Day 5 of flavor of kindness: Let the magic begin!

Inspired by Chinedu Ihekwoaba

There’s nothing here. Yet so much to find. Just open your eyes, your mind, your heart. Never let it go. Hold tight and say it loud: “I trust you”.

Don’t reduce it to silence – you’re heading the wrong way. Don’t shut the door in front of it – you’ll still find it there when you take the garbage out…

The point is… There’s nothing you can do about it. That’s one stubborn thing that will never let you win. Yes, you can walk it by, make it your stranger, leave it to be your shadow, but you’ll never get rid of it. Because “it is that part of “you” that you want to zip. That part you never have the faith to trust. That “you” which will always try to speak, yet be overlooked. “It” is all “you”.

But you can always bring “it” back to life!

Your own self. Your instinct. Your inner voice. It will never leave you. It may just step into the shadow corner for a bit, waiting patiently for you to call its name. And when you do, you’ll find out it’s still there.

You need to learn how to befriend it. You. The voice. The guide.

The “it” is always there… Just open your eyes, your mind, your heart.

Come on! Just trust it! Fear not, just learn to fly… Meet the REAL YOU… Let “it” take your hand and jump into the magic.


Photo credits: Google