Savage, walls up!

If a person trying to lift others up, looking for continuous improvement and find their own direction is being called a savage, I am very sorry for the one placing the label…

                 Savage (adj.)

            This evening I was called a savage. By someone claiming they know me better than I know myself (I’m trying to figure myself out for 32 years, not for a couple of months).

    Well… I must admit that this gave me a reason to re-analyze my behavior towards the world outside my head. Touched me a bit… But will never change me! However, this is the kind of label that may cause me to put my walls up… With the one pointing the finger this way.

      Look, as I stated before, I am the “selective kind of person” (a dear friend of mine called me so), I may put my walls up at times, but I would barely consider myself as being savage. If we look up a definition in any dictionary, I hardly believe my picture will be there. I admit I have sharp lines – when people should leave me alone (and not only) with my own thoughts (but they eagerly push me to the edge). I admit I ALWAYS speak my mind, but that makes me a strong person, not a beast. I may be temperamental and unpredictable, but I also come undone, thus I take all chances of getting hurt. If people choose to see anything but this, that’s their burden to carry, not mine.

    If a person trying to lift others up, looking for continuous improvement and find their own direction is being called a savage, I am very sorry for the one placing the label.

     I will end this here, as I gave it too much space, anyways. Everyone is free to have an opinion, but please STOP thinking you completely know someone. You will never witness or comprehend all the challenges one had to face to become what you get to meet at a certain moment. We all have parts others will never understand, but we don’t need approval for that. Or for anything else.

      Anyhow, I can stand up for myself, thank you!


Continuous improvement

Make mistakes – Learn – Improve your living – Grow –
Find your true self – Be happy!

               This may seem like a corporate topic. Is not. Is just the that there you will find the greatest number of people talking about it, all together. However, above all, I see it as a way of living.

You can even look at it this way: your brain is like a set of gears. If they are kept in the same position for too long, they will gather layers and layers of rust. Instead, if you keep them moving constantly, and oil them accordingly, you avoid background noise and the gears will never have to be replaced.

[listen to: Christina Aguilera – Make The World Move (ft. Cee Lo Green)]

Times always change. People come up with more and more ideas. Technologies overwhelm us. Concepts take different shapes. So, in order for us to confront this with our own thoughts, with a personal point of view, we need to constantly learn, to continuously be willing to develop. Especially our strengths. Because these are the ones that will keep us on the wave. We also should try to overcome our weaknesses, still our strengths will put a name on the face.

The real thing is that we are being complacent. We love to oversleep and we love to goof around. We enjoy complaining too much, though we skip stages. But we want high paycheck jobs – at one dash; or a great life since the moment we saw the first ray of light; or happiness on a silver plate, at our feet.

There will always be people on a higher level than you. No doubt about it. But this should be a reason to make you want more from yourself, not a reason to put you down. You should look up to smart people, not put them down in one shot, because your are green with envy. You should ask them how they got there and then you will understand: with a lot of hard work – self-study. Allow them to be your role models, not your worst enemies. A role model is being followed; a strong enemy is being escaped from or confronted to death. Thus, let them lift you up, by telling you their story. However, they will never throw a book at you. They will only guide you where to look for information.

No one says this is easy. But what if it was? What if, instead of seeing it as a must for society, you perceive it as a natural need to your soul? Once you change the light, it may come at ease.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not happy about being overruled when I have no knowledge on a topic (regardless the field – job, social or personal). I feel belittled. And not by the others, but by my own self. (I tell you, self-criticism is hard to handle! But renders great results, in the end.) So, I choose to inquire and come back in better shape. And this is not exposed for show off purpose, because I have nothing to show off about. But for giving you a push in becoming aware of your own capacities. To understand that you can make the time for personal development, if you wish for it. Or for improving anything that can keep you riding that wave.

Last night I heard this:

“Progress is perfection – but you need to start. (…) Don’t be afraid of failure (…) Adopt the thought: I never lose – I win or I learn!”

So, go for it. Make mistakes –> Learn –> Improve every aspect of your living –> Grow –> Find your true self –> Be happy! Till there’s still enough time… At some point, you may regret having opportunities (of all kinds) slipping away from you.

I know I do… But regrets are of no help. Action is!



We, as humans, have difficult times we need to go thru, in order to catch a lesson. However, in times of despair, there are things going on that we may not even be aware of. We credit those as “Divine will” or “hazard” or even “telepathy”.

    How many times did you find yourself in the position of being amazed by the things happening out of the blue?

   We, as humans, have difficult times we need to go thru, in order to catch a lesson. However, in times of despair, there are things going on that we may not even be aware of. We credit those as “Divine will” or “hazard” or even “telepathy”.

     Let’s take a few examples:
  • we get home one evening, the fridge mourns its emptiness and our stomachs crave for a hot meal. And we’re depressed or completely drained to put something up together. In that very moment, when we give up on the thought of having anything for dinner, a neighbor shows up with a plate full of goodies. And we thank God/ the Universe/ the higher power for them;
  • on the same topic of depression or, let’s say, thoughts need for order, we choose to walk the long mile for an hour of peace of mind, not paying attention to anything surrounding us; as soon as we reach a peaceful part of our way, we come across people working for our own peace – they cut the grass, so that we can enjoy inhaling the refreshing smell of it;
  • you’re trying hard to figure out what to do with your life – as you are not sure what your next step should be (but you’re not 100% satisfied with your present one) and someone says: “You should go for writing”;
  • we’re in the office, caught up with overwhelming activities and we wish we could put a stop and go out for a break; that’s the moment a person shows up inviting you to have a short coffee break;
  • we want to evolve and, on our own, we do our best to learn new things; by the time we think everything is in vain, an opportunity to practice pops up;
  • you are not sure about what to think about something and, without even letting the world know about your doubt, someone just gives you a range of options you could consider as an answer; in the end, you choose the one that fits your beliefs.

     This kind of events are, usually, seen as “exactly what I needed, at the right moment”. But, in fact, what are these? Can these be defined otherwise? Do we open our minds enough to look for a new meaning, instead of accepting a pattern we were led into? Do we ever question where did all these come from? Maybe we do, for a second, then everything is lost in the comforting acceptance of the happenings.

    However, as soon as we start questioning, we may encounter new meanings, overcome patterns and understand a new light can be shed over what’s going on around us.

     Some people call it synchronicity. I call it a joint result of the efforts of voluntary and involuntary change. A concept that may cause lots of disapproval. Nevertheless, the sooner you become aware of it, the sooner you realize you are free. Moreover, you experience some other, greater, thing: bliss. And bliss is the infinite security of now and always.