Birth signs

Whoever read my previous articles (especially “Autumn rhapsody”) already knows I’m a dreamer and I love stars. But that is something I discovered lately…

I think we all come across different articles relates to the birth sign stars have gifted each of us with. But I also know that I didn’t believe in those predictions so much. I still don’t take all of them for good. Because they’re not. But, from time to time – at least out of curiosity – I read information about general traits of birth signs. Today I read about mine – Pisces.

But before I tell you more, let’s dig in a bit into the dark side of such display of information…

Alike any business, some people do this for money only. And the magic disappears once this happens. The ones doing astrology just for the sake of coins and think they can fool others may cause great damage arround them. Because most people who constantly read them are simply putting up a misleading programme in their subconscious. We all know that “if you believe it, you can achieve it”. (Even if some of us may not relate to this as much as the others.) But it is so. Therefore, negative absorption of information leads to already heading the way of misfortune.

Nevertheless, as all other aspects of life, perception and choice play a big part in here. We can choose to guide ourselves by misleading information or we can choose to only pick what we think is beneficial for us. And this applies to astrology as well.

Now, going back to my sign. (I won’t take the time to make a briefing here, as there are many trustworthy sources information can be found at and ia pretty accurate.)

So, Pisces… This is yet another part of me, coming undone to all of you…

Whoever read my previous articles (especially “Autumn rhapsody“) already knows I’m a dreamer and I love stars. But that is something I discovered in the last 6 months… I had nothing to do with this before… Not even with introspection. Or maybe I wasn’t aware that I did?

Anyhow, what I know for sure is that I was always attracted to arts and the magic they create (music, oh, music! – my best and most loyal friend! I am an addict…). And to an ideal world. And to the surreal. And to life beyond and finding a sense to happenings. And that I can’t follow imposed rules. I make my own and take the consequences…

They say people born under the star of Pisces have hard times accepting the real world. Oh, boy, that’s a fact! I can’t stand the cruelty, the lack of compassion, hypocrisy, lies and whatever else derive from all these. Maybe that’s why I’m like a warrior of light, always ready to confront these aspects. Therefore, I guess now I understand why I am being perceived as a bitch. Because we all have our dark side and I, for one, am not going to hide that. Boom!

But I also know what I can do for the real world… I can be there to help – and do it wholeheartedly. My greatest reward is to see people grow, taking care of each other and sign up for the Universal Love. What else? I can share information I find valuable and do it in hopes other will benefit from them. Something else? I can be a guide, but I will never force one to learn something they don’t feel is theirs. And I believe I’m good at finding inner beauty and strength when and where others can’t.


What is it that YOU can do for others? And how does your birth sign influence your moves? Do you find the general traits as being destructive or empowering?

Of course, since everything can be enhanced once we accept it, we can surpass the boundaries these traits provide and add our own value to them. The important thing is to never stop at the gates but look for the key that can unlock them. And use that key!

We can transform what’s been given to us at birth, without rejecting it.

If we look to extinguish our weaknesses, we will not be able to focus on our strong points. But if we over-focus on strengths and overlook weaknesses, we may reach disappointment towards our own selves. Therefore, balance is what we should seek…