Motivational daytime stories

The post I shared yesterday made me think thoroughly about how I want my kids to grow up. Therefore, as I have two of my own, I came up with an idea. May not be genuine (I guess there are people already doing this, not sure though), but it’s what I will use for guiding my kids: motivational daytime stories.

Why not going for the classic stories? Because they all have the same good and evil pattern. There, I said it. All bedtime stories follow patterns.

So, here comes a question: are kids taught to think? Or are kids only presented to fantasy? Yes, fantasy builds creativity. But a controlled fantasy, that puts those little gears to work, may be a better way to let creativity come to light.

At least that’s how I see things…

I’d love some feedback on the topic, so I prepared a few questions below, for a better understanding:

  • Do you think this may change anything?
  • Do you believe in a better world for the generations to come?
  • Do you think grown-ups need similar daytime stories as well?