The mirror in your eyes

(…) That’s why I’m here… To make sure your name will be cast in stone.

    ***** Lines of feelings and nothing more*****

[listen to: Sofia Karlberg – Crazy in love]

            I could fill tens or hundreds of walls describing your eyes. And what they tell me about your soul. And what all of this makes my heart experience…

   Your soul has a blare that not even you can understand. You’re trying hard to hide it, still your eyes mirror the glow. The heart beating within you spreads a sweetness you try to cover. Yet, that fragrance follows you, enchanting everyone in your way. In your presence, the air exists for you to breathe it, but you kindly share it with everyone else. Your eyelashes reveal the compassion behind the curtains, though you put up an act of strength, for hurt to skip your existence.

Your smarts can dethrone kings and easily make a genius feel outdated. I could mash-up lies on 100 feet tall buildings, yet you would see through the bricks and lash out my ignorance. Though, by the way you sketch the slightest intention of trimming, I already know your point is valid. The world cheers your mind, but they don’t see that yet. That’s why I’m here… To make sure your name will be cast in stone.

I’m here to make you see what a magnificent creature you are. I’m here to lift your head above the crowds and your heart above the normal size. I’m here to give you a new lease of life and infuse new courage into your bones.

I’m here to walk with you, when life pushes you to run; I’m here to accompany your silent journey to self acknowledgement. I’m here to feel the rain with you, I’m here to help you embrace your dreams and loosen your anxieties. I was born to hold your hand, my beloved one, and safely caress your heart. My out-of-this-world touch has a clear purpose: to make our souls beat as one, while our eyes meet… One day… ‘Cause eyes never lie!

    All my love to you,