Story of 2 souls – another book excerpt – main characters’ description

Today I choose to share another book excerpt with you all. Actually 2, describing the main characters. This book will be my piece of writing introducing you to the world of a madly in love woman… Is like a surgery on an open heart…

But that’s all I will tell you. I would love to learn your feedback!

Today I choose to share another book excerpt with you all. Actually 2, describing the main characters. This book will be my piece of writing introducing you to the world of a madly in love woman… Is like a surgery on an open heart…

But that’s all I will tell you. I would love to learn your feedback!

Excerpt from Chapter 2

     In another corner of the same city, a boy was born, 2 years after Red Diamond came to this world. He was destined to be a great character, being gifted with an amazing mind and a golden heart.  Over the years, this boy would become a numbers’ magician, successfully playing with them in any related field.

     He was tall, having just about the right height of a handsome man; his figure was outlined by a black thick curly hair, sprinkled with white, here and there. His hazel eyes were the ones to inspire genuine trust and warmth and love for humanity. His nose would smell lies from a thousand miles, making it the assistant anyone would die for. His lips were just what the doctor ordered: right width, passion was what they inspired and their color were of a healthy man; they were the most appropriate curtain for a perfectly fit pair of white teeth and were just the thing for unleashing his well-thought words. His neck was the bridge to a nice pair of shoulders, always found in a straight position. These 2 shoulders, designed as if they were watch towers, would ensure that his entire body imposed the respect he deserved. His arms and hands were friends of a powerful man, while his wrists would let show a passion for softness, outlined by thin-leather bracelets.  His fingers – with well-shaped nails – were the direct expression of his intelligence, as they were the ones pressing all the keys and pushing all the necessary buttons. His chest was the guardian of his treasure: the heart within would beat hard in there and its shine would be almost screaming “Let me out of here, so that everyone can see me!” But he was really stubborn about keeping that shine in heavy chains… (What a pity!) His legs were in harmony with the rest of his body and completed well the picture of this “spotlight is not for me” man. His feet were always covered by neat sports shoes, while carrying his steps towards a bright future… He was the Brilliant!


     He was the kind of person one could touch any subject with: from small talk (which he would actually not enjoy) to the depth of humanity, preserving Earth’s natural resources, invisible ruling of the world and self-development. He had an answer to everything and would easily make a valid point, as he himself would constantly seek improvement, ready to explore every avenue. And if he didn’t have the proper information, he would definitely put everything in the game to find it. By the time he presented the answer, he would have more than one option, all of them being accompanied by strong arguments.

     Shallow waters were not the ones for him, so he would times and often swim against the tide or ride the waves for reaching out for the shore in fair waters…

my cover - stamped

Excerpt from chapter 6

     One day, as they were talking as usual, there was something new catching her eye: for the first time, he was looking at her with a different pair of eyes, as if that was the first time they ever met. She was comfortably standing on the chair next to him and, for a second, she understood the way he was observing her…

     She was a medium-height thin woman, absorbing his every word and breathing every glimpse of his; her hair was blonde, carefully held by a golden plastic headband; her big blue eyes were fascinating, revealing a warm-hearted lady who’s been thru a lot and transparently showing the way to her soul; the star-dust in her eyes would shine every time she was looking at him – otherwise these eyes were mostly sad or focused on problem solving; her pointy little nose let show a golden pierce, as sign of her independence; she had a pair of lips that could turn on any man’s desire – these lips would usually wear red lipstick, but at this very moment they were covered in a shiny golden gloss; her long neck was the perfect trespassing to a fit body; her shoulders were in a relaxed position, a clear meaning of confidence and trust; she had a pair of breasts betraying motherhood, but covered enough by a sexy décolletage; her arms were soft and strong in the same time; her hands were tidy and a golden watch would wrap around her left wrist, while a stylish thin bracelet – decorated with a golden swallow and tiny white stones – was the symbol of her right wrist’s grace; her fingers were crowned by neat nails wearing red nail polish, offering our heroine an elegant look; her hips were tiny and her legs harmoniously fit the rest of her body, displaying her feet covered in a pair of red sports shoes… She was Red Diamond…


     Her heart was racing in that moment, knowing her options were limited: whether he would be happy or he would definitely turn her down. Such cases would barely design a golden mean, thus failure was what had her trembling with emotion. She had no idea what was coming up…




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