Dummy dolls and the porcelain ballerina

Once upon a time there was a gracious, porcelain ballerina. (…) During one of her evening strolls, she suddenly stopped in the middle of a crowded area. And just gained the wind of passers-by…

We live in a world made of plastic perceptions!

                Once upon a time there was a gracious, porcelain ballerina. She felt pretty satisfied with her life, as she was aware of her self-worth. Once in a while, she used to take a look at other people and try to understand if she would ever fit in with a dummy dolls’ pattern. Sometimes, silently, she was willing to become a cool kid, even if their way would definitely contravene her idealistic standards of life.

 During one of her evening strolls, she suddenly stopped in the middle of a crowded area. And just gained the wind of passers-by…

They all seemed to carry an easy life, in the means of interaction. They didn’t really care about others’ feelings, but for their opinions. They didn’t give a damn on things happening outside their relaxed minds. They’d rather go for shallow, industry-created events and images. They drove fancy cars, without a direction. They used to visit malls and fall for “sales” to pedlary. They changed phones every few months, and chose by aspect or friends’ reviews. These cool kids exhibited and felt proud about one night stands. They changed behavior as environment switched. They looked down on most of the people around them. They avoided inquiry. They always followed the masses. They couldn’t phrase a single idea on their own. They took every given box, with no attempt to change. They were just silicone puppets. They lived for the trends. They lived inhaling city life. They couldn’t afford their image to bend. They saw plain material colors. They usually asked others to do their job. And they adored being flattered.

 She, on the other hand, didn’t care what people say, but for their deeds and feelings. And everything going on at a human (higher) level. She would go for deep connections and self acknowledgement. She used to take the subway, thriving to reach her goals. She would get in second-hand shops, as quality at good price was of a better fit. She planned real market researches and used to fall for the Q factor when buying something. Relationships would have their roots in mental arousal. She was always real, regardless of the road she’d be heading. She and equity were good friends. She always had a question. She would blend in with the crowds, yet her vibes would point her out. Her brain could never rest, as she loved to create a personal opinion. She was an idealist, capable of fighting for a better world. She silently observed. She would breath out her own unique style through every pore. She dreamed of the wild, she dreamed about a boundaries-free humanity. She would even be tripping every now and then. She saw every stripe of a fabric. She was a solution finder. And she couldn’t stand the fake.

Then she stopped. Disappointed by her own thoughts, she stepped aside and learned: willing to sign a contract for becoming a dummy cool doll should never be her. Differences were unbeatable…

And she went on with her walk…


Author: Andrada Anitei

Writer & Editor @ FlavoredVentures.com | Storyteller | Interviewer | Published author x 2 | #FlavoredWriting | Podcast host & producer |

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