Day 4 of flavor of kindness: Let’s!

My first, ever published, poem…

My first, ever published, poem – inspired by Christopher Huntley, Amanda Miller and Robert Jenkins


Let’s bring that smile!
Let’s unfold that light!
Let’s take the mile!
Let’s hold a heart!

But let’s…

We all face it
We all need it
We all embrace it
We all behold it.

Moments of sorrow
Cry bitter tears
No one to borrow
But whipe the fears

Efforts can be made
Hardships we can save
Brave hearts we can hold
Beauty to unfold

Begin with you
Reveal the truth
Do what you do
But just be you

Uplift a head
Bring spark to life
Just move ahead
And make it thrive

The one around
To see your help
You truly bound
Release the dwell!

Put back the sword
Lay down the shield
Use every word
To fly your wings

No easy step
Just try to see
How you can help
So let’s just be!

But let’s…

Celebrate time
Let us slow down
Witness the rhyme
Remove the clown

The mask on you
Reveals no good
Just let it fall
Do not you crawl

Yet, rise above
Reach up to stars
Give hope a chance
Stich up the scars

Your day will come
To shine again
Just lose the strings
And keep the faith

The world is yours
Beauty can strike
How many hours
For us to rise?

So let’s join hands
And bring the light
Don’t feed the brands,
Let souls shine bright!

Just let’s!


Photo Credits: Google