#VulneRevolution (Interview Series) – ep. 03 – Aaina Chopra, Content Writer

Understanding Vulnerability

Be welcome, dear readers, to the 3rd episode of the #VulneRevolution Interview Series. Today we present to you the first lady who accepted the challenge of exposing her thoughts on the vulnerability topic. As she is a skilled content writer, make sure you reach out to her posts and get ready to receive a dose of inspiration with each piece of writing.


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1. What is your interpretation of vulnerability?

Being vulnerable for me is to be courageous enough to reveal all of myself, not just “the perfect me” but “me with all the flaws”. It means you are a soul who is ready to pour out emotions that have been flooding your heart and mind.

When people see you being so candid about yourself and accepting yourself as you are, they lean towards you.

Keeping feelings bottled up is a “no go” for me. If I don’t express myself, it gets a little edgy and uneasy for me to handle (In fact quite uneasy 😊). I also believe that it is important that the person who is your confidant to be supportive enough and he/she understands you. You just can’t take out everything about yourself to a stranger.

2. Can you tell us about a time when you were vulnerable in the workplace? What happened?

Few years earlier, I guess it was my first job. The profile I was in, I faced some real problems related to understanding of the details of the project but, as critical selves that we are, my fear of getting embarrassed didn’t let me gain clarity for the issues I was facing.

3. What happened?

The phobia that I may look stupid and silly to be asking “dumb questions” held me back. Will not deny, I went through that phase for quite a time. Until one day, when I realized that there is no going further without the taking this (pretty tough) vulnerability dive.

I decided to ask all what was incomprehensible and unclear to me. After all, what’s the worst-case scenario in putting yourself out? People may silently laugh or roll their eyes. But who cares? It’s all worth it! Just to maintain a fake image of a well-informed one… No, I could no longer ignore the disinterest and monotony it was bringing to my work!

And that is what happened.

I gained a profound and extensive understanding of the subject which motivated me to work towards my goal. Before that, I just didn’t like what I was doing, due to lack of complete clarity.

Moreover, my engagement with my colleagues and bosses strengthened – which proved very conductive to my growth and even the company’s growth) because getting emotionally invested in your workplace does work wonders for both.

My fear of getting embarrassed didn’t let me gain clarity for the issues I was facing”

4. Do you regret it?

I sure don’t regret it!

It added a new dimension to my personality. That day, I discovered that ”The moment you open up with all your perfect and flawed facets with your colleagues and bosses (keeping fear on the back seat), relationship with them improves, at a totally different level. It shows your willingness to be honest about your authentic self and opens door to a world of bright possibilities.”

Two great lessons that it taught me, which I would encourage everyone to hold on to:

  • Break free from anything that holds you back;
  • Embrace the risk to widen the horizon. It’s worth it!

I would call it the miraculous effect of not letting yourself in the grip of fear and self-consciousness and coming forward with your personality. My fear of getting embarrassed didn’t let me gain clarity for the issues I was facing.

5. Nowadays, do you consider that being true to yourself and others is a sign of weakness/ vulnerability or strength? And why?

There may be many faces who mistake you as being naïve and innocent enough for putting yourself all out there. But does that really matter?

I very well know that putting words to my emotions eases me out and takes a load off my heart and mind. It’s a breather for me and that’s what truly matters.

So, for me, it’s a strength. An indication that you love all of yourself and have confidence and respect for yourself, it’s an ability to take other people’s judgements and criticism in stride. Hug it!

6. How did your experience with vulnerability influence your current state of mind? Would you recommend others to talk about it?

It’s a contagious thing. When people see you being so candid about yourself and accepting yourself as you are, they lean towards you as they wish they too had the same courage that you have and lets you wear your heart on sleeve.

I would surely recommend others to voice about it. Open minded conversations foster and enriches the existing relationships and adds to building of more connections. The world begins to seem so enlarged and opportunities multiply.

7. If you can sum up in 1 word how you feel about your experience with vulnerability what would it be?

I couldn’t sum it up in only one word. For me being vulnerable is “Being the beautiful and genuine you that you are”.


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