#ValuableDiversity (Interview Series) -Ep. 3 – Wordsmith

Introducing you to interesting people around the world


Meet Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba

– Wordsmith, Poetpreneur, Creative Content Writer (Nigeria) –

If writing never existed, my last breath would have been lost long ago. I started writing for self-relief and, as I go, I understand better each day the power of pen. It’s a medicine to the brain, as well as to the soul. This is how I see it. But I know, for sure, that there are other people around the globe that think alike.

One of the most talented poets I’ve got the honor to come across the work of is my guest for today, Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba, who uses his talent to send powerful messages, with inspirational tone behind each of them. He could easily become a trend setter, if he wanted, due to his strength and knowledge. Though his gift shines bright, he’s friendly and approachable, even a funny guy.

Keep on reading the below lines to get to know him better and I’m sure you will find value in the words of a young, yet wise, man.

  1. Hi Chinedu, it’s an honor to have you as interviewee. Please, let us know a bit about yourself. How was Chinedu the kid?

Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba is an introvert. Quite stubborn. I am also playful. Rhymes and storytelling is my hobby. I won the Master of Riddles in my Nursery School days. I am a fan of HBK Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Wrestling and video games were my childhood story.

  1. You’re a very talented writer, who can easily instruct words how to dance. How did you get here?

I listen to rap music a lot. Growing up as a child, artists like Jayz, Eminem, DMX, Mystikal, Dr.Dre, Shyne, Tupac Shakur, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg and many more are my favorites. So I fell in love with creativity and wordsmith. I guess that was just it.

“I believe everyone is special. That keeps me going any time.”

  1. All your writings hide powerful messages between the lines. Were the struggles of your life to “blame”?

Struggles of life in general. What I see and perceive in things around me. I discovered so many people are soaking a lot in life and couldn’t speak. Communication is broken and a major reason I am working with Nonye on the#healtheworld campaign. She wrote a book sharing different communication tips. 

  1. Nigeria is your home. With no innuendo intended, how did you break through the boundaries of prejudgment? Were you (even a tiny bit) afraid when you published your first piece of writing?

One thing I didn’t tell you in your first question, I am fearless. I believe everyone is special. That keeps me going any time. You can’t stop people from judging you, so I always show up irrespective of judgment. It is your view.


 “My book #chinspires365days is coming soon and I will also be starting a video series in April.”

  1. Referring to the previous question, was the feedback you received constructive? Or did it put you down for a while? (Definitely not for good, since you’re one of the most influential writers on LinkedIn!)

Influential writer? Ahahaha! That’s a big compliment. Any way, I have my ups and downs. I am human. I almost quit when a troll told me this is not Facebook or twitter. Your writing is crab. I almost deleted my account. Then, Michael Chapman, Marchem Pfeiffer, Susan Case, Brett Brody, Uzoma Agorua, Roland Gilbertson all helped me built my confidence and I kept going. Now I have an emotional coach, Omozua Ameze, that helps me. So, I am as bold as a lion. Back then, I contemplated continuity but not anymore.

  1. What gave you strength in times of struggle? What’s your air?

God, my Mom and The boyhood dream gave me strength. I have one dream, to be a motivational speaker and a writer. To travel around the world and thank God, my writing is doing that now. Those three kept me going.


“Back then, I contemplated continuity – but not anymore.”

  1. If people were to ask you for 1 advice that saved your life and turned the tables to your favor, what would that be?

Speak out to be heard, speak out to be understood. Speak out to show the real you. That makes it easier to help you.

  1. It’s obvious that communication is an important aspect of your life. Therefore, in a plastic and individualistic society, how would you guide people towards lifting their heads off their phones and make acquaintance with the world around them?

I will do that with my writing. I have always done that. To guide people in different areas of life. I leverage LinkedIn and channel my energy to reach everybody. My book #chinspires365days is coming soon and I will also be starting a video series in April. I will use some of my connections in different fields. Stay tuned. Lol

  1. I’ve noticed that you are a continuous supporter of personal development and a change advocate. How did all this help you?

It has helped me to become a better version of myself. To have a better world, we need better people and that can only come through personal development.


  1. Is there any practice you have as a daily routine? And what would be your message to the world in 1 word?  

I read the Bible as early as 5 am and say my prayers till 6am. I write what comes into my head as a content writer and freelancer. Then I cook and go about my daily activities. One word for the people in the world: believe.


Thank you for the time and patience you’ve allotted to answering the questions above. You won’t believe the deja-vu feeling I got while proofing this particular interview! May God bless you always and may your message spread like rainbow colors!

(Chinedu’s e-mail ended like this: “Thanks Andrada for sharing your time with me. I appreciate.” – Isn’t he just a beautiful soul?)

Below you can find an impressive piece of writing, provided with the courtesy of the author, as an introduction to his brilliant mind:

“A dream

Comes real

If only

We believe


Keep trying

No relenting

Keep moving

Stop looking


Make mistakes

We fail

To prevail

By delay


Just learn

Get experience

Be persistent

And consistent

Then content


Be relevant

It’s important


Find it

Try it


Be grateful

And faithful


Your labor

Has honor


Walk right

All time


Don’t lie

To fly


Have zeal

Be real


Try forgive

It heals

You’re free

That’s it


Make peace

Embrace it


The unknown

Let go


It’s nonsense

No essence


Being afraid

It enslaves

Break away

Just sail

Have faith


While wait

It wastes

 While haste

You faint


Just moderation

With determination


You’re god

Sounds odd?

Of course

Get up

March on”

Chinedu Ihekwoaba ©2018

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