Trends. Music… 80s/ 90s to nowadays

[listen to: Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe]

If you listened to the song above, you already entered the groove of old times. And what about the video clip? The perfect expression of those few moments of genuine happiness…

The times this song belongs to were times of simplicity, when all you needed was a pair of comfy jeans, a T-shirt, sneakers and good vibes. And you were ready to go for a new dawn. Times when trends were being set, people still cared, respect was almost granted, consumerism was at a lower stage than today, love stories would last more than 3 years and health would prevail.

Times of my childhood…

Times when music had real rhythm…

Now, you may say I only see the good in old times. No, I am aware of the bad parts of it, yet this post is about music and the joy each note contributes to, regardless of the political differences, race, beliefs, skin color, geographical boundaries or perception.

We all have our hardships to face, but is important to find something to keep us going, as music did to me. And still does. Well, now I have writing as well, but music is indispensable no matter what, who, when, why!

Hmm.. Let’s see another song… Oh, got it!

[listen to: Snap! – Rhythm is a dancer]

Do you still remember the song that made your whole being shake when you were so young that beauty and dreams had a special halo? Does it still make you want to move and sing along when you hear it? Does it bring back any specific memory? Is there any smell or taste you can associate it with?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fossil. I listen to nowaday’s music as well. Some of my favorite songs found their places in previous articles, to emphasize the text. And with this, you got me. If you didn’t get the chance to read my other writings, you just broke through one of my layers. I’m a music addict and I’m not ashamed to display it. Rather, I ware it with pride. Why? Because music releases a wave of energy and throws it to me, making it hard to resist. Because each tone wraps my mind with a boost of joy and provides me with the proper resource to seeing this world through an enhanced pair of eyes. People around me witness my addiction with each second and would confirm it in a glance.

If I were to compare music to something, it would be an enchanted amulet, which has a power I strongly believe in and has the magic to turn surroundings into a fairytale world.

Landing our feet back to nowadays, tell me: what’s your favorite song these times have to offer? Let’s make a collective effort in building up a worldwide playlist, thus tearing down the walls of cultural differences. Will you bring your contribution?

One of my most enjoyable song of the 2000s is Katy Perry – Firework. It has that much needed uplifting content and a pinch of self-awarness we are so stubborn to see.