Strength of a woman

Most of the women that go through hard times and come out with the smile on their faces are a living proof of strength! (same for men, yet a woman takes more hits from life, especially in the moments she has to grow – and no, I’m no feminist!).

I just know. I’ve been there myself… I still struggle, there’s no such thing as a perfect life. But looking for the good moments instead of the worst is what changes perspective over the worth of living, no matter what! Not just surviving, but living.

B-day celebration

I believe that’s the first picture of myself that I’ve ever shared on my blog. But I guess I’m ready for this now. 😊

[Listen to: Sofia Karlberg – Send my love]

“We gotta let go/ of all of our ghosts…”

We do. We have to. Otherwise, we’ll be rolling forever in the same vicious circle, that harms our minds…

The smooth wrinkles arround one’s eyes only stand for their inner strength. As the wrinkles always tell a story. And age :))

“We’ll carry on…”

[Listen to: Welcome to the Black Parade]

A strong one will always look at problems as challenges that need to be overcame. Will always see the light at the tunnel, even when buried deep in the darkest cave, with no apparent way to get out. That one will seek and find the exit, by all means! The search will have no end, not even after getting out. Moving forward is always the answer.

So let us all be strong and look for the ray or sun that comes up after a storm! No matter what!