It’s really happening…

“When your mind is at peace, things will start falling into place.”

There’s a saying:

“When your mind is at peace, things will start falling into place.”

Let me tell you this: it is so!

Did you get the chance to read my New Year’s wish and, then, my post from 1st of January? Well, after reading those, you’re ready to understand this one better. Why? You’ll see 😉.

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Now, go through the following rows…

A question first: how many times did you ask yourselves “Why do things go from bad to worse when I’m in a rush or angry?” and “How come everything goes so smoothly, all of a sudden?

If you did ask the above questions, then you will have no trouble feeling comfortable about these lines. If you did never ask yourselves, maybe is time you gave it a thought…

My personal experience is this: once I set my mind to embrace whatever should come – with an open heart – things went from good to better, every day. Things do fall into place. Or is it just the change in perception that makes us think it is? May be… But I can’t help myself from wondering: is it because I feel good about myself and everything around me? The people, the weather (though is rather chilly, windy, rainy – you name it)… Every break, each sip of coffee, each treat I give myself (be it a good piece of music or Chinese dish), my daily walk from the subway station to home, singing on the street or giving myself the chance to be in the company of amazing people… Oh, and a good laugh!

I believe that, the more we afford not to worry about everything (though life is not a pink unicorn – not even close), the more freedom we give our souls to enjoy the real things.

We’re rational beings, so I believe you would call for an example. So, here you are… But there will be 2 examples…

One is about embracing the decision I’ve made for being on my own – let go of my failed marriage. Even though it’s been 8 months already from D-day, I still had issues in understanding how will I manage to get over the past. Over that hurt… Over disappointment… Over anger and frustration… And, being on my own for Christmas was no easy “test”. But I challenged my heart and mind to see how I can understand the roots of my misery feeling. And the outcome was this: it was my decision, so there is no reason to complain over it! Right?

You know how much relief I felt in that very moment? That was a wake-up call to my own self. And it worked amazingly. And will keep on working every single day…

The second, and most suggestive example, is related to my work. (You certainly know, by now, that I’m looking for that change in my life and I’m working on and for it.) In the beginning, I was scared about doing a major change of path… I love the people I’ve been working with for the past 6 years. So, leaving my current desk would have not been what I wanted really bad (consciously). But the Universe knows better. My heart knows better. Therefore, things happened in such a way that I started thinking about making a change. (Especially since writing became a more and more important part of my life and I became addicted to it and to the benefits it brings me.)

But going back to office life… I embraced new possibilities. I started looking over the fence. I visited 3 other client accounts… And 2 of them had that “click” kind of discussions, though on different positions – one more beautiful and challenging that the other. Decision time will be with me soon… On a side-work level – related to freelancing writing and web design – opportunities started to arise, one after another. And I know they will keep on coming. (I’m not bragging, I’m being confident and I’m telling how things go).

So, as you can see, once you embrace the gifts the Universe has in store for you, with peace of mind, things do fall into place!

So, if there is any part of your life that you feel that could use the breeze of change, just make up your mind. That’s all it takes! Be open to new, leave the fear of unknown behind, stop the rush and jump into the magic!

Remember: your mind is the most powerful tool, that you always hold in your hands!

So, take your time to reflect, let your mind be your bad weather umbrella and remember my friend’s words:

What’s best is worth waiting for!