Journey of our lives

But in the end, when the moment comes, is it that we take anything with us?

I told you that everything can turn into a topic. Therefore, here is the song that took me to this article. A positive, yet thought provoking song. Enjoy!

[Listen to: Alma Mater – The Journey]

After listening, please ask yourselves: where do we go and what is the speed we go by?

Is it worth? All this fuss, all the pain of  money hunting, all the worries and all the loss of little things that might easily make a difference, yet we never have the time for?

We’re always in a hurry… Take kids to school, kindergarten, whatsoever. Run to the office. Work at least 8 hours per day. Run back to pick up the kids. Bathe, feed, sleep. Repeat! 5 days a week. Tens of weeks per year. 8 months in a row (the other 4 are reserved to holiday time – that you have no idea how to cover).

Thinking objectively, where does all this take us? Do we get to pick any satisfaction from all this busy life? Is there even a small thing that we can enjoy or are we too tired, at the end of the day, to even give a damn?

Let’s say that, 1 week per year, we could afford a vacation. But can we choose the destination we wish for or is it that we need to settle for anything we can get, just to escape – for a short while – from the mundaine? 

So, we hunt for money. But is it for us? Or for someone else? What’s the percentage we get out of the total amount we make as profit for an employer? This would be an interesting debate…

But in the end, when the moment comes, is it that we take anything with us? I believe the only thing would be the lessons we learned. So that, if there is such thing as another life, we’ll be aware of not making the same mistakes, but others, in order to learn new things.

When the courtain falls, we’re just souls that need to evolve. Having said that, I ask myself: then why are we so stubborn in ignoring the only thing that really matters – the soul? Why are we so deaf and never listen to it? Can’t we see that this fake society, rooted in thousands-years doctrines, is a sucker for the shine and glory of a soul? 

I guess not… We are complacent… We’re afraid of raising our voices when we should. Not to mention how scared we are to take a stand and say: “That’s not for me, I see my life from another angle!

I like the word “choice“. It’s so powerful! And offers us so much freedom. If only could we understand that…