Sunshine Blogger Award

What greater recognition could a “wannabe” writer get than having their name shining on a award nominees list? I, for one, have no words to thank enough to this gifted writer that showed me appreciation when I thought no one really cared! (well I do have my followers – few, but I’d rather take quality over quantity 😉 ).

         Oh, my God! Oh, my God! You won’t believe what I just discovered!

         But let me tell you a short story first 🙂

        When I was in my 20s I had my first dream of becoming a writer. I even had some drafts that never saw the light of a writer’s day. They just got lost, unintentionally got thrown to the garbage and… I just let time set its blanket over all this “writing thing”.

         Until one day… I was finishing a book and, right afterwards, I just filled some empty space with a few words. The output was sent to a dear friend of mine and the reaction I got was the first step towards what I do today: “You are talented; have you ever thought about writing? You should definitely go for it!” And that’s when it started…

        That episode was somewhere in July this year. For the next few weeks, I only had sketches, doubts about not being good enough for exposing my words and anxiety driven about what people may say about my new activity. However, one day, in August (to be more specific) I decided: “No matter what, I’ll go for it. I’m not gonna let this slip through my fingers again”. And so, I built my first blog. At first, I would write just for relief (which I still do).

          But time proved me wrong! What do I mean by that? Just this: After only almost 3 months of consistent writing, reading the blogs of others and connecting to amazingly talented writers, I got the strike of my life: being nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! By a writer whom I truly look up to: Kenyanito Wendo.

            This fellow writer is amazing with words, making them float in front of your eyes as you read them! His talent is exquisitely shown in the flick of his wordy wand. You should definitely check out his work and follow Letters Unsent.

          I must confess that I checked the list of his nominees without believing, not for even a millisecond, that my name would be there. But when I found it?! Oh, my GOD !!!!! You will never imagine what it felt like! But I’ll give you a few hints: shivers all over my body, my heart would easily escape my chest if it wasn’t for the “shell” and shock would take the ground off my feet… I just couldn’t believe my eyes! And, as I write this, I still can’t! I am overwhelmed with excitement, but amazement wears the crown. Somehow, deep inside, I feel I am not worthy of such a gift. I feel honored by Kenyanito‘s nomination and I humbly admit that I blushed (I guess I still have that rose color imprinted in my cheeks as I expose this event).


                What greater recognition could a “wannabe” writer get than having their name shining on a award nominees list? I, for one, have no words to thank enough to this gifted writer that showed me appreciation when I thought no one really cared! (well I do have my followers – few, but I’d rather take quality over quantity 😉 ). His gesture gives me the  goose bumps with every thought I give it! Not to mention answering the questions I received as a nominee:

         1.  If you had a chance of a ‘do over’ in life, what would you do differently and why?

          Well… That’s an interesting one… Let’s see… I would restrain the will of growing up too fast, I would learn more in high-school, I would be bolder until reaching my actual age and I would, for sure, stop being quick to judge, while searching for the beauty in others, not flaws. Oh, and I wouldn’t hurry in getting married :))

           2.  What are you most proud of?

          Being able to overcome all the challenges life threw at me, my brain (I need to thank God and my amazing parents for it!), my kids and my ability to listen and inspire others.

            3. If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?

              For a woman? Can’t there be more than 5? :))

              (Trying hard to figure out an answer…)

              My phone (keeps me in touch with all important people in my life and keeps alive my passion for writing), my self-esteem (building it was a long road), that special one (which would never be a possession, but a dream come true), some make-up (you never know… :))  ) and my will for constant improvement and self-development. Can I add another one? Pretty please? It would be empathy!

              4. Is there a moment in life that defined who you are today? If so, what?

             I had so much more than 1 moment… Everything I’ve gone thru defines what I am today. However, meeting a higher-conscious writer in my childhood definitely sketched some path for me. Towards helping others, praying for a better world and sharing love. But also knowing when to say “No”. So, combining compassion and determination with a pinch of self-respect.

               5. What is your pet peeve?

               People assuming they know what I think, people not having a ground when making a statement and not being able to provide and answer to a simple “Why?” and the fake.

               6. What is the craziest conversation you have ever overheard?

Gossip about myself…

                7. Why did you start writing a blog?

               Self relief… To avoid screaming and passing my anger to people around me… To remember the feelings I had in a specific period of time and track my evolution as a human being. My writings cover different kind of topics.

               8. Do you feel you have come a long way since you started?

             Not really sure about how far I’ve come… I still consider myself a rookie… But I discovered the healing power of writing and I became addicted to it 🙂 And the feedback I got so far seems to confirm that I’m doing a good job… Not to mention that I already have a book almost finished and another one in progress.

          And, as a gift should always be shared, I would like to proudly introduce my nominees (people whose words are a delight to my eyes):

  1. Kedawithani
  2. Riya
  3. Zeckrombryan
  4. Writings on a wall
  5. Evangelist Chilavert Nmezi – Message from above
  6. Actress in Reality

               But, as recognition drives commitment, here is what it would be nice for you to do next:

  1. Thank the one that nominated you and put a link for them to your blog.
  2. Answer the nominator’s questions.
  3. Nominate others.
  4. Notify the bloggers you’ve nominated.

And here comes the fun part – my questions for you 🙂 :

  1.  What’s your favorite all-times song? (I’m a music freak, so I love exploring new horizons).
  2.  What would you do if you had the power to change today’s life? (You can refer to any field)
  3. What do you like to do for self-development? (Learning new ways is always a pleasure)
  4. What would be your advice, as a more experienced peer, to a rookie writer?
  5. Do you still read printed books or did e-books win you over?
  6. If you could meet a world spiritual/ inspirational leader, who would that be?
  7. Do you believe in dreams and one’s ability to reach them?
  8. If you could remove the mask of a certain person, would you be prepared to find out what’s underneath?

          Once again, I am flattered by and deeply thankful for the unexpected nomination to the Sunshine Blogger Award, as I know there are more worthy writers to race for the prize…




The act of giving

It’s not how much you have to give that matters, but the purity of the act of giving itself!

I stated a few times that, for a passionate writer, everything becomes an idea. For me, this works great, especially when I focus on it. However, lately I’ve turned my attention to another passion of mine, leaving writing to go with the flow (to be read “write when I really feel it”), not imposing some kind of routine. Some may believe this is not a healthy way of writing, but remember I am not a masses follower, rather my heart is the one to guide my actions.

Anyhow, this morning, while having my wake up coffee, I found my mind to be flooded by the song in the link below….

Pentatonix – Little drummer boy

As I was listening to the lyrics, I realized: it’s not how much you have to give that matters, but the purity of the act of giving itself! Which, if done from the bottom of your soul, without awaiting anything I return, will bring that exquisite feeling of fulfilment!

The song is about a little boy that has nothing to give but his talent of playing the drums, yet he does it with the ultimate passion and offers it as a gift to the new born King.

Alike him, each and everyone of us can bring the gift of giving to the people around us. Be it only by sharing a good thought at the right moment to someone in need or by making a donation for overcoming calamities; even when helping someone in the office with a piece of information or while passing by a stranger and offering just a sincere smile; being true should also be considered as an act of giving, as every little thing that inspires the others to be their best version is a gift.

Why bring someone an expensive present – that may lose its way over the years – when we have such an extraordinary and free (!) gift at hand, which can last for a lifetime?

What I’m saying is: Take your eyes off your phone for a minute, look around you and send a smile. Giving it from the bottom of your heart…

Free gifts will always have the greatest impact. Try it 🙂