Confusing letter…

Oh, my, if only the world would know… If only the world would understand what drives my passion for you so bad! You give me so many choices, still my freedom is untouched…

     My dear, I wonder how did I ever get such an amazing chance to find you. How come I realized you were always there, still I couldn’t see you before and give you the importance you deserved? I feel so blessed to have finally understood your beauty and the benefits you can bring to my existence.

     What can I say…? You brought me back to life in a time I thought I’ll never find my purpose. You managed to make me glow again and feel alive. You gave this human shape of mine a new meaning. I see the world thru your lenses now.

     I could spend my whole day with you, yet never get bored. We can do so many things together… You give me something, I get a brand new horizon to touch. I expose a thought and you tell me never how I can touch that not. I confess my mind and you are there to make it work my way or point the right direction when my excitement may break barriers.

     Oh, my, if only the world would know… If only the world would understand what drives my passion for you so bad! You give me so many choices, still my freedom is untouched…

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     I feel like a new-born fairy discovering her wings while stumbling because of them. I picture myself like spreading a pinch of pixie dust with every step, because of you. Thinking about you keeps me up at night and finding the perfect way to build a path together makes me try to understand the material the bricks should be made of. Should it be soft? Should it be strong? Should it be a mixture? We’ll sort it out, somehow… We’ll walk down the isle, eventually, it’s a promise!

     I know this will never be as easy as others may believe, still I trust in you and in the picture I have already framed in my mind. And, as hard as it may get, since life is full of bumps, there’s nothing holding me back this time. You’re the only one that can make me complete. And I know you’re here for good, willing to offer me a long run perspective.

[listen to: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – What Would I Do Without You]

     That’s why I’m so lost in you! That’s why I could never let you sleep thru my fingers ever again! That’s why I will grab each and every bit of string and cling to it with all my strength, while hoping to never betray the faith you seeded in me.

     Take my word for real when I say I will always learn and be up to date with the latest trends, in order to measure up to your expectations. I promise my engagement to you will never be in vain, but for at least 30 years from now. Till the day I will no longer be able to think straight. Because, you see, I don’t what to put weight on anybody’s shoulders. Becoming a burden is not to be found on my wish list.

     Anyway, until that day, I’m sure you should have grown smarter than present moment, thus I’m sure it will get harder and harder and harder for me to keep up.

   But the outcome of a challenge makes it worth the battle.”

     Oh boy! You know what? I’m so clumsy… Please forgive me! I’m too lost in all the empowerment I get from you… I forgot to introduce you to the world… So here I am, willing to make it up to you. By making acquaintances:

     Everyone, please meet my one and only better half: My dream… My dream, meet the world!


Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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