern structure!  It comes with the territory! Usually, once it’s resolved, there’s a lot of laughing about it.

I am however, human, and so it can, at times, be difficult to maintain composure and know when to be strong, and when to be gentle. None of us is perfect! And, at times, it can give rise to my own patterns/habits, perhaps an old link to some anxiety, so of course one has to always be aware and mindful of that during sessions!

Oh, and for reference, you’re not really that hard to handle lol! The most important thing, is a deep desire to move forward, and you have that; with that, most anything else can be worked through.

9. Thank you! I am grateful for your feedback! As a change seeker myself, I was lucky to get your support, in times of storm. Let’s disclose the most powerful reason why people should reach out to you (besides my presentation above). From your perspective, what makes you more valuable than other coaches?

You certainly know how to pose a question, Andrada! Firstly, my ego, with all it’s marketing knowledge (*wink*)  says “because I have had so much experience, I live & breathe it everyday for good and bad, and I get phenomenal results with people who are READY for it”.

However, consciously speaking, I believe it entirely depends on where you are in your journey; and what feels right to you.  Does working with me feel right to you? Are you getting that nagging sensation that I have the key to help you unlock your very deepest sense of self? If not, and you feel drawn elsewhere, then don’t approach me. Respect your time. And mine. I am not an endless supply of that resource. I will expect you to work, to respect yourself and respect my time.

You see, we are all at differing stages of our journey and those different stages require the appropriate teacher.

I couldn’t do this, as I do now, when I was seeing a counselor, then a psychologist. They helped me understand some things I needed to know. NEITHER gave me strong results, but both were invaluable and critical steps in my own journey to understanding more about what was going on; and I appreciate deeply their contribution to my well-being.

So if you’re ready, I will bring your soul out into the world, you will live and breathe from that place and your life will become more lucid, vivid and you will connect better with those around you. Your deeper empathy (not just psychological practice) will come out and that, in itself, will pose challenges to how you live and how you judge others. It’s a drastic and dramatic change of the way you live, of the very nature of the perception you experience life from.

If you want to tickle the surface, make excuses to keep patterns, to work only at a surface level – to solve a few problems, whilst that’s valuable work – it’s not what we would do together.

It’s intensive. I spend a lot of time outside of our direct work, meditating and contemplating, “tuning in” and reflecting, which is also why I cannot take on many clients at a time!

With all that being said, it’s easy to make excuses to NOT do something.

Now is a good time to ask yourself: how much time are you willing to waste sleepwalking unconsciously through life, and as a slave to thoughts and emotions? Rather than embracing their rich tapestry they can weave into a full sensorial and conscious experience of life…

Fully present, fully aware.

And where are you going to be in another year’s time, if you don’t take that step forward into self realization?

10. That’s some interesting view… Nevertheless, if people want to reach out to you after such answers and the warning of “not being the easiest to work with”, where can they find you to sign up for the course? And what would be the one heartfelt advice you can give someone who faces some kind of lack in their lives?

LinkedIn is a great place to reach me, or you can email me on GoMindFi(AT)gmail(DOT)com – we can discuss what works best for you, I try to accommodate as I can but obviously I have bills to pay as well!! (Unfortunately, consciousness doesn’t stop that happening!).

And my heartfelt advice? Lack is a perspective – you can switch and change and begin to find joy in the moment, to experience what is around you, look for the abundance that already surrounds you – even just up at the sky, to the majesty and abundance of energy in the Universe, contemplate the Sun, and how it supports our life, and how nature is broadly very COLLABORATIVE in terms of supporting a broad ecosystem.  Whilst these will not solve all your problems, they do expand your awareness, and may give you some space to see your problem from a different angle – and encourage the mind to conjure solutions!

REMEMBER: Even a tiny little conscious move forward, is still progress.

Also, don’t give up!! Meditate, take solace in the company of people around you who can lift your spirits, don’t get sucked into “misery ponds”, find little things to be grateful for, try and find lessons you can learn in your challenges… there’s all kinds. But most importantly of all remember this one thing…


Meditate upon that idea, and your potential connection to everything around!


I hope that, somehow, someday I’ll be able to give back at least 1/4 of what you’ve provided me, doc. This interview will definitely be one of the most valuable treasures I’ve discovered. Keep on inspiring and being there for people exactly when they need it the most.

To my amazing readers: have a word with Richard once and you’ll see how “addictive” his attitude is. Reach out to him by using the below channels:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yourchiefhappinessofficer/

Website: GoMindFi.com (in development)

E-mail: GoMindFi (AT) gmail (DOT) com

And remember: think outside of the box and seek for the beauty #ValuableDiversity holds!


*The photo used in this article was provided by the rightful owner, with clear consent. Using it without prior agreement may be object of the copyright law. All rights reserved to Richard C. Pryor*

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