Creation happens anywhere

Having said that, tonight is not about me and my passion for words…

Tonight is about the embodiment of passion for drawing.

I write everywhere. Any spare moment I have with me and my busy mind is a moment for writing. Be it in the subway, or on the street, or in a break at work, or during my morning coffee… But I’m happy to see that passion has other adepts, easy to be discovered in a dull moment, such as waiting for the subway to get you to your destination.

Having said that, tonight is not about me and my passion for words…

Tonight is about the embodiment of passion for drawing. In the subway… Another music addict, riding the way of achieving a dream. By drawing!

Man passionately drawing in the subway

Too bad I didn’t have the camera on me… But even if I did, I doubt I would have had the space to use it… And it’s a pity, as this guy’s talent would have struck each of you, without appeal… I could easily bet on anything!

His tablet displayed a gorgeous Japanese style cartoon character (anime) sketch. A warrior… But the details… Just a sketch, but the details… All in pencil… Such skills… Simply amazing! If he weren’t “performing” next to me, I could have easily believed that the work was not his. But seeing all that happening live, in front of me…? Breath taking! I am so sorry I couldn’t catch the drawing! An unfortunate light angle and too much distance for a phone to capture…

But I caught a thought over this and I can share the strong essence of what I witnessed: whenever there’s wish and pure passion, there’s space and time for it. And that’s a fact!

No excuses! No sorry! No worry! Just an extraordinary drive for spending quality time with yourself and enjoy what you love the most. While the subway takes you home; while the road guides your steps to that thing you call your own; while your mind sketches clouds and your soul swims freely beyond the skies… While music heals whatever wound, carefully placing stitches, paving a place where passion can dance.

Passion drives action and action drives results! If you want it bad enough, you can call it your dream. If you can dream it, you should work for it. If you work for it, there will be nothing preventing you from touching the sky.

There’s no limit, not even beyond the sun…

If creativity is what keeps you alive, let the fire burn and never put up your hopes!

That’s what I silently learned – once again – tonight, from the sketcher in the subway… A stranger, teaching the value of passion…

A forever addict to creativity,