Truth or treat?

I have days wondering if prejudice will ever melt in front of king “Truth”… If the crowds will ever acknowledge the kind of ruling a new king could bring. But would it actually be ruling? I changed my mind as thinking about it. And I go like this: no, it would be freedom.

If I’m not mistaken, Mark Twain once said:

“If you tell the truth, there’s nothing to remember”.

And that’s a quote I strongly believe in and agree with, as it was proven so many times. To me, personally. I’m just revealing my perspective here, no one else’s.

Consequently, another question pops-up: if Truth is the one to set us free, then why do we play the choice in such a manner by emburdening our minds with cluster? Are we doing ourselves any good by hiding Truth under the rug, stepping over it, and walking tall, holding our heads up high, with the triumph of a satisfied enemy in our eyes? Why do we choose to hurt the others, by wearing a mask not even we, ourselves, can understand? Do we really enjoy that heavy weight we carry with us every day? But at night, when no one’s there, do we look for the key to take that mask off? Or does our sleep succumb to the efforts of our tired minds and just lets it be?

You can call me an advocate of the mighty Truth and I will gladly wear the Scarlet Letter, if I have to. I would rather be that witch sentenced to a life full of obstacles, yet changing the weather before I’m gone, then serving cotton candy lies.

Just give it a thought: what’s the treat, actually? We love the sweetness of a lie when we first taste it, but what about the bitterness it provides once the illusion is gone?


Alike a pill that’s meant to make us well, the Truth may be covered in a thin layer of sourness for a short while, yet on the long run, it reveals that minty freshness unblocking all synapses.

By now, we already know that we can mold the choice within our palms, like dough… But I would advice to shape it carefully and never let it go dry. Because once it does, it’s only good for decorating the garbage can.