Guest blogger (or what LinkedIn has done for me)

We all have a dream, right? Mine is to write and make a living out of this. And consistency and passion seems to be paying off.

The mentioned platform is amazing, under all aspects. Why? Said it before, doing it again: because of the beautiful people around, that are ready to help and offer a chance. And here I just got mine. Some may say it’s not a big deal. But for me it definitely is. And so, if anyone thinks about banning unknown people too soon, think again.

This guy – to whom I connected just recently – has given me a chance when others would pass me by. After just exchanging a few words. This being said, please, let me introduce you to Fa’rath Shba, a fellow blogger that believes “in the freedom of speech” and that “no one should be silenced, as long as they have something to say” and uses his blog for promoting others.

Below you will find the link to my first guest post which, by the way, announces an upcoming project, in collaboration with a person that’s already known to be one of my valuable connections on Li. 😉

Thank you, Fa’rath, for this opportunity and for being so open to equity!