#ValuableDiversity (Interview series) – Ep. 02 – Photography

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Meet Edin Chavez

– Photographer & Founder at Edin Chavez Studios, Miami, Florida, USA –

Arts are part of my life, no doubt about it. Whatever involves creativity, there’s where I’m heading. And there are tons of talented people out there, but they’re – somehow – hard to reach and communicate with. This, however, is NOT the case for my guest for today. What I mean by that is that Edin is an exquisite artist, playing on the fields of photography, yet amazingly easy to approach and very friendly. We’ve been in touch during a harsh event Miami went through last year (Hurricane Irma, September 2017) and he would make sure to answer my messages, though we were miles away and he had no obligation to answer me.

If you take a look (which I warmly recommend, as you have so much to gain) at his work (photos and videos) you will clearly understand the amount of passion this artist puts in there. He describes himself as being “insane”, as he can’t keep himself away, even if he might be put in danger. In front of the camera, Edin is that “what you see, is what you get” kind of guy. He keeps it real and transparent, without being afraid of displaying his humane side (as he did when he lost his home, during the previously mentioned expression of nature’s “wrath” – see the video here).

Enjoy the below interview and I hope you’ll give him your thumbs up and a well-deserved follow 😉

1. Hi Edin, please tell us a bit about your background. Have you always wanted to become a professional photographer? Or did Edin the kid want something else?

I never thought of photography as a career, in fact far from it. As a child I always wanted to be an actor and when I grew up I became a contractor. I had a large painting business with 50 employees and a full office staff. It was not until I was around 28-29 that I really took an interest in photography. I had taken a college class in photography but I hated it as it was all theory and not really hands on. One day I went to best buy and purchased my first DSLR. After that everything changed.

2. If, for some random reason, you were not able to follow your passion, what would have been your alternative?

I have always wanted to be involved in TV. Not necessarily acting but television production or something behind the scenes. I think to this day I still do. Perhaps have my own talk show some day or even host some fun game show.

3. Your talent cannot be argued or counterfeit, yet most people believe that skills get polished in time. Is this your view as well?

I believe with enough passion, practice and perseverance you can accomplish anything. I do not believe people are born gifted but I believe people are born passionate it is in that passion where the magic happens.

4. If yes, would you share with us 1 important tip you used to get where you are today?

Don’t quit, do not follow the rules and keep dreaming. That is the only way to get anything done that fills your soul.

>5. I am sure that your “insanity” is deeply driven by this amazing passion you put into everything you do. However, is passion the only key factor keeping you going through cloudy times?

Passion is the key factor, but passion without hard work is nothing. We need to work hard and do crazy things – at times – that get us out of our comfort zones to get to the top of our game.

6. You are such a good friend of the camera! Be it that you are in front of it or using it to build magic for our eyes. What’s your secret? Were you ever “camera shy”?

I have always been comfortable with my skin no matter where I go, to me that camera is just another set of eyes. I really do not pay attention to it.

7. Did your transparency ever get you in trouble? I mean, you know how people are so quick to judge…

Yes, all the time. I’m the kind of person that has no filter and never think about what I say before I say it. Sometimes it can come off as harsh but deep inside I always mean well. People miss read that sometimes and it gets me in trouble from time to time.

8. I believe that each artist is attracted to a certain aspect of his activity. What’s your “guilty pleasure” when it comes to your job?

I just love being outside and living life on my terms. I love being with nature and when I’m out there I feel I am part of it. I would hate to be stuck inside somewhere. Being free in the outdoors for sure.

9. In your work, nature has a special place (few of my favorites herehere and here). Why is this? Is it the taste of freedom you get when you wander under the sky? This one gives me such a feeling of calm and courage to overcome any obstacles…

I think I answered this one on #8…

10. I know you lost your home last September and the video you talked about this in is really touching. What was your silver line through this storm? What are the struggles of human Edin?

 I am a very balanced person and everything is always in order. I always have a plan b, c, and d. This time I was totally taken off my feet, however I believe sometimes we need that to shake us up and remind us of what is important. What happened just made me want to work harder to get to where I eventually want be financially and emotionally. That has been really hard for me but nothing I can’t handle. As my best friends often tell me: “if there is a person in the world that can handle anything, it’s you”.


Thank you so much for the time you took for answering my questions and I hope your future will be as bright as the sun you like so much to capture! ☺

You can follow Edin Chavez through the below channels:

Website:    https://edinchavez.com/

Blog:        http://blog.edinchavez.com/

YouTube:    https://www.youtube.com/user/edinchavez1

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/edinchavezrocks


Twitter:       https://twitter.com/edinchavez

*The photos used in this article were provided by the rightful owner, with clear consent. Using them without prior agreement may be object of the copyright law. All rights reserved to ©EdinChavez. *

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