Free will and “what’s written”

Some may criticise my view, yet I will accept that. We all have our beliefs, we inherit them or build them over time. I choose to accept the inheritance, yet move on and adjust it with my own-built views.

Do you believe in stars? Do you believe in someone or something Greater than you guiding your everyday steps? Do you believe that you are here for a purpose? Yet, do you believe you are, somehow, in charge of the decision and your actions develop consequently?

I do… Every time I learn something new  and every single time I write… Because each time, with each text I share, the outcome is far better than what I initially had in mind. Is like… You know… Like someone takes my hand and touches the keypads for me. Still, I choose if it gets published or not.

Like you first learn how to draw… You want to draw a straight line, but it may turn out that the curved one you just laid on the paper looks better than what you wished for. Why? Because your spirit is free to express its creativity and the one guiding you to display that curved line tries to lift the burka off your eyes and reveal the beauty of unconventional. However, if you’re scared and, after a glimpse, you decide that the first shape is more appropriate to your view – or should fit what you think is the perfect result – you will erase the curved line and have another try for the straight one.


Some people say we are fully guided by the Almighty, however I believe we cooperate, somehow. I mean, He knows what’s in store for us, guides our steps towards the destination, but it is us that have to make the decision. It would even be unfair to put the entire blame for the wrong or give full credit for the good that’s going on in our lives to someone else. This is where free will joins the play. It’s all a matter of choice and comfort zone…

Some may criticise my view, yet I will accept that. We all have our beliefs, we inherit them or build them over time. I choose to accept the inheritance, yet move on and adjust it with my own-built views.

Questions I do have: what is acceptance, afterall? Do we have to agree to a point of view, in order to accept it? Or can we just admit that different people have different perceptions, that may not match our own? Do we understand the world around and beyond us? Moreover, do we understand that rules are not always for the best and that we can drive our steps differently? Do we acknowledge that collaboration and communication have a role in the story? (Of course, my point is going towards good, not destruction.) Do we really understand what free will is all about?

There’s a saying: “God gives you, but He doesn’t fill the bag for you”… What I understand from this is that we are being presented with options, but the decision is ours to take… Think about a crossroad: it is already there for us, but it is our call about which of the paths to walk.

Moreover, think about a kid that’s given a homework, asks us for guidance, we help, but do not write it for them. Is their responsibility to search for additional information, to agree or disagree with it, to use the filter of their own mind, to learn from it and present it to the teacher. Not ours. Theirs. If we take the pen and do the task for them, how can they improve? How can they learn to filter the information and build up an opinion around it? Would we help them? I believe we would not. We would, in fact, bring them a great lack of aid.

My kids know this: they can do as they belive is best, but they’re aware that action drives reaction. They’re still very young, yet their ground towards learning to think for themselves is already set. They will confront today’s society with their own beliefs and they will be able to take charge of their own lives and thoughts.

Now, let’s enlarge a bit the “what’s written” part.

Doctrines teach us to believe in what’s written on a piece of paper without leaving us the space to share our own views. Is that fair? In my opinion, is not. Why? Because times change. Cultures evolve. And just sticking to a hundreds old piece of information is a disadvantage to our own chance to grow. Plus, there are boundaries set there, which do not apply any longer. But, here, we come to comfort zone and free will again.

People feel at ease to let themselves guided on an already-set path, rather than trying to find new ways of self-improvement. But what if we would only pick a piece of advice from the doctrines? Only that piece that fits our own beliefs. The piece than can help us grow, not hold us back. What if we tried to leave the comfort zone for the unknown and build our own perspectives? Would that leave us enough room to develop personal views? Would that help us better than a rusty, world-wide accepted concept?

free will

Give it an objective thought and answer yourselves fairly: should we only use some guidelines or should we just grab the entire information and blindly follow an old trend? And if you choose to follow the old rules, what is your own explanation? The fear of being judged? Or the fact that you choose to belive in it?

The time to accept change is here. We can all learn to get in charge of our own thoughts and use that free will we are granted at birth. For the better. For personal development and for spreading it around the world…



Photo credits: Google